Represent a valid rack دیتاشین

Represent a valid rack دیتاشین

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Companies are a lot of that action to the ad for sale رکهای دیتاشین); can we give you a warning, We that careful buying from some of these companies. For example, when you want them, you purchase, or the price of the high offers), or with the tricks, dirty, and, for example, by closing the hardware rack دیتاشین the رکهای, quality, ... it to replace the rack دیتاشین to the customer they sell. Some other tricks جالبتری. For example, stated that the representative or the importer rack دیتاشین are, but when they call, etc. stated that the base رکهای دیتاشین is poor (alleged very funny, that people with literacy in the context of what network you're using, never deceive them, don't eat) and the excuses رکهای else to introduce themselves. For this reason, that the lure of these tricks do not eat, it is necessary that the company رکهای دیتاشین to prepare, please. So: To view pictures and descirption equipment دیتاشین you can to address your it and to get more information and buy goods with the number of units sold (At the bottom of the ad) and (At the bottom of the ad) please contact . By the way, the names of the accredited representatives rack دیتاشین can be found in the Persian site of this product that the above, was introduced find.

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Tel+98 021-8×××1061 (منقضی شده)
Addressخیابان ولیعصر، میدان ولیعصر،
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    Company raimoon \r\\r\n\r\nflocculants RAYMON FR-W235\r\nflocculants RAYMON FR-W245\r\nflocculants FLOPAM A-331 PH\r\n0912 111 9510 0912 890 4510 021 65 36 1707\r\n\r\nجدا off phases solid-liquid – dewatering\r\nبازیافت water at the plant, which often is inevitable, especially in cases where the plant in an area of low water is located. avoid wasting water in order to recover and also avoid environmental pollution and waste of elements, is very important. Given that most methods of mineralizing layout in the environment takes place, including a significant amount of water. in this case, the product full-blown the final for the pulp, which will be sometimes also very is not diluted and should rinse off it (i.e., separating the solid from the liquid) moisture, it has the size, reducing the Alliance to carry or do other industrial activity).\r\nicon in most cases the bulk of the water associated with the tailings. so, in order to:\r\n• stock up on waste\r\n• avoid being contaminated by the environment, by the water, along with mineral\r\n• recovery and reuse of water\r\nجدا the water contained in the tailings from grain, the solid is essential.\r\nicon in the different stages of mineral makeup may also rinse off the minor pulp in order to adjust the concentration it required. Also, in some ways ... like the ways هیدرومتالورژی also after the dissolution of minerals or element desired in the solvent used, etc., separating the phases, solid residues, etc. from a solution rich in it is necessary.\r\nروش, rinse off the can be generally 3 categories divided into:\r\n• Lees,\r\n• filter or filtration\r\n• drying\r\nدر situations where the difference of density of solid and liquid is too much, the Lees, has the best yield. This is in mineralizing layout that liquid about water consumption is usually honest. Despite this, هیدرومتالورژی are depositing the necessary performance to do not be because with the increase in carat solvent relative to the element or mineral solution. its density is also high, and gone to the density of the solid beads remained close. In such circumstances, can only be the filtration method used.\r\nicon mineralizing layout usually rinse off a combination of the above two methods. The bulk of the water first, are precipitated, separated from the rest. in the result, the pulp thick, is produced, which contains 55% to 60% solid. At this stage, can be up to about 80% of the available water have separated, then filter out the pulp thick, the cake comes when the humidity is 10% to 20% and, if necessary, can be used in a step other as well with thermal drying moisture it to 5% or less).

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    Special regards, and company,\r\n\r\nامروزه in most companies and stores that attempt to Installment Sales of goods, and accessories. maintenance information, customer information and the installments paid and not manually have been, and this has caused has been that the amount of calculation errors with the increase of the customer are also increased.\r\n\r\NICON in this regard, the software group being to order and offer one of your customers the action to the design, production and implementation of software installment sales) that the purposes of this system, easy storage, and systematize the process of issuing the invoice, etc. Split. Get control over installments and reporting remaining installments of any customer.\r\n\r\nامکانات software\r\n\r\nامکان the insertion of goods and services\r\nامکان insert specifications of the customers\r\nامکان insert profile ضامنین customers\r\nامکان inserts, acquaintances, customers, directions, contact Essential\r\nامکان inserts acquaintances ضامنین the direction of the call, necessary\r\nامکان attachment documents the customers\r\nامکان attachment documents ضامنین\r\nامکان specifications insertion base warranty, customers and ضامنین\r\nامکان attachment base warranty, customers and ضامنین\r\nامکان the issuance of the invoice, with complete specifications, ضامنین, etc. acquaintances, and checks drawn payment\r\nامکان specifications insertion installments paid (date, hours, minutes, کدرهگیری, how to pay and descirption)\r\nامکان reporting of installments arrears during the month.\r\nامکان reporting the payment status of each customer\r\nامکان reporting factors split yet\r\nامکان reporting factors has been closed\r\

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    Sales software customer Club card processor with a programming team of highly qualified \r\nفروش software customer Club\r\nفروش software, customer loyalty\r\nفروش software لویالتی\r\nفروش system software club مشتریان\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nنرم software customer Club\r\n\r\site configuration://\r\n\r\n\r\nنرم software increase the sale \r\nامکانات software customer Club\r\nقابلیت software customer Club : \r\nامکان categories of customers in the form of the group \r\nقابلیت upgrade groups based on the amount of purchase and the presence of the customer\r\nارائه points and discounts to customers based on the purchase of goods and services \r\nقابلیت the introduction of the customer by the customer, and receive points and commission from the client has been introduced,\r\nقابلیت define the services and the goods and issuing the invoice \r\nقابلیت the value of this concession the days of the week \r\nقابلیت the introduction of peer in the system and offer a percentage partner in the sale \r\nارسال SMS thanks for the purchase, inventory, etc. Congratulations on the birth, marriage, and ... for automatic \r\nسیستم Installment Sales\r\nسیستم sale credit pre-purchased \r\nایجاد profile for clients and provide a report of purchase rating of each customer\r\nایجاد survey and rate the opinions of customers \r\nامکان insert news and events for the customers \r\nگزارش camera online sales, inventory, stock, buyers, and customers for daily, week, monthly, in any point of the World \r\nقابلیت define the gift card \r\nقابلیت charging occasion, the members of the group\r\nبک, hourly, and moment of the system\r\nآپدیت public free \r\nپشتیبانی on-line ticketing system \r\nقابلیت add requested items to the system, customers Club\r\nقابلیت insert card missing, and the issuance of new credit card for customers, \r\NAND ...\r\nتحویل instant club software customers\r\nنرم software for web. \r\nشخصی storage software customer Club \r\nto earn a consultation with our 02166969893 call.

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    All the features of purchase and sale and stock, and the Fund and the Bank, along with a complete list of parts and accessories, and the exact specifications of the customers (all to infinity) in accounting, brilliant stamp With the capability of adding features such as formula sales, stock, unlimited, etc., Station, user, network, and ... With the price of 1500000ریال (excluding taxes and duties sales) A 5% discount just for visitors this ad Consultation and buy In ... be sure to contact us.Professional choose and consciously decide. In dialogue with us, and Instagram, we also see, please, just name drpciran in Instagram, search, please And in channel & services, computer gamers Subscribe Of the announcements and the latest news and information on the virtual world, they get to know 09194545259 09369369152

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