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Atelier photography | school photography | لابراتوارعکاسی | Atelier printing | photo lab, photo printing | services bookbinding | photography training | photography at Atelier | cover storage | service binding

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Tel+98 21-8×××3293 (منقضی شده)
Addressسعادت آباد-خیابان انقلاب-South Street 38شرقی-پلاک16-laboratory Sayan
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  • The production of a variety of جاکاتالوگی

    Production and sale of all kinds of جاکاتالوگی\\r\\nکاتالوگ stand in models :\\r\\nجاکاتالوگی پلکسی (اکاردئونی)\\r\\nجاکاتالوگی Metal 5 floor,\\r\\nجاکاتالوگی , A3, A4,\\r\\nجاکاتالوگی Tribune, housewife,\\r\\NAND.....\\r\\nآوا stand\\r\\n09124349821\\r\\

    Printing and Packaging Tehran
  • Printing services, PVC cards, personnel identification - smart, magnetic, MIFARE - Offset and digital, print ID cards

    Printing services, PVC cards, personnel identification - smart, magnetic, MIFARE - Offset and digital, print ID cards

    Printing services, PVC Cards, pvc\r\nچاپ offset PVC card, pvc\r\nچاپخانه Annie's Cards, PVC, to online to print all kinds of Cards pvc .\r\n\r\nچاپ instant personal cards, identification, printers, instant desktop .\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nچاپ colored Annie free PVC for the instant, with a specialized design .\r\n\r\nچاپ black single color PVC card for Annie .\r\n\r\nچاپ offset PVC card in the fastest time possible .\r\n\r\nچاپ cards single company, especially in conventional to printers, Annie .\r\n\r\nچاپ Annie discount card .\r\n\r\nچاپ Annie, personal cards .\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nچاپ Annie ID card .\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nفروش a variety of جاکارتی PVC card\r\n\r\site configuration://\r\n\r\nچاپ instantaneous access card .\r\n\r\nچاپ Annie Card, pvc .\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nچاپ card شناسایی\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nچاپ Annie card attendance .\r\n\r\nچاپ instant play cards Sports Club .\r\n\r\nچاپ Annie card journalism .\r\n\r\nچاپ Annie, student card\r\n\r\nچاپ Annie, warranty card \r\n\r\nچاپ Annie Club card customers\r\n\r\n\r\n - sell a variety of pvc cards\r\nکارت, PVC, Golden\r\nکارت, PVC, white, American\r\nکارت, PVC, white, Chinese\r\nکارت, PVC, silver, metal \r\n\r\n- Sell all kinds of card, magnet, \r\nکارت, magnet, Golden \r\nکارت, magnet, silver \r\nکارت magnet, Loco\r\nکارت magnet, a haiku,\r\n\r\n - sale card, MIFARE\r\n\r\nارسال card printed to all over Iran\r\nارسال sample card \r\n\r\nto inform of the price with our experts, please contact us.

    Printing and Packaging Tehran
  • تولیدمیز countertops سمپلینگ

    تولیدمیز countertops سمپلینگ

    Production and sale of all kinds of table, exhibition counter\r\nپاپ up counter in models : \r\nمیز countertops, ruler پیمی\r\nمیز countertops, slide rule, slider (rail)\r\nمیز countertops, ruler مگنتی company is the exclusive Ava stand\r\nمیز countertops تاجدار metal and aluminum\r\nمیز countertops تاجدار سمپلینگ from the ABS , PVC\r\nتنها manufacturer of the table, countertops, سمپلینگ in Iran\r\nانواع table countertops in the models and different prices\r\n09124349821\r\

    Printing and Packaging Tehran
  • The SMS system تورنگ

    The SMS system تورنگ

    Send message ( individual, a group, etc. timed., the promotional area, send message, advertising, price, cheap,-send message to separate the gentlemen or ladies-send message specific region-send a message to the guilds, or shops desired..........\r\nارزان the most system, SMS shopping,SMS system,buy panel SMS,the most up to date system SMS,latest SMS system,SMS advertising\r\nسامانه texting تورنگ formidable software to send and receive and process SMS messages.Users of this system without the need for any hardware and peripheral equipment, and only with the use of the software and a network connection to the internet can use all system features for information and other features provided with the use of Short Message Flow Return.\r\nلذت sweet marketing SMS with your system SMS تورنگ SMS experience.\r\nارسال the breakdown of sex and age category, \r\nامکان stop sending to number duplicate Ray in the group,\r\nقابلیت use path 5000-3000-021-1000-2000\r\n200 PCs, SMS, gifts,\r\nدفترچه smartphone. divert back the cost of SMS has not been sent\r\nارسال SMS single group\r\nارسال SMS scheduled\r\nارسال to the breakdown of the age وجنسیت\r\nارسالBTS\r\nارسال regional postcode (zip)\r\nسه line, free\r\nخرید online system,\r\nشماره contact:01132256877\r\nشماره mobile:09129317376\r\

    Advertising agencies Mazandaran
  • Offset printing Card, PVC, pvc, cheap, printing, Health Card, pvc, offset PVC card

    Offset printing Card, PVC, pvc, cheap, printing, Health Card, pvc, offset PVC card

    Best printing services, Cards, PVC, personnel, and identification with, the offset for the immediate \r\nچاپ cheap PVC card with high recirculating\r\n\r\site configuration://\r\n\r\nچاپ card, offset pvc \r\n\r\n\r\nچاپ card, offset PVC سی\r\n\r\n\r\nچاپ card types for Offset:\r\nچاپ offset gift card \r\nچاپ offset warranty card\r\nچاپ offset Club card customers \r\nچاپ offset discount card \r\nچاپ offset membership card \r\nچاپ offset business card \r\nچاپ offset card access control \r\nچاپ offset card, the presence of absence \r\nچاپ card offset single-faced and two-faced \r\nارسال sample Card PVC سی\r\n\r\n\r\nچاپ Card, PVC, raw, Smart, Magnetic\r\n\r\site configuration://\r\n\r\nطراحی types of Cards, personnel identification, discount, gift, warranty, and ...\r\nارسال layout and without the need to refer \r\nارسال card printed to all over Iran \r\nto notice of price offset printing PVC card and order a print, please contact us.\r\n\r\n\r\nچاپ offset Card, pvc\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nچاپ Health Card pvc\r\n\r\n

    Photos and Videos Tehran
  • Printing, PVC cards, pvc identification - card printing, offset pvc

    Printing PVC card with reasonable price and excellent quality \\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nچاپ PVC card offset and digital \\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nچاپ card, PVC single \\r\\nچاپ instant PVC card\\r\\nقیمت printing PVC card \\r\\nنمونه card printing, PVC single \\r\\nچاپ card, PVC single color\\r\\nچاپ, PVC cards, colored \\r\\nکارت PVC for various applications. in the cards magnet (civilian), a smart card, RFID and... are not to be used. \\r\\nخدمات print and design PVC card for instant in Tehran .\\r\\nقیمت this Eni for cards, pvc .\\r\\nصدور card, pvc for cards, with personnel and identify .\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nمرکز print and design all kinds of cards personnel with experienced personnel for quality printing cards prepared are\\r\\n\\r\\nصدور types of ID cards, PVC, for single for the collection کوچک\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nچاپ personal cards with PVC, such as cards, Bank resistance and high good quality .\\r\\n\\r\\nپرینتر printing PVC card personnel for the desktop can print job cards, personnel small companies will meet \\r\\n\\r\\nطراحی principles for beauty, print a variety of cards is essential .\\r\\n\\r\\nنکات primary for printing personal cards, free PVC respectively, is said to be .\\r\\n\\r\\nشخصی storage, personal cards, PVC with the most recent software printing personal cards along .\\r\\n\\r\\nراهکارهای personal storage, personal cards with more accuracy .\\r\\n\\r\\nچاپ یکرو colored and یکرو Black for low-cost printing solution is right .\\r\\n\\r\\nمراکز specialized printing personal cards, PVC for no tags, and the circulation of high cards, personnel will print .\\r\\n\\r\\nچاپ, PVC cards, personnel \\r\\nچاپ PVC card detected\\r\\nچاپ PVC card journalism \\r\\nچاپ, PVC cards, credit\\r\\nچاپ card, PVC student\\r\\nچاپ card, PVC discount\\r\\nچاپ, PVC cards, gift \\r\\n\\r\\nارسال sample printing PVC card, pvc \\r\\site configuration://\\r\\nارسال plan confirmation card printing \\r\\nارسال card printed to all over Iran \\r\\nto notice of the price printed PVC card, pvc 02126456607 call.

    Printing and Packaging Tehran
  • Billboard


    Billboard:\r\nیکی of the most successful methods of evangelism, stating the video is an issue.Nowadays, the art of expression video, and rely on technical knowledge. the tools in the hands of consultants, advertising is a whole new world for the introduction of products, services, companies, manufacturers and suppliers.\r\nسایر our productions :\r\nلمپوست banner\r\nسه faceted battalion\r\nپرتابل with the movable jaw\r\nاسترابورد rail \r\nتیر-range \r\nسایه ban Park \r\nمیله flag \r\nپوستر-range\r\n09121057009\r\nبیلبورد structures, advertising boards, advertising

    Advertising agencies Tehran
  • Print رومبلی transfer

    Print رومبلی transfer

    Print رومبلی The best designs, flowers, water, color, day, world, Europe, and Turkey By printing, transfer quality, higher production speed and printing on the fabric, Chanel velvet, Satin, simple کجراه sack texture With quality warranty Construction 09122726653 09126884347

    Printing and Packaging Tehran
  • Security printing, personal cards, etc., print card, traffic control

    Security printing, personal cards, etc., print card, traffic control

    Minimum time and cheapest prices for printed cards, we want \r\nارائه a variety of strategies for different for more security card \r\nارزان the most center print personal cards in the country :\r\nچاپ the cards with the technology for more security, your cards will\r\nیکی of the highest quality and security most centers, printing, PVC card price is very low\r\nمرکز specialized printing PVC card with high security\r\nمرکز card printing, with high security to prevent counterfeiters card\r\nنمایندگی official of the largest companies in the security printing Card, pvc \r\nچاپ arrival card with more security print card\r\nآموزش how to send File Print personal cards\r\nکامل most center Security card printing for your requests, print a variety of Cards \r\nچاپ Card pvc-a strategy for managers smart and security personnel,\r\nنظرات for any card printing your personal to protect the counterfeiters\r\nمرکز card printing security with having the most advanced printers, printing, pvc\r\nچاپ personal cards with security to protect from counterfeiters\r\nقیمت ID card printing http://pvc :\r\nبالاترین Security card printing for warranty \r\nاسکرچ strategy for more security information on the card\r\nto learn more, contact me please .\r\nIII Tahmasebi / company پردز software III\r\nIII phone : 66403012-021 III\r\nIII mobile : 09124248429 III\r\site configuration://\r\n\r\n\r\nچاپ card Traffic Control\r\n\r\n

    Printing and Packaging Tehran
  • , Handy, glossy, Kraft

    , Handy, glossy, Kraft

    Scrolls a free Generating and printing, handy craft the direction of the shops.Fast cards and restaurants, and, handy, glossy coated cellophane and Tomb plot screen printing. Envelopes, manual , advertising, manual paper, manual, shop outdoor, manual Russian, manual restaurant outdoor, promotional , envelopes, shopping envelopes , pizza , envelopes, restaurant , envelopes, manual envelopes , envelope, handy, promotional , envelopes, manual paper , envelopes, manual, shop , envelopes, handy pizza , envelopes, manually lunchroom , envelopes, advertising envelopes , shopping envelopes , pizza , envelopes, restaurant , envelopes, burgers , envelopes, pizza , envelopes, be a covering, Asian , blowjob manually be a covering, envelopes , shaping the bag, big bag , paperbag , box , pizza box , Hamburger Envelopes, burgers , envelopes waxed envelopes , اجیل , envelopes, charcoal , buy envelopes , Highest quality = lowest price 02176295301-09385005821-09123005821

    Advertising agencies Tehran
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