Kits specialized ELISA and measures the enzymatic

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Company پادگین medicine, etc., corporate research, etc. advice, plan, etc., manufacturer and importer of devices, tools, etc. materials and Kits for research in the field of biological sciences. Company پادگین medicine in the year 1378, was established and is now one of the most active companies in the field of kits for diagnostic in Tehran (Iran). Company پادگین medicine., the provider of materials, kits research base and clinical, etc. kits of diagnostic and research tools. Long experience company پادگین medicine empowers offer the best price and the highest quality in the shortest time. Cooperation with reputable companies internationally in the fields of Biochemistry and. physiology., the molecular biology of. Immunology., the cell biology and diagnostic, ... the book presents products and services wide range of customers in universities, scientific institutions and research and ... biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies as well as clinical laboratories. Kits research ELISA, the Main products of the company هپادگین medicine are considered. Company پادگین medicine, etc. in the near future as an important goal, expanding their activities to the field of the production under license of leading international companies and under the control of the international standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 13485) in the research of Molecular Biology and also proteins to consider. All the efforts we design and deliver کیتهایی with easy and high performance for researchers. Manufacturing company, etc. research پادگین medicine in order to upgrade the quality level of the processes of the company and achieve global standard of action, to those ISO's required, " he said. therefore, with the coordination and efforts of the managers and employees of the company, in the last stages of the acquisition of the certificate ISO 9001. پادگین medicine, providing services with the highest level Standard, a world worthy of you, researchers and experts, the dear knows. Stay with us...

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