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  • Welding and Smithy, mobile

    All service welding - Smithy in Tehran for mobile de رخدمت we are\r\n

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  • Welding, mobile, in all parts of Tehran

    We in all parts of Tehran is ready to cooperate with you loved ones are. For this reason, and quick access to Welder\r\n\r\nوآهنگر can play with the numbers, call \r\nبدون closures\r\n

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  • Door repairs وپنجره

    Provide repair services or regulating the door وپنجره in all parts of Tehran is taking place in the\r\nتیم expert and committed, and has a long history in the field of repairs,\r\nلازم to mention that all of our services as soon as possible and with high quality and the right cost, and warranty.. For presence in place and a free consultation contact us.\r\n

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  • Repair Jack broken parking specialized in all parts of Tehran\r\n

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  • Brain malleable woodpecker

    Brain malleable woodpecker

    Cerebral woodpecker from cast iron nodular and a hundred percent unbreakable.\r\nمغزی woodpecker 900گرم has been to ease you experts and masters of metal stud from the molded good cast iron shed leading.\r\nمغزی woodpecker usability in the installation کفراژ scaffolding the interior of the tube placed on the tube with the use of tight binding.\r\nبه for overall brain داربستی to connect the pipes in scaffolding, elevated, and or a scaffolding, under pressure and in the project, the following concrete application.\r\nنکات significant in the case of cerebral woodpecker compared to the other brain ...

    Building Materials Tehran
  • Set control Pentax

    Set control Pentax

    Set control the Pentax Hydro tank k a source جداگنه behind the set Control located to more pressure and regulate the discharge of the right set control the Pentax the principle of the Italy super quality, good for مسارف construction of ۱واحد up ۵واحد

    Facilities Alborz
  • Marble green

    Marble green

    Industries stone کارندیش its activities in the field of production of construction stone from the year 1385 started. The main field and specialized in the collection, production marble in the colors of green, white and Orange is. In this regard, this collection is a supplier of marble to rebuild the department, the Bureau of Religious Affairs, etc. of mosques across the country, and other places, blessed be

    Building Materials Tehran
  • Sandwich panel, ceiling

    Sandwich panel, ceiling

    Manufacturer of all kinds of sandwich panels roof and wall and refrigeration with polyurethane foam fireproof\r\nساندویچ panel to build and run a variety of refrigeration to below and above zero degrees, and tunnel freezing\r\nبهترین cover for a variety of venues and industrial sites, and food and health\r\nمناسب the most coverage for salons, education, poultry and livestocks and feed a variety of poultry and livestocks and Cygnus, and more. feed a variety of livestock, poultry,\r\nساندویچ panels for clean room, laboratory and hospital ( CLEAN ROOM )\r\nساندویچ panel for covering the ceiling, ...

    Building Materials Khorasan Razavi
  • The implementation of a gable roof in Tehran-the price of the implementation of آردواز-ceilings, of course, a metal-execute roof covering niches-Truss-repair(09121431941)

    The implementation of a gable roof in Tehran-the price of the implementation of آردواز-ceilings, of course, a metal-execute roof covering niches-Truss-repair(09121431941)

    = The implementation of all the services covering the roof, the steep-roof covering niches-covering the roof, the gable-Villa - Truss=\r\n( 09391431941 and 09121431941 ) \r\n preparation and implementation, covering a variety of roofs steep:ceiling niches.A roof truss.The roof of the villa.Run ceiling اردواز-run اردواز اردوازپیشانی.اردواز the facades of buildings.A pergola.اردواز transom.Build and install the truss.Steel structure Villa.Steel structure parking.خرپای roof store.خرپای the roof of the workshop.Cover, roof, backyard, etc...\r\nبا types: steel plates, galvanized.Galvanized colored. ...

    Contracting Tehran
  • Panel, acoustical, etc. - Sey Koo

    Panel, acoustical, etc. - Sey Koo

    . Panel acoustic can be used for refractories, also produced panel acoustic on the wall or ceiling, are installed to reduce sound and helps attract sound can be panel acoustic can be found in varied colors is also generated . Doors, semi-acoustic partition, acoustic, etc., furniture, with the ability to absorb sound and fabric اکوستیک نیزقابل production .\r\nپنل acoustic can be درفضاهای communities include cinema, etc., concerts, hotel, restaurant, music, home theater, etc. amphitheater, and in the factories and complexes, manufactured direction, a lack of cross recruitment the sound and incre ...

    Decoration and facade Tehran
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