Sell wholesale vegetables, dry, spices etc. medicinal plants, food, Meat, and....

Sell wholesale vegetables, dry, spices etc. medicinal plants, food, Meat, and....


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    Agent sale, supply, equipment, Eurasian eurasia, equipment, supplier

    eurasia equipment supplier Supply, equipment, Eurasian 30 years of continuous activity in import and export and the supply of equipment, industries and projects in Oman - Qatar - Dubai - اروپـا and آسیـا Conduct all business affairs Supply of equipment of imported goods allowed Procurement and supply of equipment, industrial projects and civil Customs clearance of goods from customs throughout Iran Import and export sea freight and air and ground Accompany to buy or sell goods or products manufactured outside of the country Participate in international exhibitions, foreign 30 years of continuous activity in import and export and the supply of equipment, industries and projects in Oman - Qatar - Dubai - اروپـا and آسیـا Please in case of lack of accountability through & leave a message 721 79 79 - 0917 the free area qeshm Island 497 55 54 - 0915 chabahar

    International Services Tehran
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    The sale of a variety of devices کشبافی and bar knitting -machine-needle -machine شیطانکی and lace weaving - the machine girl Japanese - yarn wagon -قرقر Filling Machine, computerized jacquard, and all kinds of packaging machine and the tip, shoelace -device sizing and device رافینگ and parts and accessories of textile quality excellent. To get more information and advice free and receive the catalogue bashmarh phone, please contact us. 04134254688 Also to get the online catalogue to the site اینترنتیwww.neginbaft.comمراجعه, please.

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  • Import and sale of PVA fiber, PVA

    Import and sale of PVA fiber, PVA

    The most appropriate type of fiber, PVA for crafts, accessories, cement, building materials industries, rubber, automotive, fiberglass, and also fibers for PVA concrete ( Grade of concrete ) length 6 and 12 mm Import without intermediaries - the issuance of proform, with the possibility of opening the credit documents

    Raw material Tehran
  • The ice cream machine Maker, funnel-shaped,

    Ice cream machine, storage funnel-shaped 3-Color موتورهیتاچی, The only device without straps in the market (sound too low and اصطلاک and consume less power ) پاروهای all stainless steel unbreakable Alert system at the time of tightening the ice cream inside the cylinder and the front camera from getting broken cylinder and oar, A digital monitor is that the number of ice cream spilled also shows Has two stainless steel tank Tank یخجالی ( The " can material got boarding maintain without material be corrupted ) Cold Maker fast ( this device within 3 minutes, can, 1 kg of ice cream make without being loose ) The number of hopper 30 hopper ÷, behind the head ( without interruption) Compressor : آسپرا Italy (tops, most brand compressor ) Electric motor :Hitachi, Japan Frost Maker : Danfoss motors Denmark Body : all steel Detergent automatic : this machine has washer, Automatic is Monitor, computer : includes markers, temperature - Power Voltage - the amount of material inside the tanks - the number of قیفهای ice cream - wash device With 1 year warranty unconditionally (even power swing) 10 years after sales services(supply of all spare parts ) and service work in place Price : 17 million USD

    machinery Tehran
  • Import and sale of chemical raw materials

    Import and sale of chemical raw materials

    Glycerin pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic and edible Glycerine منوپروپیلن pegs Korean MPG Acid, stearic 1801, Malaysia Stearic Acid Acid, stearic 1802, Malaysia Stearic Acid Acid, stearic 1843 India Stearic Acid Acid, stearic 1838 India Stearic Acid Acid, stearic 1810, Malaysia Stearic Acid Acid, stearic 1810 India Stearic Acid Sorbitol روکت France Sorbitol Sorbitol, Maize India, Sorbitol Soya lecithin India, Soya Lecithin Carboxy methyl cellulose, China CMC Phosphoric acid, China Phosphoric Acid Polyphenols, Korea, Phenol Polyvinyl alcohol Bp20 big Bp24 Butyl glycol Butyl Glycol Company novin sepehr سانیار importer of raw materials, chemical industries, food, pharmaceutical, detergent, cosmetics and sanitary, paint and resin

    Raw material Esfahan
  • Import and distribution of chemical raw materials

    Import and distribution of chemical raw materials

    Company پارسین elixir Import and sale of chemical raw materials telegram : 0901-6840482 Tel: 021-44037067 ; 021-44039042 Fax: 021-42695924 Phosphoric acid Profit granule Arab Profit granule, Taiwan Profit granule, China Granules benefit, Oleic acid Castor oil Import profit granule Import citric Import گوارگام Oxide aluminum Boric acid Profit liquid Profit Copper sulfate Diatomaceous earth Zinc sulfate Sulfate, Iron, Carbonate manganese Caramel Indian Caramel French Hydrochloric acid Tetra sodium pyrophosphate Sodium gluconate Soap mole 10 Acetic acid Citric acid, nectarines Citric acid, dry Profits flakes ادتا 2 sodium ادتا 4 sodium Hexa meta phosphate Sodium sulfate Paraffin, solid white Calcium carbonate Hydro De people were phosphate Tri sodium phosphate Ammonium poly phosphate Sodium carbonate heavy Sodium carbonate style Lanolin Meta BI-sulphite Nitrites sodium Hydro sulphite, sodium Germany Hydro-sulphite of sodium, China Water, hydrogen peroxide, leave Water, hydrogen peroxide, it is worth noting Korea Fumaric acid Alum سولفونیک Hydrated lime براکس Deca Sodium bicarbonate Profits flakes Magnesium sulfate Potassium sulfate Carbonate people were Ammonia powder Gum Arabic Potash, butter, Potash China Potassium hydroxide Carboxy methyl cellulose Silica gel blue Sodium gluconate Poly aluminum chloride Profit power of chlorine Profit granule, China Tri sodium phosphate Thirty the thirty سانروز Japan There ثهلب صعلب صهلب سوربات potassium Borax Deca براکس Penta Claire Japan Keller Indian Citric acid monohydrate Propionate, calcium Calcium carbonate Xanthan gum food grade گوارگام Indian گزانتانگام Hypochlorite, calcium Ammonium chloride Copper sulfate نشادر The ammonia dry Thirtieth, thirty blow job, گوارگام Glycine Menthol Calcium hypochlorite Sodium benzoate Thirtieth thirty سوربات potassium Sodium citrate Baking soda Dextrose monohydrate Dextrose, dried مالتو دکسترین Sodium bicarbonate Color caramel بتاکارتن Beta-carotene Pectin Glycine The essence of the lemon Aspartame Ascorbic acid Vitamin C Vitamin C Aspartame, Vita Suites (Including e سولفام Ka Vita suite Sodium gluconate Lactose Caramel Calcium chloride Propionate, calcium Lactate Lactate, sodium Malic acid Tartaric acid Alginate sodium Gelatin powder Tween Guar گوارگام 6000/6500 لستین soy Netherlands Glycerine Malaysia Sodium sulfite متابی sodium sulfite Gelatin جوهرلیمو Sodium poly phosphate oral Monosodium phosphate Di sodium phosphate oral Menthol توئین80 Thirtieth thirty Vanilla bear ویتامینA ویتامینD ویتامینB People were bicarbonate Calcium chloride Lactic acid Malic Fumaric Sodium citrate Maltodextrin Monosodium phosphate Fumaric acid متابی sodium sulfite Cocoa powder Or the kyo Lactic acid Dextrose, dried Dextrose juicy Malic acid Menu گلوتومات sodium Maltodextrin دکسترین Sorbitol powder روکت Tetra sodium pyrophosphate Sodium hexa meta phosphate Di potassium phosphate Tetra potassium pyrophosphate فوفنگ There is Danish مگله Germany Thirtieth, thirty blow job, with a viscosity of 2000-3000 Thirtieth, thirty blow job, with the viscosity 3000-4000 Thirtieth, thirty blow job, with a viscosity of 5000-6000 Cocoa S9 Essential oils, edible الترافاین Sorbitol, Indian سیی the DC Hercules Shandong The house Consumables industries purification of water : Carbon active جاکوبی Sulfate الومینیم alum Poly الومینیم chloride Pack Poly electrolyte Resin پرولایت cationic Resin پرولایت A600 A300 Poly electro ...

    Raw material Tehran
  • فلوکولانت, etc. فولوکولانت, etc. poly baseball and ... baseball and ... baseball, polyamide, etc., poly baseball, polyamide,

    فلوکولانت, etc. فولوکولانت, etc. poly baseball and ... baseball and ... baseball, polyamide, etc., poly baseball, polyamide,

    Company raimoon direct importer فلوکولانت poly baseball, polyamide, anionic RAYMON FR-W235 RAYMON FR-W245 FLOPAM - SNF Reasonable prices and direct supply فلوکولانت Company raimoon - boys 09121119510 Company Site raimoon WWW.RAYMONGOSTAR.COM فلوکولانت? فلوکولانت substance is a chemical that the process of separation of solid particles from the liquid accelerates and facilitates the process of purification, storage of effluent and to obtain a clear water will be. Particles with the dimensions of the grains, (less than ۱/۰ micron), due to having electric charge (usually negative) each of the disposal and in permanent form the pulp contained in the motion remain, and the Lees are not. So for the Lees, making them, should be the electric charge existing by means of chemical coagulant (فلوکولانت) neutral. If you use the فلوکولانت in effluent, etc., the particle grains because of the Creating force واندروالس to each other, collide and condense. To these particles, dense, and bulky in term of changes due to flukes is said to be. Long chain formed by a فلوکولانت in the liquid phase, causing a to trap the falling particles, grains, and forming particles large changes due to flukes.The same applies, thereby settling faster solid particles will be. In effect, depositing the solid beads in a pulp, etc., liquid, limpid and pulp, concentrated, comes to hand. The speed of settling of the solid beads in a fluid can be, depending on the dimensions of the seeds with the use of the rules of the Stokes and the Newton division. The speed of settling of the beads, very small in the limit of micron under the influence of the force of the weight of them, is very low, so it may be necessary with the use of the centrifugal force the speed of their fall increased. It can also be environmental conditions to such adjusted that the material of the grains to each other, stick (under the influence of the force of Van der Waals) and more quickly Lees are (کوآگولاسیون Coagulation), or from پلیمرهایی (فلوکولانت Flocculants) used that speed more settling. This process فولوکولاسیون (Flocculation) is said to be. In the figure below can be how to distribute the open in the solution created. Settling ثقلی with concentrated. the most common method of rinse materials in ore dressing, layout. This method, relatively inexpensive and has large capacity. Operations settling in settling in puddles, which are done to them تیکنر (Thickener) is said to be. Result of the sinking beads, solid, in the upper portion of the تیکنر, etc. a layer of clear water is formed. In the majority of scenarios., the concentration of the pulp inside the تیکنر is high and the settling of the seeds in the conditions of the “fall barrier“. Pulp thick, also from the lower part of the تیکنر out to be. Applications فلوکولانت From فلوکولانت in the industry, separation of solid – liquid can be used, and as such, they can be applied to the processes of sedimentation., filtration water, condensing and dewatering, noted that the continued expression have been: The mining industry: the use of فلوکولانت as the coagulant, the particles of the solid grains contained in wastewater, etc. used in processed minerals and construction, drilling and mining industries, stone and ceramics, the process of sand washing and ... sand washing, coal washing Industry کاغذسازی: use فلوکولانت as the amplifier factor of the fibers and drying. The paint industry and leather storage: use فلوکولانت as agent Lees Maker ...

    Raw material Tehran
  • Sell sorbitol - buy sorbitol

    Sell sorbitol - buy sorbitol

    Company novin sepehr سانیار importer of raw materials, chemical industry, detergent, cosmetics and sanitary, paint and resin, etc. food and pharmaceutical Sell sorbitol Sorbitol Brand روکت Roquette, France, barrel, 275 kg Brand Maize India barrels of 300 kg Brand Cargill Cargill Germany barrels of 272 kg In stock شورآباد, Tehran, Iran

    Raw material Esfahan
  • Sale of fruit concentrates

    The name of God\r\nبا Hi,\r\nشرکت we are in the field of concentrates(pomegranate-grapes-oranges-dates-Apple-cranberry) puree (apricot-peach-Apple-dates) and paste ( pomegranate), and also tomato paste as a barrel, with the quality excellent and the price right activity.From cooperation with you, welcome.\r\nبا thank Mohammad(the company Amin trying saman)\r\nتلفن:2248266-0441\r\nتلفن: 09149453920

    Raw material West Azarbaijan
  • Price list of welding machine, PE

    Price list of welding machine, PE

    List Price روتنگران پارسه \r\nقیمتهابه روزبوده وبانوسانات significant market change.\r\nکدکالا descirption of the goods, \"brigade of export(price بریال)\r\n32R110H device 110-32 manual 24/000/000 \r\n50R160H device 160-50دستی 25/000/000\r\n50R200H device 200-50 manual 30/000/000 \r\n90R250H device 250-90 manual 35/000/000 \r\n90R315H device 315-90 manual 45/000/000\r\n50R160F device desktop فاضلابی50-160 44/000/000 \r\nR50NH160 device نیمههیدرولیک 160-63 46/000/000\r\nR200N63 device نیمههیدرولیک 200-63(50) 58/000/000\r\nR250N63 machine, semi hydraulic 250-90 68/000/000 \r\nR315NH90 machine, semi hydraulic 315-90 82/000/000\r\nR315NH90 machine, semi hydraulic 400-200 98/000/000\r\nR50H160 hydraulic device 160-50 65/000/000 \r\nR200H63 hydraulic device 200-63 68/000/000\r\nR250H90 hydraulic device 250-90 82/000/000\r\nR315H90 hydraulic device 315-90 95/000/000\r\nR200H400 device هیدرولیک400-200 120/000/000\r\nR250H500 hydraulic device 500-315 185/000/000\r\nR315H630 hydraulic device 630-400 210/000/000\r\nR400H800 hydraulic device 800-500 480/000/000\r\nR500H1000 hydraulic device 1000-630 580/000/000\r\nR800H1200 hydraulic device 1200-710با crane 680/000/000\r\n\r\nردیف کـدکالا descirption of the goods, \"type normal\"(the price to dollars)\r\n1 - 32R110H device 110-32دستی 21/000/000 \r\n2 - 50R160H device 160-50دستی(90) 23/000/000\r\n3 - 50R200H device 200-50دستی(90) 26/500/000 \r\n4 - 90R250H device 250-90دستی 30/000/000\r\n5 - 90R315H device 315-90دستی 40/000/000\r\n6 - 50R160F device desktop فاضلابی160-50 42/000/000\r\n7 - R50NH160 device نیمههیدرولیک160-63(50) 35/000/000\r\n8 - R200N63 device نیمههیدرولیک 200-63(50) 42/000/000\r\n9 - R250N63 machine, semi هیدرولیک250-90(63) 46/000/000\r\n10 - R315NH90 machine, semi hydraulic 315-90 58/000/000\r\n11 - R315NH90 machine, semi hydraulic 400-200 75/000/000\r\n12 - R50H160 hydraulic device 160-50 43/000/000\r\n13 - R200H63 hydraulic device 200-63(50) 51/000/000\r\n14 - R250H90 hydraulic device 250-90(63) 53/000/000\r\n15 - R315H90 hydraulic device 315-90(63) 65/000/000\r\n16 - R200H400 device هیدرولیک400-200(160) 85/000/000\r\n17 - R250H500 hydraulic device 500-315(250) 110/000/000\r\n18 - R315H630 hydraulic device 630-400(315) 138/000/000 \r\n19 - R400H800 hydraulic device 800-500(400) 380/000/000\r\n20 - R500H1000 hydraulic device 1000-630(500) \r\n21 - R800H1200 hydraulic device 1200-710 باجرثقیل

    machinery Tehran
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