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Fund store complete pack includes : Jack Pinter width of eight inches - barcode reader has a base and a very strong - drawer money-tiled, with eight instead of coins - accounting software with a year and a half warranty and after-sales service for ten years, has the stamp tax, and the confirmation of Guilds, the products are very strong and work came\r\NAND sell out from the pack as a conduit in the classical model and the touch screen
بارکد reader, two-dimensional and one-dimensional
فیش printer full port and single-port
لیبل printers, thermal printers, and speciality ribbons estuary
همراه بانرم software ariasun's in the model, a restaurant and a shop

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  • Special discount for gate store

    The auction gate and the tag store, second-hand, with one year warranty and special discount on the occasion of the summer. Liquidation for cash and installment with the free installation. 12 times Now mystics furnishing provider, gate, gate (gate RF anti-theft AM (in two brands of RF anti-theft Sigma., the gate anti-theft, acetone) and RF (brand پروسک, etc. گاردوی, etc. spider)) and all equipment related to دزدگیرهای dress contains a variety of tags, anti theft labels, retail solutions, including:tag, Shelly(tag, loose paper, سنچوری)tag, Golf (سنچوری), the tag پنسیل ( tag, pencil), the tag is triangular(tag, Delta)The. tag سنسورماتیک(tag سنسورماتیک tail. tag سنسورماتیک long tail), and a variety of labels and frame labels included (label blue back, RF and laser marking سنسورماتیک, etc. laser marking, and laser marking سنچوری), and a variety of separator, tags, including : separators, Golf, etc. separator سنسورماتیک Electric separator سنسورماتیک manually honor, it is a special sale a month with your price of exceptional declaration. Fantastic price for the goods, Grade A with warranty, one company + free installation +free tag + after-sales service for ten years The distance We with you a key, a call-up to provide services and BS in person free. The official site of the company :

    Safety and security equipment No price
  • Alarm uniforms-alarm gate-gate store

    Sale, gate shop for new and Stoke have the color scheme in the two models, and stoke the possibility of providing services by representing the company in all over Iran with a reasonable price and very efficient against people benefit atmosphere-resistant iron, etc., with the drawing power high, and high speed reading tags

    Safety and security equipment No price
  • کارتخوان mobile in two models آکبند and Stoke in the price range, high-diversity product models touch, screen color, screen black, can connect to WiFi, etc. can connect to multiple accounts of. Android in. socket charging Android and....\r\nبا the possibility of providing technical service and warranty for all products

    Safety and security equipment No price
  • Software Store-software restaurant -software tax

    Software ariasun's seal, tax and confirmation of trades in the two models, restaurant and store in version different environment with very easy connectivity to کارتخوان set, the panel of the short message the connection to the scales and the admin panel the way round, suitable for large collections and multi-branch plan

    software No price
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