Price list, jack, Electric garage door

Price list, jack, Electric garage door

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* price list and compare the specifications of the jack automatic garage door *
* the price list and compare the specifications of automatic door glass سکوریت *
* the price list and compare the types of electric shutters, intelligent, shop, store, parking lot, warehouses, hangars, window *
* the price list and compare the specifications of cctv *

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  • Electric shutters

    Asia\r\n021-44400392\r\\r\n\r\nکرکره Electric - price Electric shutters - shutters, automatic - price, automatic shutters - the shutters smart - price shutters, smart\r\nکرکره Electric shop - Electric shutters parking - Electric shutters design, wood - Electric shutters-glass rattle and the nano-composite transparent polycarbonate - Electric shutters, sound

    Facilities No price
  • Jack softly

    Asia Phone : 02144400392 Website : Sell and install a variety of arm softly, mechanical, hydraulic Softly the door Entrance, the building complex administrative apartment A variety of Jack softly سیزا, Italy, King, Korean دورما Germany Jack slowed down, strap in, wooden, Iron anti-theft

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  • Co-producer اجرنما in Yazd

    Co-producer اجرنما in Yazd

    Manufacture and distributor of all types of سفالهای building\r\nاجر posing 4 cm و5سانتی and big round\r\nاجر pottery 5 cm, solarium(ten hole)\r\nاجر three goals Shirazi\r\nاجر Blade 20*20*10(solarium وخشک now)\r\nاجر تیغه20*20*15(solarium وخشک now)\r\nاجر تیغه20*20*15 foam\r\nسفال ceiling 20am a height of 40\r\nسفال سقفی25در ارتفاع40\r\nفندوله pallet and bulk\r\nانواع refractory brick(plate)\r\nتولید products بادستگاهای all the automated and robotic industry, and baking: the with کورهای gas burner is

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  • The production of a variety of Cole concrete Wells

    The production of a variety of Cole concrete Wells

    Manufacturing group ورتان ( ورتان: Urban with blessings abundant )\r\n\r\nگروه manufacturing ورتان recover and for the supply of concrete parts of the well to do contractors, municipalities, builders, building and mass production, ranging from the variety of Cole, the mill, and Cole, the store declares .\r\n\r\nسایز manufacturing Cole, The ورتان\r\n\r\nانواع Cole Rod ********** kinds of Kool, warehouse \r\nکول bars 60 ********* Kool and storage, 55 * 90\r\nکول bars 70 ******** Cole store 55 * 100\r\nکول bars 80 ****** Cole store 65 * 120 floor flat\r\nکول bars 90 ******* Cole store 83 * 120 egg\r\nکول bars a piece 100 ****** Cole store 80 * 140 egg\r\nکول Rod two piece 100\r\nکول Rod 110\r\n\r\nکلیه dimensions listed dimensions back-up back Cole is . Other productions group ورتان Cole a half bed block heavy bottom, open, pot head , Well cap, concrete Wells , types of slab, the reinforced concrete table concrete industry.\r\n\r\nتلفن call-09101858900 __ 09369182889 engineer Sidi \r\n\r\nto see the productions .

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  • Acrylic paint, insulation, Nano

    Acrylic paint, insulation, Nano

    نانوپوش manufacturer of a new generation of adhesive, paint, insulation and sealant with technical knowledge and raw materials, Germany\r\nto more information to the site WWW.NANOPUSH.NET or channel Telegram and \r\nآدرس Instagram: NANOPUSH \r\nوارد a raw material from Turkey and Germany \r\nبرند نانوپوش as the name and trademark, in the General Directorate of industrial property has been registered and any copying of it is prohibited .\r\n\r\n1 adhesive twin steel versatile Nps 10\r\n2 Nano adhesive sealant (multi-purpose) Nps 100\r\n3 Nano, super glue, wood Nps 106\r\n4 Nano glue stick Nps 107 \r\n5 nano white glue Nps 108\r\n6 Nano grout restoration (ready) Nps 109\r\n7 Nano Mastic, White Nps 110\r\n8 Nano Mastic, color, Nps 111\r\n9 Nano Mastic sealant, white and black, the Nps 114\r\n10 Nano glue بندکشی Nps 120\r\n11 Nano-strength concrete ADH Nps 130\r\n12 Nano, isolated, white (ready, درجه1) Nps 200\r\n13 Nano-adhesive insulation Nps 220\r\n14 Nano-adhesive protective levels Nps 320\r\n15 Mastic سیلیکونایز brand Inter leave ------------\r\n16 Mastic سیلیکونایز brand leave flood ------------\r\n17 glue twin pasty versatile NPS 10\r\n18 wood glue privileged NPS 106\r\n19 پوشرنگ half plastic Grade 2( standard ) NPS 530\r\n20 پوشرنگ half plastic Grade 1( Standard ) NPS 520\r\n21 پوشرنگ semi-plastic preferred ( standard) NPS 510\r\n22 پوشرنگ all plastic privileged( standard) NPS 500\r\n23 acrylic paint insulation – Nano, isolated, white, NPS 200\r\nاستاندارد Management, Quality Control,\r\nاستاندارد environmental management\r\nاستاندارد customer satisfaction\r\nگواهی of professional competence in the discussion of the production of glue \r\nگواهی guarantee the quality of the product on behalf of the insurance\r\nتاییدیه nano-scale on behalf of the Sharif University of technology and the University of Khajeh Nasir\r\nمحافظت levels against کربناسیون and the influence of ions of chlorine\r\nمقاومت abrasion and impact is very high, with الانگیشن previous excellent\r\nمقاوم against radiation, direct and prolonged sunlight\r\nچسبندگی to a variety of surfaces and create a monolithic lining without a seam,\r\nمقاوم against Salt, Frost, etc., gasoline, کلریدها, Salt, Ice members\r\nقابل run in horizontal and vertical directions. extremely high adhesion to a variety of building materials\r\nسهولت run and sustainability of long, creating a layer flexible after drying\r\nرنگ is the possibility of the implementation of mortar, cement and tile work on it there\r\nعاری of any organic compound escape (i.e., after the drying the volume low not to be)\r\nمقاومت tensile, etc. flexural and compressive strength, their ability to elongation and flexibility very much,\r\nغیر-toxic, non-flammable, applicable in the vicinity of drinking water

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  • Abreu (crossbars Abreu)

    Water got home Aston Answer Abreu is one of the best products, set the home stone is a gray color cement presentable. If you need to produce custom color possible. Please also visit the website of the company of the permanent exhibition of the company see, or in case you need more information, with phone numbers, please contact

    Building Materials Tehran
  • Wall paper with Lowest Price

    Wall paper with Lowest Price

    Wall paper with Lowest Prices: Department of Architecture, Building, Baroque, supplier of all kinds of wallpaper, Italian, German, and Korean in many designs and colors vary. A variety of wall paper with a width of 50, 70 and 1 km. One of the types of cover wall paper mural that different types, with a range of colored broad is available in the market. Wall paper today because of having different plays and beautiful can only be on one of the walls of the living room or reception role, and supplement, home appliances and paint the other walls. 1. In the living room is better than a paper wall with natural fibers and cloth, use a sense of friendly and intimate to the surrounding and اطرافیانتان be transferred. 2. In the living room, preferably from the wall paper to use in which برادههای wood, خردههای metal and substances like the feet to be gone. Such coverage, in the meantime, being formal, etc. مقاومتش compared to other coatings, is greater. 3. In determining the wall paper room the children can use the projects varied Teddy and cheerful colors and brilliant help... 4. Use projects and vertical distance, you can walls taller effects data, and this sensory-inducing to see that there's a roof in the distance مرتفعتر from a height of واقعیاش is located. 5. With the use of the projects to horizontal, you can house a wider and wider from what is shown, and in the meantime, the ceiling to the floor nearer the show. 6. With the use of plans crowded and flowering, you can space the smaller show. 7. With the use of designs, Diagonal, and zigzag, you can the environment is alive and dynamic effects. Such plans as of the plans of the energy bars are known. 8. Remember that, if the pattern paper دیواریتان too close together and arranged in horizontal and vertical lines have to be placed, coverage دیوارتان on the effects the environment will overcome, so that the furniture and fixtures inside the room, the less can be seen. 9. Remember that harmony, texture, wallpaper, and other, collections of furniture are very important and it is better that the items in a spectrum of color or complement each other choose. 10. It is better before choosing the wall paper, the influence of colors on the perimeter, and cases استفادهشان in various places awareness in mind. The colors, even if with fibers, and in the form of wall paper also have a great impact on the environment.. Should notice that the layout and the color should be with the morale of the family members fits, because each of them sense different to the environment of induction. 11. From the colors brilliant, it is better that in the room the children use. These colors, thereby creating energy and excitement in the children. Were the usual colors resplendent with the color of white haze. *With the Baroque being specific experience!*

    buy and sell Khuzestan
  • Brain malleable woodpecker

    Brain malleable woodpecker

    Cerebral woodpecker from cast iron nodular and a hundred percent unbreakable.\r\nمغزی woodpecker 900گرم has been to ease you experts and masters of metal stud from the molded good cast iron shed leading.\r\nمغزی woodpecker usability in the installation کفراژ scaffolding the interior of the tube placed on the tube with the use of tight binding.\r\nبه for overall brain داربستی to connect the pipes in scaffolding, elevated, and or a scaffolding, under pressure and in the project, the following concrete application.\r\nنکات significant in the case of cerebral woodpecker compared to the other brain, sex and the machining of it.

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  • The production blocks the blade Yazd production اجرنما Yazd, the production of pottery in Yazd

    The production blocks the blade Yazd production اجرنما Yazd, the production of pottery in Yazd

    Complex of Salar porcelain tile Yazd (list price of pottery)\r\nتولید always keep you smiling directly (without intermediaries)all kinds of brick, pottery, posing in different sizes . Block the blade 10و15 a height of 20.Ceiling block 20و25 to ارتفاع40.Template pottery joists.\r\nبلوک Blade 10*20*20:\r\nبلوک تیغه15*20*20:\r\n\r\nجهت more information باکادرمجرب this complex, please contact\r\nتلفن 09131520325

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  • Plaster جبص hand faithful Abad, Semnan

    Plaster جبص hand faithful Abad, Semnan

    Plaster export and micronized\r\nاندود gypsum layer thin\r\nموارد consumption:\r\nمحصول micronized with a commercial brand for export to the Arab countries\r\nادرس company site

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  • Sandwich panel roof and wall and refrigeration, etc. niches and shelter

    Sandwich panel roof and wall and refrigeration, etc. niches and shelter

    All kinds of sandwich panels roof and wall and refrigeration and clean room (CLEAN ROOM) with polyurethane foam.\\\\r\\\\nانواع container structures, heavy metal and sandwich panels.\\\\r\\\\nساخت clean rooms, laboratory,\\\\r\\\\n manufacture of metal structures ranging from silos, and a truss.\\\\r\\\\nپوشش the ceiling and wall niches, industrial, and food and manufacturing.\\\\r\\\\nحداقل area, to register the order panel, 300 meters.\\\\r\\\\n ****** immediate delivery ******

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  • The implementation of a gable roof in Tehran-the price of the implementation of آردواز-ceilings, of course, a metal-execute roof covering niches-Truss-repair(09121431941)

    The implementation of a gable roof in Tehran-the price of the implementation of آردواز-ceilings, of course, a metal-execute roof covering niches-Truss-repair(09121431941)

    = The implementation of all the services covering the roof, the steep-roof covering niches-covering the roof, the gable-Villa - Truss=\r\n( 09391431941 and 09121431941 ) \r\n preparation and implementation, covering a variety of roofs steep:ceiling niches.A roof truss.The roof of the villa.Run ceiling اردواز-run اردواز اردوازپیشانی.اردواز the facades of buildings.A pergola.اردواز transom.Build and install the truss.Steel structure Villa.Steel structure parking.خرپای roof store.خرپای the roof of the workshop.Cover, roof, backyard, etc...\r\nبا types: steel plates, galvanized.Galvanized colored.اردواز.ایرانیت cement.The sandwich panel.Pottery.Hedge.Plan of pottery.Plan شینگل-tile grit-a.Polycarbonate.Fiberglass.Posing ولمبه metal.\r\nنما and لمبه round canopy, the niches and the roof inclined-view of the frontal of the building - the implementation of the studs-eyebrow-ابرولندنی-ابروجعبه-a-brow Fusion -eyebrow-deck-baseboard metal - Flushing - canopy, etc.)....\r\n, roof repairs, steep-repair وتعویض ceiling niches-اببندی وتعمیرات roof covering, the niches and the roof steep.\r\n insulation ceiling with thermal insulation glass wool.Lace bird.Carton Plast etc.).\r\n repair وتعویض And اببندی ceilings, old and worn,\r\n price run roof steep-the price of covering the roof of the steep-price the implementation of the ceiling آردواز-the implementation of roof coverings steep-price the implementation of gable roof-price ceilings, steep-نحوء the implementation of ceilings, steep-نحوء run a variety of آردواز وشیروانی and...........\r\n ( with 30 years of experience )\r\nهمراه: 09391431941 - 09121431941 \r\nتلفن contact: 55309515 \r\n (( دراسرع-time )) \r\n -- all areas of Tehran, laboratories around Tehran\r\n وسراسرکشور --

    Contracting Tehran
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