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  • Services computer gamers

    Services computer gamers

    Installation of Windows on a variety of devices and notebook computers Install a variety of software, accessories, ranging from Nero, office, etc., AutoCAD and..., Photoshop, etc. کورل and ... Installation of antivirus, such as مکافی ، نود32 ، Kaspersky Security, etc. to him. اویرا and ... Install a variety of hardware with the best strong from a variety of hardware drivers, the oldest, newest notebook computers Installation of printer and scanner, and ... Installation of the modem and setup high speed Internet In dialogue with us, and Instagram, we also see, please, just name drpc ...

    Computer, laptop and hardware Alborz
  • Prices, software, our - software sales لویالتی - immediate delivery etc. club software clients, SetUp, Software, Customer club

    Prices, software, our - software sales لویالتی - immediate delivery etc. club software clients, SetUp, Software, Customer club

    Sales software customer Club card processor with a programming team of highly qualified \r\nفروش software customer Club\r\nفروش software, customer loyalty\r\nفروش software لویالتی\r\nفروش system software club مشتریان\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nنرم software customer Club\r\site configuration://\r\n\r\n\r\nراه app is launched, customers Club\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nنرم software increase the sale \r\nا ...

    software Tehran
  • Software, weighbridge iron

    Software, weighbridge iron

    The software industry, iron, machine to calculate the weight of the drawing of the iron machinery, heavy and light( weighing) according the field and the use of the software easy and functional can be used utilized for factories, iron wholesale and metal industry and other industries relevant is recommended.\r\nنرم software, weighbridge, iron, machinery, the leading software in the industry of iron, which is for the weight of the camera, iron and heavy metals, is used\r\nto more information from the app and order call

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  • Label keyboard , Russian, Ukrainian – English ( the label on the keyboard )

    Label keyboard , Russian, Ukrainian – English stickers on the keyboard Russian )\r\nاز type of sex is very high quality , with an excellent printed and encased gloss varnish on the letters for more durability. These tags have the ability to hang extra on کیبردهای normal laptop have.\r\n the label with the build quality Countries, Russia and Korea are available. \r\nساخت Russia in red with background black 40000تومان\r\nساخت Korea in the colors red, yellow, background, مشکی65000تومان and blue color with a white background 90000تومان\r\nХорошие наклейки на клавиатуру big сделаны довольно качеств ...

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  • A variety of equipment, fusion fiber optic

    A variety of equipment, fusion fiber optic

    A variety of equipment fusion FUJIKURA-80S Cleaver CT-30 Cleaver FS-6s Kiev specialized tools optical fiber Box wall and پچپنل rack mount A variety of detailed blue and khaki Cable, tactical DDF پیگتیل and پچکورد with the chorus Corning A variety of test equipment fiber optic: OTDR FTB-1 FTB-2 FTB-500 POWER METER FPM-300 power meter LIGHT SOURCE FLS-300 laser source ATTENUATORE FVA-600 device اتنیتور VFL FLS-240 light pen FIBER SCOPE the FIP-400 fiber scope SDH ANALAYZER PMD tester IDENTIFIRE LFD-200 (Now scanning equip no other branch does ...

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  • Accounting software store Lantern

    Accounting software store Lantern

    Accounting software, shop, Lantern, soft and very functional, which is for small and medium stores, with each field of work is appropriate. In this application we have tried that with the use of the methods the incidence of and compliance with the simplicity, functionality unique to the users, provides users with a minimum knowledge of accounting matters relevant to do.\r\n\r\proxy to use for this feature software:\r\n\r\n ability to define units of measurement of commodities\r\n ability to define sets and subsets and categories of goods\r\n ability to define the goods and to view the inventor ...

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