Electric motor/capacity float/water pump/pump floor cache

Electric motor/capacity float/water pump/pump floor cache

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Trading group Surrey Electric with over از35 years of experience in the field of producing and trading goods electricity and water industry and commodity affiliate has managed the service effectively in the industry provide.Now the business utilizes a professional staff, installation and after-sale service, action to import and production (electrical - capacity floating)official representative capacity floating Euphrates under license پلوگر Germany, as well as the sale of electric motors(electric motors three phase electric motors single phase)electric motor , vertical, sale of electrical cable (Cable Inkjet cable and dry) , and for fine buildings and sets, sell water pump (pump half horse pump , plate pump , jatoi , pumps, دوپروانه) and the essentials of installing this type of pump , water Sale, water source diaphragm anal pressure switch,pump grade,five-way water pump .Sale, pump, floor, cache, single phase pump, flooring, cache, three phase,pump sludge, cache, three phase and pump the sludge, cache, single phase.In the field of industrial pumps, agriculture, sale, pump,centrifugal pump, high pressure sales,car wash, domestic and industrial, and the largest supplier of diesel generator and generator Pump the floor cache, single phase capacity floor cached three-phase Submersible and لجنکش one of the most widely used pump in the industry & are usually pump submersible from a height of 5 meters and in different size based on the inch, there , the order of inch in the pump the diameter of the outlet water . Types of pumps submersible on the market for pumps, submersible single phase pump, submersible three-phase are usually pump, flooring, plumber, pump لجنکش for flutter and simple produced The floor Kush flutter to the form of action does that when the water from the surface of the pump come down flutter pump, ordered that the submersible be cut off,in the so-called international pump HEAD to sense the height of the pumping pump and DEBI means amount of discharge water from the pump output of the pump . Price pump soles, the cache depends on the height and the strength and quality manufacturer of pump, submersible pump, لجنکش are , usually, free butterfly, this type of Pump, Type of rice, but some of the factories, the manufacturer of the floor of the cache based on the order butterfly, stainless steel and نوریل (bakelite) can produce , the shaft of this type of product, usually free stainless steel, which is used in against water, stainless steel is the pump submersible, stainless steel, also known as is Winding, flooring, plumber, or pump لجنکش usually copper, but some manufacturer factories from aluminum for winding used کنندکه winding aluminum standard is not , this type of product types, different is based on the application used, for example, in areas where saline water is, or the PH is too much water from submersible, stainless steel, or a submersible with a hull of plastic ( submersible stainless steel water passion is also famous ) . It is noted that in areas that are not salt water and not the PH be from the floor, cache cast-iron or aluminum they use.To avoid burning the floor, the cache resulting from the Working of the pump in tanks or wells such that the surface of the pump lower from the device, placed a piece there called flutter, which, in fact, the device is connected and disconnected, the pump can be any act that, when water from the surface pump, down comes the steering the pump is cut when the water from the pump comes up the pump the floor of the cache began to work.This type of device, pump soles, cache, flutter, name. (Submersible outdoor submersible Chinese sales,submersible,price, pump, submersible),enter a pump submersible in different heights Use cases, pump submersible : Drain the pool water Drain, then water with ...

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Tel+98 21-7×××3886 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 21-77143886
Mobile+98 912×××4126 (منقضی شده)
AddressHeadquarters:Tehran-tehranpars-بلوارپروین-between the 216 and 218 East-پلاک397-ط2 کارخانه1:Tehran, Iran-the road abali-منطقه صنعتی خرمدشت-main boulevard-No. 83
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