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Lysine, one of essential amino acids and the second limiting amino acid in poultry feed can be .Company Kia trade seal, with eight years of experience in the field of supply of inputs, livestock and poultry, supplier, lysine, Indonesia, Korea and China with the best quality.
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  • Company Kia trading stamp is the largest supplier of all kinds of barley, corn, soy imported in the country with 8 years of experience ready to supply نیازصنعت livestock and poultry can be.\r\nجهت get the daily price to our channel in the Telegram join \r\nhttps://t.me/kiatejarat\r\nموبایل:\r\n09127237702 engineer Yazdi\r\n09173959904 Mr. Mousavi\r\n09129597705\r\nوبسایت: \r\site configuration://kiatejaratmehr.blog.ir

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  • Special sale baking soda

    Company Kia trading stamp, sales agents, baking soda(sodium bicarbonate), Shiraz, and Mashhad, as well as the importer, baking soda, Chinese delivery in Tehran and Bandar Abbas is.\r\nویژگی boil sweet Kia trade stamp:\r\nفود grid, with confirmation of quality and has 2 grade powdery and granular\r\nمناسب for livestock and poultry feed, the use of industrial, pharmaceutical, and Food Industries\r\nبهترین price available in the market\r\nحواله ready shipped to all over the country,\r\n\r\n\r\nجهت get the daily price to our channel in the Telegram join \r\nhttps://t.me/kiatejarat\r\n\r\nتلفن fixed:\r\n07158008217\r\nموبایل:\r\n09173959904 sale(Shiraz)\r\n09127237702 sale(Tehran, Iran)\r\n09129597705\r\nوبسایت: \r\site configuration://kiajoosh.blog.ir

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  • Company Kia trading stamp, relying on the knowledge and expertise of their personnel, the most extensive network of supply of all types of meal internal and external direction of feed for livestock and poultry across the country.\r\nمحصولات Kia business following meal : soy products, etc. canola. safflower and cotton seed, sunflower\r\nجهت get the daily price to our channel in the Telegram join. \r\nhttps://t.me/kiatejarat\r\nتماس:\r\n071-58008217\r\nموبایل:\r\n09127237702 engineer Yazdi\r\n09173959904 Mr. Mousavi\r\n09129597705\r\nوبسایت:\r\site configuration://kiatejaratmehr.blog.ir

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  • Powder fat is one of the important sources to supply the energy needed ration is. Of course, the supply of energy, the only property of this product is not another role also plays.\r\nمکمل fat pure contains 99.5 percent fat. This product as a source of fat passing through the rumen, and in particular to increase the concentration of the energy of the ration without reducing the feed intake of dairy cows is designed.\r\nشرکت Kia trade seal, with eight years of experience in the field of supply of inputs, livestock and poultry, supplier, powder, fat, Iranian, German, and... with best quality.\r\nجهت get the daily price to our channel in the Telegram join. \r\nhttps://t.me/kiatejarat\r\n\r\nتلفن fixed:\r\n07158008217\r\nموبایل\r\n09127237702 Yazdi\r\n09173959904 Mousavi\r\n09129597705\r\nوبسایت: \r\site configuration://kiatejaratmehr.blog.ir

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    اسیدچرب herbal mahan

    اسیدچرب herbal mahan\r\nانرژی 9000کیلوکالری\r\nپراکسیداستاندارد\r\nعدد Yiddish top of the 90\r\nدارای vitamins A,E,D\r\nحاوی antioxidants and warehousing top\r\nجایگزین oil باهمان performance oil وکاملامقرون effective وسالمتر\r\nتحت expert opinion and has the license\r\nبرپایه soy and packaging, Aleppo,\r\n\r\nحلب 17 kg ؟؟؟؟ USD\r\nفروش engineer arafati call 09132610885

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  • The sale and distribution of fertilizers, and specialized

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  • Rock salt animal

    Rock salt animal

    Production of rock salt animal with high purity\r\nمخصوص a variety of animal husbandry and fish breeding pools and... \r\NICON different sizes, and manually\r\nبا shipped to all parts of the immediate land and sea\r\nالماس salt پورافکاری manufacturer of salt, industrial and refined, and supplier of all kinds of mineral\r\nما competition, we will you be a winner\r\nهمراه:09123321808\r\n09192766166 \r\nدفتر:02334523199\r\nto see more products from our site, visit\r\nwww.almasnamak.com\r\nفروش major industrial salt\r\nفروش major Salt purifier\r\nفروش major salt refined\r\nفروش major iodized salt\ ...

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    Sale pots plastic

    Sale pots, plastic\r\n\r\nفروش just the major\r\n\r\nارسال from Mashhad to all parts of the country,\r\NAND export to the country of Iraq\r\nوالصادرات that العراق\r\nشرکة Seydos تنتج أوانی الزهور\r\n\r\nشرکت سیدوس manufacturer of all kinds of pot base of the pot and all kinds of sanitary accessories building\r\nتولید and sale of all kinds of plastic pots in models and sizes, and different colors include pot کاکتوسی اپارتمانی box, etc. and water spraying \r\nشرکت سیدوس manufacturer New pots, resin base, very stylish and beautiful, special apartment and villas at a height of 65 to 80 cm in diffe ...

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  • Buyer bones burned

    Buyer bones, burned \r\n09132610885

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