A variety of raisins+tab وقیسی apricot + skin dried lemon + dried apples+ Capers for export market, ...

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We are the manufacturer وصادر supplier, dried fruit products, agricultural we are . From get new items for تولیدمحصول new welcome

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  • Specifications industrial salt

    Specifications industrial salt

    Properties ومشخصات salt, industrial ونمک.\r\nدراین report, the order of salt and stone, salt and other products, salt, کلادرخصوص salt, oregano, صحیبت is ازآنجائی that are based on the opinion of the department, the Salt, subsisting as well as documentation and legal cases available Salt Lake in the country, we are not licensed legal or health is not and on the other hand, the extraction of salts from Lake Urmia and other salt lakes have set of salt - working ناثواب and wrong, knows, therefore, there is no where in the reports of the particular enterprise, The Salt Lake is not \r\nنمک to be qui ...

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  • Salt grade standard, produced in the salt health packaging 400گرمی salt

    Salt grade standard, produced in the salt health packaging 400گرمی salt

    Edible salt new\r\nنمک standard produced a new method of \r\nتولید edible salt new \r\nتولید edible salt or the same salt, the new standard, and method perfectly new standard \r\nوقتی speak of a commodity as a blow job, into the midst comes a few options for the buyer that is important in edible salt, subsisting also observe the \r\nاول: standard of being and, according to the indicators of Ministry of health and the food and there \r\nدوم: non-industrial being, and quite a health \r\nسوم : Quite refined and organic,\r\nنمک blow job, or the same salt, the standard of recrystallization that in ...

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  • Salt, industrial salt, fishery

    Salt, industrial salt, fishery

    Industrial salt \r\nتولید made from rock salt, Grade A and best The Salt Mines area \r\nنمک Industrial were factories, salt. method of production وکوبش salt and rock salt comes

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  • Sell all kinds of products, industrial salt and edible salt with ysth category new salt plant.

    Sell all kinds of products, industrial salt and edible salt with ysth category new salt plant.

    The central group, manufacturers of salt and salt mines, central. \\r\\nبه because of the great difficulty that the buyers of salt, software, or the same salt powder have salt powder in the warehouse, to the time Randy and salt, is therefore, set salt, sustainable research group, and informing the salt, - the order of notification to the buyers of salt, and esteemed clients the following is to inform \\r\\n in order to avoid a hunk of salt the following notice \\r\\nنمک powder or the salt soft and یانمک meat offering, usually درکارخانجات salt and set factories salt, subsisting in suffering or ...

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  • Salt, industrial characteristics, industrial salt )

    Salt, industrial characteristics, industrial salt )

    About industrial salt, more to know \r\nکلمه, salt industry, perhaps the phrase properly is not for that this product, used We, because the word industry or industrial at first glance, concepts like dirt. Fixed.... To us . \r\nاما what time to this type of salt, salt industry, it was said, and the cause of it is important, therefore, the group of factories, salt products and salt, - the report's preparation), and better, the following study you \r\n1 - industrial salt? Industrial salt, the same salt is natural .Namely, the same rock salt or hunk of salt extracted from the Salt Mines, and then ...

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  • Sale tomato paste, etc., olive

    Sale, olive, passion, excellent quality, Grade A\r\n packaging glass, 750 g pet 10 kg, Aleppo, 18 kg, and ...\r\n\r\nفروش tomato paste with excellent quality\r\n packing jar 750 g glass Bank, cans of 800 grams and ...\r\n\r\nآماده cooperation and the supply of olive oil and tomato paste, stores and restaurants, and send to around the country\r\n \r\nفروش just for a high number of\r\nجهت more information call

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