Transportation .Shuttle وذهاب

Transportation .Shuttle وذهاب

جاره bus ولووتشریفات - middle bass - minibus Hyundai-van cooler-ride formalities

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Tel+98 021-8×××3620 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 021-88526663
Addressسهروردی شمالی-بالاتر of khorramshahr, on the corner of gunner, 15 floor 2
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  • Tour cheap Foreign and domestic tour ناخداسفر and ticket booking

    Tour cheap Foreign and domestic tour ناخداسفر and ticket booking

    Foreign tours, cheap tours, touring in all seasons of the year. Agency, travel services, Airlines and tourism Egypt travel: the presenter direct exhibition tours, and group and individual The cheapest tours spring: tour, Apr, tour, may, - holiday tour in June Tours summer cheap: tour July, tour, Aug, tour, September, Tours cheap autumn tour October - tour-November - tour of Melbourne Tours, cheap winter: Tour de, tour, Feb, tour, Feb Visit and tour exhibitions in Dubai, Istanbul, etc. Thailand and Exhibition, Guangzhou, and the shopping Festival in Istanbul and the exhibition گوآنژو and... Presenter, professional tours combined round Asia with flights from Emirates and Qatar Airways, etc. al ittihad and Oman air. Select city and country from you. run the tour with Captain trips Combined tours. tour around Asia, in the whole year, for a combination of cities and countries, include tour, cheap Thailand tour, Malaysia and Singapore - tour of Kuala Bali - tour Maldives and stay in the islands, BBW Maldives, and tours of the marine - Center hotel reservation in all over Iran and around the world, and the issuance of the voucher the hotel. Hotel booking and ticket Paris - Rome - Barcelona - booking hotels and tickets for special exhibits, building and food industry Europe, March Tour of Mashhad on the occasion of martyrdom of Hazrat Fatima(Sa)- tour Kish, Mashhad, cheap, Hazrat Ali (A. S) day tours qeshm, tour Kish, Mashhad and Shiraz in May, and the MBS of the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)- Thailand tours, Dubai vacation June - tour of Mashhad Ramadan and tour Kish, Mashhad and Dubai and a tour of Istanbul, Eid al-Fitr Tour of Mashhad, special, Imam Sadiq(A. S)- tours, touring, and foreign tours in the fall - tour holiday Eid al-Adha and tour عید غدیر - tours holiday promotions and tours, Mashhad, Iran, Ashura, and Ashura and tour of forty days in Mashhad and tour arbaeen of Karbala Tour of Mashhad of Imam Reza(A. S.)- tour of the exhibition jewels of Istanbul and tour the Dubai shopping Festival Tour Thailand 22بهمن and tour, Maldives holiday, February Seven magical night tour Bangkok Pattaya - tour of Phuket Island dream فوکت - tour of Kuala Lumpur tour Kuala and Singapore - tour of Kuala and Penang - tour, Samui and Chiang Mai, with direct flights by mahan and Iran air, and other tourism services that on foreign tours offered include hotel booking, cheap online hotel booking all over the world, with the best rates Issuing and booking cheap tickets Foreign and domestic all ایرلاینها, and all the cities and countries of the world. the issuance of the ticket Souto from other countries to Iran, and ticket sales Charter Thailand, ticket, Bali, etc., tickets Dubai, cheap airline tickets to mahan - ticket airline, Iran air, and the issuance of tickets, Lufthansa - flight booking Emirates and Alliance, booking ticket Asia, air - tickets, Air France and... in the routes of Europe: France, Italy, England, Germany, Spain, Austria and the Netherlands, and Canada. Booking flights; qeshm air, etc. fly Dubai air Arabian Charter flight direction tour, cheap Turkey - tour Sri Lanka - tour, China - tour of the Philippines, tour, Manila, tour, بورآکای, tour India, Golden Triangle tour, Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur- Fly a full charter flights mahan and Oman air, route, Thailand, etc. flight چارتری mahan and Iran air in the path of Malaysia, Singapore, flights چارتری, Iran air, etc.", etc. qeshm air, flying, sky, Istanbul, Turkey. charter flights Dubai ایرعربیا., the fly, چارتری China, and charter flights India The rate of special sales, tour in Mashhad, cheap, tour, Kish, cheap, tour, Iran, tour in Shiraz Services, Visa China, Visa Iran, Visa Dubai, Dubai Visa, Thailand, and ...

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  • Tours Nowruz 95 cheap, Foreign and touring ناخداسفر

    Tours Nowruz 95 cheap, Foreign and touring ناخداسفر

    Tours, touring Iran, and all foreign tours Nowruz 95 with the company's travel services, Airlines and tourism Egypt travel: the presenter direct tours Nowruz 95 group and individual Presenter, professional tours combined Nowruz 95 with flights Qatar Airways, and Emirates. Combined tours. tour around Asia in March 95 a combination of cities and countries, include tour, cheap Thailand نوروز95 - tour of Malaysia and Singapore Nowruz 95 - tour Kuala Bali Nowruz 95 - tour Maldives - tour Vietnam, Ho Chi Minnesota city and Hanoi in nuclear talks, Iran 95 The beginning of the trips to Iran of 25 March, 1394, the end of Spring Break 95 Seven magical night tour Bangkok Pattaya Nowruz 95 - tour Phuket Nowruz 95 - tour of Kuala Lumpur Nowruz 95 - tour, Samui and Chiang Mai, with direct flights by mahan and Iran air, and other tourism services that tours Nowruz provided include hotel booking Iran throughout the Iran and booking a hotel Nowruz throughout the world, with the best rates Issuing and booking tickets Eid Foreign and domestic all airlines, and all the cities and countries around the world. the issuance of the ticket Souto from other countries to Iran, and ticket sales Charter Thailand, Charter in Malaysia ticket, Bali, etc., tickets, Dubai, cheap Charter flights Nowruz direction of Iran tours Turkey - tour Sri Lanka and visit the city of Colombo بنتوتا and Kennedy - China tour - India tour to Iran - flights, full Charter mahan and Oman air, route, Thailand, etc. flight چارتری mahan and Iran air in the path of the Malaysian Nowruz 95, etc. flights چارتری, Iran air, etc.", etc. qeshm air, etc., Atlas jet, fly, sky, Istanbul, Turkey. charter flights Dubai ایرعربیا, etc. flights چارتری China, and charter flights India, Golden Triangle tour India includes tour Delhi Agra, and Jaipur. Sale tour, Assassin Nowruz 95, tour, Mashhad Nowruz 95, tour, qeshm نوروز95 and April, and a tour of Shiraz, Iran, Nowruz, 95 Visa China, Visa Iran, visa for Dubai, Dubai Visa, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Visa, South Africa and Brazil. This year's Nowruz travel evocative in the best hotel with the best rates, tickets, and tour to Iran and spent the The first and the biggest curator tours international Nowruz 95 - tours Dubai - tours of Bulgaria - tours, Russia tours, Bali, Indonesia - tour of Istanbul newroz 95 - tour Antalya, Easter 95, and Iran tours, Antalya - tours of Georgia and tour of Tbilisi - tour Batumi, tour, tradition, پطرزبورگ. Tour دقیقه90 and of exceptional offer - tour Kusadasi Nowruz 95 - tour of Northern Cyprus Nowruz 95 - tour of Istanbul, Easter 95, and Ankara, Iran and the Golden Triangle tour India نوروز1395 Tour Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Iran 95 - last minute tours - 。 95 - tour of Penang and Langkawi in Congress. Pre-sale tours نوروز95 - Turkey tour Bodrum - tour Marmaris - tour Izmir نوروز95 the best hotel های3 Eli 5ستاره with breakfast, lunch and dinner - Online Booking of hotels in all over the world - hotel reservation in all over Iran and the issuance of the voucher, the hotel instant Sale ticket deal plane ticket booking with best flights. fly ... fly Qatar Airways. Expert, professional charter flights to Thailand charter flights Malaysia flights Singapore, flights, Charter Antalya, Charter daily with the best services, charter flights India Presenter, direct, tour, sea, ship cruise - tour land - tour and air tour Easter 95, along with the Agency, Syria travel. Tour, cheap Thailand tour, cheap and convenient Malaysia Nowruz 95, tour, group and individual tours to Istanbul and the tourist town of Antalya. The tour round India, Nowruz 95, tour Bangkok and Phuket Nowruz 95, the ...

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  • Short term rental home furnished in hamadan

    Short term rental home furnished in hamadan

    Daily rental, weekly, home, furnished, etc. For travelers and guests In the city of historical, touristic, hamadan, Iran Home address: The field of Imam Khomeini (The city's central square) The street of the martyrs. Square butterflies At a distance of about a kilometer with the town center and market, its traditional At a distance of about a kilometer with the city of historical, 3000 year-old during At a distance of approximately one and a half kilometers, statue, historical 2340 old شیرسنگی At a distance of approximately one and a half kilometers, the tomb of Avicenna Features and specifications: The two-storey yard (each floor is a unit quite independent) Complete reconstruction and painting (both floors) The kitchen new, etc., floor and wall, ceramic (both floors) Bathroom, new, etc., floor and wall, ceramic (both floors) Bathroom, new, etc., floor and wall, ceramic (both floors) Wardrobe wall starts (both floors) The floor of living room and bedroom carpet new (both floors) Carpet and cushion (both floors) Furniture (both floors) Bed and newly purchased (just ground floor) Heating, steam (both floors) Cooling, Cooler (both floors) Refrigerator (both floors) Stove (both floors) Digital TV (both floors) Yard (only ground floor) The balcony (just above ground floor) Appliances primary cooking (both floors) High speed Internet wireless (wi-fi) Important tips: Of acceptance, single people معذوریم. Please reserve at least three days before acting, please. If for any reason the home booked by the rent receiver (the traveler) cancel. only half of the amount they restart will be. You can use the telegram and the two way. the list of places to rent along with price, accurate descirption and photos of them. The first way: touch the address تلگرامی. by means of a mobile phone, telegram, and then select apps & more. login to the channel, and then touch the option to join and subscribe to the channel below Or @hamedanmoble The second way: 1 - Save phone number 09182222996 to name a large-hamadan in contacts on your mobile phone yourself 2 - Turn off and turn on the phone, mobile 3 - run the program & 4 - refer to contacts within the app telegram and find a large, hamedan, Iran 5 - send the request based on the post Descirption and photos of apartments and homes furnished by us (Dates considered for the reserve and the number of members be sent to the appropriate options, you in the answer, introduced) Please when I call you, first tell me which ad got me inside the Which site said. Cell number: 0918 2222 996 (09182222996) Large – hamadan

    Hotels and guesthouses Hamadan
  • The time of the US Embassy in Austria city Vienna

    The time of the US Embassy in Austria city Vienna

    - Taking the time in less than a week ۱۵۰ Euro -Translator of official the direction of the interview, the U.S. Embassy in Vienna, translator of the official direction of the interview, the U.S. Embassy in Vienna, specializing in immigration and visa. - Deposit the cost of the Embassy ۱۲۰ Euro - Pickup, Visa, America without the presence of the passenger - Fill form embassy to the proper ۵۰ Euro - Advice and guidance about how to respond to interview questions - Tips to obtain a visa for Austria - Hotel reservation - The issuance of a plane ticket

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  • Short term rental house and apartment, home, suite, furnished, Isfahan, Iran

    Short term rental house and apartment, home, suite, furnished, Isfahan, Iran

    Rental suites and the home of apartments and houses, furnished with all the appliances in Isfahan, daily /weekly /monthly Our services include, outdoor, short term ,apartment, furnished room ,furnished units ,furnished , Villa, short term ,villa for rent in Isfahan. We as full a history of the most group in the matter of rental villas and accommodation for travellers in apartments short-term, Isfahan serve you. If you plan to travel to Isfahan and to follow the villa, weekly, or room hire for the accommodation of passengers was, please contact us Also apartments furnished for rent are available. Apartments and villas for rent in the center of Isfahan city near to commercial centers and historical, and health and Fertility Center, Isfahan shore of the river zayandeh river for passenger and tourists in the quiet Features 1 - center شهر2 - one-bedroom two-bedroom three-bedroom 3-تلویزیون4-یخچال5-فرش6-Toilet 7 - حمام8-equipment cooling 9 - accessories اشپزخانه10-bed, 11 - heater, 12 - the tourist guide in the city and places of historical and scenic Address: Isfahan, near the river zayandeh River, وپل khajoo ومیدان bozorgmehr, وباغ flowers, and Imam Square and other locations Size from thirty to 200 km Cases and different situations depending on your needs, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments In a safe environment and quiet Access by bus and taxi, and personal car Advantages compared to a hotel ,Inn, and مهمانپذیر Isfahan : the possibility of cooking ,possibility of car park and access to it , the cost of a more suitable , out-of-range plan, the traffic of Isfahan and ... Apartment and luxury suites and stylish with the perfect facilities, suitable for travellers or students, patients ,businessmen and employees The shower and bathroom, and a dedicated and... (As furnished with a full fixtures, curtains, chandelier, Sofa, carpet, bed, TV, fridge, gas heater, kitchen complete ...) Rent is Short term weekly or monthly with easy terms Documents, law for a couple of the required Booking and set a date already please coordinate. 09300398191 Channel & isuite@ Ability to communicate with a software telegram Home, furnished, Isfahan, Iran Furnished apartment in Isfahan Suite, furnished, Isfahan, Iran Home short term, Isfahan Suite weekly Isfahan Outdoor, passenger, Isfahan سویئت ,Isfahan, سویئت in Isfahan ,سویئت passenger Isfahan Price, rental suites,furnished, rented apartment in Isfahan,villa rental plan in Isfahan - rent هفثه, Isfahan,home, rental, temporary اقیمت rent furnished apartment ,Isfahan, home for rent, temporary, furnished, in Isfahan,rent, apartment, around,Isfahan, home rental plan in Isfahan,a temporary lease in Isfahan,price suite apartment for rent in Isfahan,rental, temporary, suite, furnished,Isfahan, Svit واپارتمان rental home in Isfahan,furnished apartment for rent in Isfahan ,villa rental around Isfahan,home, rental, duplex, Isfahan,Villa for rent around Isfahan,سوئیتهای rented around, Isfahan, Rent house furnished in Isfahan,suite rental, Isfahan,rent a temporary apartment in Isfahan,home rented,Isfahan, home rented, Isfahan - apartment furnished rental,Isfahan, rental suites ,furnished, rental suites, furnished ,Isfahan, mortgages, rental home in Isfahan,price, rental suite in Isfahan,apartment for rent in Isfahan for a week,rent a house, suite, furnished in Isfahan Home passenger Isfahan APA ...

    Hotels and guesthouses Esfahan
  • Services, ferrite bar

    Services, ferrite bar

    To the ones who plan to travel are recommended since tickets from travel agencies information regarding the amount of the surplus times that in Airlines vary, these companies receive, if the amount of the limit, and pass the sum as added time must be paid in the event that this amount is very high . For this purpose, facility is provided to loads, carry through the ferrite post is the reason that the amount is far lower than the price of the overload payment. It should be noted that this facility only to passengers given that, the ticket and passport have been personally to the circular ferrite Airport refer . Do the steps ferrite load is as follows : 1 - refer to the circular ferrite in international airport of Imam Khomeini, few days before the date of your move, and get allowed entry to the premises from the responsible ferrite . 2 - take time to circle The customs valuation and customs formalities. 3 - taking the stairs, green customs, and a visit to the offices, companies, transport, air cargo, outside of the ferrite to get the bill of lading and tag times. 4 - refer to the circular ferrite the direction of paste the tag once on the goods and completion of the work. Passengers interested in this should it is important to the following are : 1 - passenger that the airline is certain to travel, their choice does not necessarily should be with the same airline once your ferrite), and the right choice with your passenger. 2 - from the stairs of the green customs to be non-responsible for, Bill of lading, apart خودداردی here and be sure the companies that licensed are and places them in the airport is marked for the job, choose that in the end of the contents list of the companies brought . 3 - Islamic Republic of Iran customs fees for customs formalities, get not only for the issuance of the stairs item فریتی amount said Get . The cost of the original ferrite for the bill of lading, which should be with the company, lawful that can do this, show pony. 4 - airlines to earn more profit Bill of lading, your agency transport بارهوایی make Marketing for them . The price difference in the path specified because the competition agents with each other can be a reason to the person of the passenger before the bill of lading, should the price of the different agencies in the various paths of inquiry, and then compared to the bill of lading, act . 5 - from bringing the goods, send them to be banned, to refrain from up in the hall of ferrite in trouble would not return . Some of the prohibited goods الصدور as follows : The exit of objects, antique, artwork, authentic, etc. line of books and printing, stone, etc. pieces of calligraphy. bonds, miniatures and artifacts, gold, and silver, gems, etc. currency, the rial, Iran, boards painting, originally, carpets and rugs handmade projects, antiques, and any type of objects of historical and cultural heritage is prohibited. Leaving guns and ammo and military equipment from the country is prohibited . Leaving any kind of film, tape, CDs, and drawing boards only with the authorization of the Ministry of Culture sent . Send some of the fixtures because for the safety of aircraft, the risk creates to be banned, such as: scent, perfume etc., spray, etc. shampoo, conditioner, cosmetics, alcohol, etc. syrup. lemon juice, etc. vinegar, pickles . Journey welcome to you, Nice

    international shipping Tehran
  • Tour, touring India , tours, touring, year, tour, creed tour , mash with a discerning patrol

    Tour, touring India , tours, touring, year, tour, creed tour , mash with a discerning patrol

    Tour touring Marcopolo Nowruz in our travel agency discerning patrol is the best option for spending a holiday is tour touring including tour Kish tour of Mashhad, is that with the reasonable price and the quality of services high held. Tour, touring India, tours, touring, cheap , tour, touring of Tehran , tour, touring , autumn تورایرانگری summer , tour, touring, year, tour, touring yalda night , tour, touring final moment , tour, creed tour of Mashhad to us in discerning the patrol with the best services we offer. Facilities and accommodation a luxury hotel , restaurant, upscale shopping centers, ample attractions , spectacular natural and religious , travel insurance, breakfast, lunch, and dinner discounts special for card holders, tourism and other services, including services that are on tour, touring our discerning patrol supplied. We offer for holiday, weekend , holiday, vacation, summer , holiday, fall , yalda night and ... participate in the tour, touring , tour in Mashhad, or, the tour in Kish yogurt also, you can find a variety of foreign tours, we also experience Tour Armenia Tour of Georgia Tour India Tour Pattaya Tour Bangkok Tour of Turkey Tour of Europe Tour Malaysia Tour Maldives Tour Dubai Just contact us for more information and the necessary information in the field of tours , prices , services , needed documents and .. get. Of airlines partner with us on tour, interior and exterior Flight Anna Flights Atlas jet Fly mahan Flight qeshm Flying, levitation, and other airlines, valid, and make sure We during a trip to امینیت and safety, you think, and your efforts to develop and improve their services to shut down . Also, we guarantee you the best and most nozzles the price of the tour can give. Get in touch with us.

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  • The time of the US Embassy in Frankfurt

    The time of the US Embassy in Frankfurt

    The time of the US Embassy in Germany The U.S. Embassy in Frankfurt - Taking the time - Immigration lawyer, along the direction of the day of interview Embassy - Deposit the cost of the Embassy - Pickup, Visa, America without the presence of the passenger - Fill form embassy to the proper - Advice and guidance about how to respond to interview questions - Tips to obtain a visa - Hotel reservation - The issuance of a plane ticket Documents Visa American: *Passport of when you intend to enter the United States of America. at least six months validity. * Passport, previous * Photo ۵*۵ Photo visa must be a maximum of six months before the date of application for a visa is taken. Should be 50 mm. and file format Photo jpeg , file size photo of 240 KB pixel عکس600 * Along with having the principle of invitation, valid from USA *Print time of the Embassy * Print pay stubs, deposit Embassy *Print the form filled * The document property ( translation) * Marriage certificate ( translated) * Account balance banking (translation) * Certificate of employment (translated) *The principle of national card and birth certificate Phone Germany: 004917628746178 possibility of contact with the Viber watts and telegram Phone Austria: 004369917080155 possibility of contact with Viber, and watts, and telegram

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  • Shipping company International

    Shipping company International

    Kindly notifies company dorsa ترابر Asia is proud to introduce ourselves as one of the activists امرحمل international shipping for کریری transit and فورواردری in Iran, records, and your profile, the following to announce: Company dorsa ترابر Asia, its activities in the year 1374 in the field of providing services of international transport and warehousing has started and with over 20 years of experience and effort, managers, executives, or successful business-to-business experience in the Chamber of Commerce, etc., terminal, transport, and Guild . The company is having the close relationship with prestigious companies and the name of the world and, under the guise of having 150 trucks the clad and 50, carrier (ride on) و250 tanker چهارمواد and bitumen, a total of 500 devices, and also has refrigeration for the storage, refrigeration, and packaging a variety of agricultural products, fantastic facilities and a substantial direction of competition and the provision of services in the transportation of goods as terrestrial and marine at the disposal of the participants would export and import the data and could share a little in the economic progress of the country. Also, the dorsa of the group consists of international companies, domestic and foreign, which is on the company's website to address briefly, expression effortless. This group has several years of experience shipping to European countries, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Ukraine, وایتالیا. List some of the organizations that the company درساترابرافتخارهمکاری باایشان to have, the following will be announced : 17 - copper, 15 - company petrochemical commercial company, Iran 1 - Roy gostar jam 16 - Iran khodro company 2 - ایدم, Tabriz, Iran 17 - esteemed company saipa 3 - The drug company gostar razi 18 - now please shed trader 4 - company of golestan olive 19 - steel company alloy Yazd 5 - The Company, brother, brother( Aydin) 20 - industrial complex development 6 - Co issaquah affiliate to Iran auto 21 - the company contained in Yazd 7 - now tractor 22 - Industrial Group, kaveh 8 - Now just trade Paradise 23 - dairy products Co. homeland 9 - company trade Atlas ancient idea of the 24 - company products, dairy products and meat Calais 10 - company Ascension wide آبیدر 25 - dairy products Co. two Mino 11 - mahan trading kamyar 26 - the company Tetra Pak Turkey 12 - Pars leave the silo 27 - petrochemical refineries – petrochemical arak and Farabi 13 - the company Danone dawn 28 - now ehsan Chemistry 14 - preparation and packaging of fruits arat 29 - the rug company Tehran – the carpet of Sheikh Safi -30 - Hakan plastic and the Euphrates, plastic At the end, please, if necessary, to the information, more comprehensive, and the price inquiry with this company, contact me please . fax:(+9821)88922106 Email: Mob: +98 912 2310722 TAYLOR TARABAR ASIA CO. BUSINESS ADVISORY Meysam Theri

    international shipping Tehran
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