The sale of products ادبلوAdBlue

The sale of products ادبلوAdBlue

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Supplement ادبلو (AadBlue) Product, Turkey& Taiwan Advantages: Reduce fuel consumption Cleanup engine Reduce pollution The supply of the product in containers 20 price each bunker 31هزار USD(single wholesale) For orders of more than 100 bunker 10% discount is given Dealers across Iran, accepted. Contact number: دمهری (At the bottom of the ad)

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Tel+98 913-3509545 (منقضی شده)
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  • Laboratory furniture-سکوبندی-هودشیمیایی-هودلامینار

    Laboratory furniture-سکوبندی-هودشیمیایی-هودلامینار

    Sell laboratory furniture Buy laboratory furniture Price of laboratory furniture Company adak ویراپژوه with having a workshop and equipment is very advanced Supplier of all kinds of lab furniture, etc. میزبندی, laboratory hood, laboratory, including fume hood etc. hood لامینار., the hood, brachial, etc., cabinet, laboratory, Wardrobe maintenance, valves, laboratory, supplier, provider, and other laboratory equipment can باشداز because the first step in equipping a laboratory, modern, and secure the benefit of a specialist advice. Experts and experienced professionals of the company hold meetings, expert advice, free also reviews undergraduate regarding construction and equipping of laboratories specialized in all information required, ranging from minor issues and the overall at the discretion of the employers puts Build a variety of platforms in the laboratory with the following specifications: سکوبندی میزکنار -سکوبندی table the middle of -Table washing -Table balance -The skeleton, of free profiles 50*30. -Body کمدها and دراورها of the tube, MDF with veneer ملامینه -The doors of جنسMDF coated فرمیکا -A cutting edge retailer of PVC -The following storage procedures of raw MDF 16 mm -Procedural table of ceramic Acid-proof by caulking the two minor بوستیک or granite -The edge of the back of the tube, overlay, and Edge the front, made of PVC -Has a cabinet, a door and a drawer, two doors and a chest of drawers -Place the operator in place, suitable as a among the-hinges door type گازور-rails, we computerized the foreign three-piece-design and بازدیدبصورت free.The company with the utmost effort and experience in the field of laboratory furniture, etc. all the basics of استاندراد storage and safe storage, a laboratory, have been adhered to and ready for the introduction of projects to employers, dear, and invite them to visit this project. Fume-hoods laboratory -hoods, chemical hoods لامینار in size and dimension standard or according to the customer's also can be built Table scales, scales in standard dimensions or as table scales 3تایی and or table balances the single is also available.

    Laboratory Tehran
  • Sell copper sulfate.A variety of bicarbonate. A variety of nitrates

    Chemical Ameri The preparation and distribution of all kinds of industrial chemicals, laboratory The preparation of a variety of solvents and industrial laboratory Aston Methanol Xylene Toluene ISO propylene alcohol Glycerin Paraffin Citric acid Clare Aluminum sulphate Copper sulfate Potassium sulfate Citrate of potash Alum Silver nitrate Sodium bicarbonate استاریک استاریل Bicarbonate of potash گوارگام Hydroquinone Tri sodium phosphate Hydroxide lithium Potassium nitrate Acid اسکوربیت It is hexane Toluene Sulfuric سولفنیک Chlorine sodium Hydrochloric Bleach For micro and major

    industrial Tehran
  • Kit, sensing اندوتوکسین ایندوسیف باکد products Endosafe Product List

    Kit, sensing اندوتوکسین ایندوسیف باکد products Endosafe Product List

    The kit assay endotoxin ایندوسیف and لونزا Gel Clot LAL Kit Kit, sensing اندوتوکسین method gel کلات of the company ایندوسیف of America Limulus Amebocyte Lysate LAL Gel-Clot The kit assay endotoxin ایندوسیف and لونزا Gel Clot LAL Kit The kit assay endotoxin Endotoxin LAL Detection - lonza کیتهای sensing اندوتوکسین method gel کلات of the company ایندوسیف and لونزا of America Gel - LAL from the company LONZA - Charles River Endosafe us The supply of all products manufacturing company ایندوسیف Charles River Endosafe, and the company LONZA and MesaLab And the reference standard, Pharmacopoeia, BP, EP, USP in the near the most current and in compliance with chain سرمائی products and assets Codes manufacturing company ایندوسیف and لونزا as follows. Product List The Product Descirption GEL CLOT ASSAYS The Product Descirption R12012 R12006 R12003 R11012 R15006 R15003 R15015 E120 LAL Reagent 10-test vial 0.125 EU/mL sensitivity (1.2 mL) LAL Reagent 10-test vial 0.06 EU/mL sensitivity (1.2 mL) LAL Reagent 10-test vial 0.03 EU/mL sensitivity (1.2mL) LAL Reagent 50-test vial 0.125 EU/mL sensitivity (5.2mL) LAL Reagent 50-test vial 0.06 EU/mL sensitivity (5.2mL) LAL Reagent 50-test vial 0.03 EU/mL sensitivity (5.2mL) LAL Reagent 50-test vial 0.015 EU/mL sensitivity (5.2mL) Control Standard Endotoxin CSE with Lot-specific with CoA KINETIC ASSAYS KINETIC TURBIDIMETRIC ANALYSIS (KTA) R15003 R15015 R19000 E120 LAL Reagent 50-test vial 0.03 EU/mL sensitivity (5.2mL) LAL Reagent 50-test vial 0.015 EU/mL sensitivity (5.2mL) KTA2 LAL Reagent Control Standard Endotoxin CSE KINETIC CHROMOGENIC ANALYSIS KCA R1710K Kinetic-Chromogenic LAL 32 tests 3.2mL RAPID ENDOTOXIN DETECTION PTS100 MCS100 Endosafe Portable Test System (PTS) Reader Endosafe Multi Cartridge System (MCS) Reader PYROGENT Plus 24 Single PYROGENT Plus 64Test PYROGENT Plus 250 Test Limulus Amebocyte Lysate LAL Gel-Clot End Point LAL Reagents کیتهای sensing اندوتوکسین gel el Serie el Gel Clot End Point LAL Reagents Indicator endotoxin EVV2K کیتهای sensing اندوتوکسین gel el Serie el Limulus Amebocyte Lysate LAL Gel - Clot End-Point LAL Reagents کیت LAL single test 24 test and multimeter test 64 test 250 test لونزا and ایندوسیف on the packaging and allergies are different LONZA PYROGENT Plus Multiple PYROGENT Plus Single Tests N289-125 N289-06 N283-06 N283-125 50-648U QCL-1000 300 Test Kit RG-100 211899 BBL Difco Endpoint Chromogenic LAL Assays Measure the exact amount of اندوتوکسین in products in injectable and radio production, drug, device, PTS Endpoint Chromogenic - Endpoint Turbidimetric اندپوینت کوروموژنیک and اندپوینت توربی دمتریک کینتیک کوروموژنیک and کینتیک توربی دمتریک Kinetic Chromogenic Kinetic Turbidimetric Distilled water پایروژن ferry LAL REAGENT WATER Apex سمپلر yellow and blue پایروژن ferry گیلسون of America Pipette tips, 10-100μl, yellow, 96/rack Pyrogen Pyrogen free D200ST - Gilson USA Pipette tips, 100-1000μl,Blue, 100/rack Pyrogen free D1000ST - Gilson USA کیت sensing اندوتوکسین - Limulus Amebocyte Lysate LAL gel - clot end - point Indicator endotoxin EVV2K A variety of indicators, biological, etc. bar and the vial of test میکروبی اتوکلاو and natural gas, ethylene اکساید of کمپانیMesaLab SGM and Raven categorizing BBL Penicillinase Concentrate outdoor 10,000,000 units Enzyme پنیسیلیناز from Al-Bibi el دیفکو Art No: 211899 enzyme Penicillinase DIFCO - BBL Relasat Dry Heat Releasat for gas sterilization 10^6 Vials and bar میکروبی رلاست for an assessment test dry heat., the Avon, and four dray Heath 100 strips with Bacillus atrophaeus 10x6 & 100 tubes of culture broth. • 50 ampoules with Bacillus atrophaeus 10x6 ATCC 9372 • 50 tubes with 4,0 ml of culture medium. Spore strip G. stearothermophilus 10^6 Vials and bar میکروبی The spores of the gas ethylene اکساید big پروتست, natural gas, ethylene اکساید , Otto کلاو 6^10 MESALAB - RAVEN - SGM, USA SGMG/6 - 10^6 - MESALAB PROTEST Steam - EO Gas - SGM, USA The reference standard, USP - BP - EP European Pharmacopoeia, (EP) Reference Standard US Pharmacopoeia, (USP) Reference Standard British Pharmacopoeia, (BP) Reference Standard ( LONZA - CAMBREX - ENDOSAFE ) Endotoxin (LAL) Detection - lonza Endotoxin , mature LAL mature Detection , lonza ,mature کیت sensing اندوتوکسین big ایندوسیف big لونزا big کیت LAL Contact number : 09109801035 Contact number : 09128305015 Hope permalinks

    Laboratory Tehran
  • Buy and sell all types of chemicals

    Buy and sell all types of chemicals

    The sale of a variety of materials domestic chemical (petrochemical) and imported\r\n\r\n\r\nفروش materials, petrochemical, and imported, ranging from :\r\n\r\nمونو ethylene glycol\r\n\r\nزایلین mix\r\n\r\nدی ethylene glycol\r\n\r\nسود liquid 50%\r\n\r\nسود flakes\r\n\r\nمتانول\r\n\r\nنرمال بوتانول\r\n\r\nایزو بوتانول\r\n\r\nمنومر styrene\r\n\r\nرزین epoxy\r\n\r\nاستون\r\n\r\nایزو propyl alcohol, 45% and 99% Pharmaceutical and industrial\r\n\r\nمتیلن chloride Samsung\r\n\r\nکربنات sodium light and heavy\r\n\r\nاسید sulfuric\r\n\r\nمونو ethanol Amine\r\n\r\nتری ethanol Amine\r\n\r\nسدیم tri-phosphate\r\n\r\nاسید hydrochloric\r\n\r\nسدیم tri Poly phosphate\r\n\r\nاسید formic\r\n\r\nاسید phosphoric\r\n\r\nتری, ethanol, Tetra Amine TETA\r\n\r\nبا competitive prices in quantities of tonnage and retail. for more information, purchase the number below :\r\n\r\n09123899808\r\n021-77415004\r\n\r\nتماس please.

    industrial Tehran
  • Material صفرشویی special car wash ( توشویی/dry washing )

    Material صفرشویی special car wash ( توشویی/dry washing )

    Shampoo and liquid صفرشویی Nano : Another product full sale and full side company, Nano developers, Damavand, which is with the use of this product. all parts of the interior, including the ceiling, سرستون, etc. Dashboard - chairs, tattoo, embroidery and ... easily, and without the need to consume clean water and zero. On the other hand, also this product is very affordable and economic. and each liter of the product ability to dissolve in 1 to 2 liters of water will have to be. Shampoo and liquid صفرشویی Nano from 3 top brands and with different prices available. List of nanotechnology products: 1 - liquid engine stand Nano 2 - shampoo zero washing Nano (توشویی) 3 - liquid صفرشویی Nano ( توشویی ) 4 - wax the hull 5 - powder and a Nano for washbasin ( without the intervention of the hand ) 6 - spray the rubber Nano 7 - wax, rubber, bulk 8 - shampoo, round, rubber, Nano 9 - waxes, Dashboard, Nano 10 - napkins, hull Nano 11 - پدخشگیر Nano for polishing Corporate Nano-developers Damavand, the player and the dealer, the, brand, Premier, American, and Iranian . The best of ask us... Contact phone: 09363840360 09906170381 Sales management : nosrati Company Site: Channel telegram: I aynstagram : Nanogostaran

    detergents Tehran
  • The sale of MPG (mono propylene glycol)

    The sale of MPG (mono propylene glycol)

    Commercial chemical مهرادکو attempting to sell broad, MPG, edible and industrial in Iran. To order can, please contact us. Phone the Office Shiraz:07136411644 Number message:30002176000001 Contact number Business Manager: 678 3008 0912 Email:

    Oil, gas, petrochemicals Fars
  • The Buyer and the seller remittance مونواتیلن glycol, or meg, petrochemical shazand and maroon

    The Buyer and the seller remittance مونواتیلن glycol, or meg, petrochemical shazand and maroon

    Mono ethylene glycol, etc. mono by glycol, etc., mono ethylene glycol, etc., material, chemical, meg, etc. mono ethylene glycol meg, etc. ethylene glycol, etc. ethylene glycol Ethylene glycol, petrochemical, etc. ethylene glycol, petrochemical, etc., mono ethylene glycol, petrochemical shazand, arak, etc., mono ethylene glycol, petrochemical, maroon, etc. meg, petrochemical shazand arak. meg, petrochemical, maroon Buy mono ethylene glycol, etc. sell mono ethylene glycol The purchase and sale of mono ethylene glycol Price of mono ethylene glycol The price of meg The application of mono ethylene glycol The Buyer and the seller, meg, petrochemical shazand arak The Buyer and the seller مونواتیلن glycol shazand arak The Buyer and the seller meg maroon The Buyer and the seller مونواتیلن glycol maroon The Buyer and Seller of money orders ready to deliver MEG, petrochemical shazand arak and maroon The Buyer and the seller remittance meg maroon and shazand arak Seller Meg یشکه The price of meg barrels The Buyer and the seller meg barrels plumbed shazand arak The Buyer and Seller of mono ethylene glycol barrels plumbed shazand arak Seller meg-door barns, Tehran, Iran., Shiraz, and Isfahan, Iran Remittances ready for delivery مونواتیلن glycol, petrochemical shazand and maroon Seller meg downloads from the door of petrochemical The Buyer and the seller meg barrels plumbed petrochemical Meg existing stock شورآباد, Tehran, Iran The direction of the price information in the day مونواتیلن glycol( MEG) and balance the load on the channel & الساپا( ELSAPA) member or come to our website, please visit. Phone: 1 – 7570 3625 071 Mobile: 4292 521 0912 Website: Channel telegram: elsapachem@

    Oil, gas, petrochemicals Tehran
  • Ben Mary Ben Mary serology

    Ben Mary Ben Mary serology

    Ben, Marie, or water bath Ben Marie is a device that in all of the laboratories used داردد and for uniform heating of solutions in a specific timeframe used Temperature range, most Ben ماریها from ambient temperature to a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. Ben Marie in all shapes and sizes there are different From Ben Marie for heating محلولهایی that the risk of explosion they cannot be directly to them, the heat gave used Compartment, Ben, Marie, you should have the acceptable amount of water. Free Ben Marie of steel, which is by the paint is worn Ben Marie to Ben-Marie the door of course, and Ben Marie with lid loop can be In Ben Marie, be sure to have distilled water poured شودتا the lowest amount of sediment will have Never Ben Marie without clear water should not be ... When working with ben, Marie should be no material combustion. Elmont, Ben Marie has to be tidy, clean, are Hence, the company adak wairoa scholar as one of the creators and وادکنندگان equipment, laboratory attempted to provide devices Ben Marie in volumes, 14لیتری 29لیتری and 15-liter and 49لیتری has Ben, Marie, produced by this company scheme, the company memmert, Germany and has a controller, a digital-compartment, stainless steel. Ben Marie, the company memmert Germany models WNB14-WNB29-Ben ماریWNE10-Ben Marie WNE29-Ben Marie WNB7-Ben ماریWNE7-Ben ماریWPE45-Ben Marie WNE22-Ben ماریWNE45-Ben ماریWNB45-Ben ماریWNB22-Ben ماریWNE10-Ben ماریWNB29 And other models from this company. Also from companies, Korean are also different models of Ben Marie available

    Laboratory Tehran
  • The sale of equipment, laboratory chemicals, research, academic, food industry, environment, plant cell culture-microbial 09132090270

    The sale of equipment, laboratory chemicals, research, academic, food industry, environment, plant cell culture-microbial 09132090270

    The sale of equipment, laboratory chemicals, research, academic, food industry, environment, plant cell culture-microbial 09132090270\r\nCName UnitName_1\r\nمتانول Merck 106007 per liter of methanol liters\r\nنیترات نقره50 warmly Merck 101510 silver nitrate number\r\nتیترازول sulfuric 1 tenth Merck 109984 number\r\nپتاسیم کرومات 250 G Merck potassium chromate PCs\r\nمتانول luxurious 2.5-liter \r\nتیترازول silver nitrate, 1 tenth 109990 number\r\nتیترازول thiosulfate, sodium 109950 \r\nان hexane luxurious 2.5-liter \r\nان hexane n-hexan 1l sigma15671 liters\r\nاسید stick گلاسیال 100056 acid acetic Merck per liter \r\nاسید boric 2مر K boric acid 100165 1kgr \r\nکواکس 25 CC CU big \r\nاسید sulfuric 2.5 شرلا \r\nکلرید Rick acid شرلا 2.5-liter \r\nتیترازول profit 1 tenth مرک109959 \r\nالکترولیت 1 litre \r\nجبرلیک acid 1گرمی G7645 number\r\nملیبیوز 5 گزمی M5500 number\r\n3 indole acetic acid 5 Grammy i2886 iaa \r\nدی رافینور Penta hydrate 5گرمی R0250 \r\n1 naphthalene acetic acid 5گرمی \r\nال اربینوز 5 Grammy A3256 \r\nملیبیوز 1 گزمی M5500 number\r\nدی Terry هالوز 10گرمی T0167 \r\nتیترازول امونیوم Tío سیانات 109900 number\r\nساکاروز مرک2 یک1کیلو warm 107653 number\r\nفهلینگ Fehling A low لب1لیتری number\r\nفهلینگ fehling Bکم big 1-liter PCs\r\nان hexane n-hexan Merck 2.5-liter 104368 هرلیتر liters\r\nپتاسیم cyanide 104967 Merck 250گرمpotassium cyanide PCs\r\nکربن active -چارگول active 100گرمی c6289 charcol act \r\nسود 106462 1k merck sodium hedroxide pelle number\r\nقرص chlorine DPD No. 1 Number\r\nتلوریت potassium 5 Grammy potassium tellurite biomark \r\nکربن active چارگول 102184 Merck charcoal activate pow number\r\nنیتریک acid Merck 2.5-liter nitric acid 100456 per Li liter\r\nph 0-14کاغذ PHP Merck 109535 number\r\nاریو cream, blackberry, T Merck 25 Grammy 70 1031 Eriochrome bla number\r\nموروکساید Merck 25 گرمی106161 Murexide (ammonium pur number\r\nکلروفرم 1 liter زیگما chloroform sigma132950 \r\nامونیوم sulfate Merck 1 کیلوییAmmonium sulfate 101216 \r\nبا oven phosphate saline, pbs, sigma p8313 for 1lپی German \r\nhams f 10 همز F 10 500cc n6908 sigma \r\nفلوکونازول 100 national warm fluconazole f8929 sigma number\r\nاتانول Merck 2.5-liter ethanol 100986 per liter, liters\r\nتیترازول profit 1 normal the Merck sodium hydroxid 109956 number\r\nپی German pbs, phosphate buffered sigma p4417 50tab number\r\nید Merck Iodine resublimed 104761 100gr number\r\nار ppm ای1640 parallel r8758 sigma 500cc \r\nاف thirty SS بروبیو France fcs eurpbio h5971 1 500cc \r\nپنسلسن استرپت penesilin esterptpmasin p0781 100cc \r\nکلرامفنیکول 5گرمی cholranphenicol bio bi9054 number\r\nاستریپتوماسین 5گرمی streptomycin s6501 number\r\nگلوکز Merck d-glucose, merck 104074 \r\nتری chloro-acetic acid 100گرمی trichloroacticacid pa1 \r\nتری chloro-acetic acid 250گرمی trichloroacticacid pa1 \r\nتری chloro-acetic acid trichloroacticacid pa100810 \r\nامیکاسین 5گرمی amikacin sigma a1774 \r\nکلیندوماسین 100mg clindamycin sigma c5226 \r\nجنتامایسین 50میلیگرم gentamycin sigma g3632 \r\nامفوترسین eBay 50میلیگرم amphotericin b a9528 \r\nسرم horse 100سی thirty houres serum h1270 \r\nکانادا بالزام 100 cc canada balsam c1795 \r\nفنل liquid, 100 cc, phenol liq p9346 \r\nلایت Green 5 Grammy lighte green l 5382 sigma \r\nفست Green 5 Grammy fast green, sigma, f-7252 \r\nفوشین 25 Grammy Merck fuchin 15937 merck \r\nبایل salt 25 Grammy bil salt b8756 sigma \r\nساکاروز Merck socrose merck 1 k 107687 \r\nساکاروز Merck socrose merck 1 k 107651 \r\nیست اکستراک 500 grams of yeast extrac quelab \r\nکربو L فوشین 5 warm carbol fuchsin bdh \r\nاکس بایل ox bile bil bovin sigma b8381 25gr \r\nتوئین 80 Merck tween 80 1l 822187 \r\nتوئین 20مرک tween 20 1l 822184 \r\nCresyl Violet acetate c5042 10gr sigma کرزول Violet \r\n188972 aldrich 10 gr - 3,3-Diphenyl-1-propanol more \r\nN-Methyl-N-trifluoroacetamide 69479 \r\nاگاروز warmly open agrose \r\nسدیم LCD lactate l7900 sigma sodium dl-lactate \r\nسدیم El اسکوربات sodium l ascorbate a7631 25gr sig \r\nHydrogen peroxide solution peroxide, 2.5-liter \r\nدی ...

    Laboratory Esfahan
  • Fermenter


    Tank دوجاره with the ability to keep warm for the material inside it Tank level, walled with jacket and thermal insulation cover, heat

    Oil, gas, petrochemicals Esfahan
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