518 very clean

518 very clean

79-order the Africa-super clean-rear and front seal - engine repair, basic wiring, etc. bead wire, spark plug, oil pump, etc. سرسیلند in., piston, all new - جلوبندی, repair - insurance and examination, in October 93 - 8 years discount - rims, African, and ... Sale or swap Discount pie deal (At the bottom of the ad)104315

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    Sales, parts, engine, gearbox and differential of truck, Mercedes Benz used and new-8سیلندر -10 cylinder - 10-ton - مایلر actros+axor+atego

    Sell truck parts, Benz ktrvs and آتگو and ksvr and 8سیلندر -10 cylinder - 10-ton - مایلر Stoke and new Engine parts, gearbox دیفرانسیال and Stoke Watch parts, engine, gearbox, differential, and body parts Buy without restrictions all kinds of killer truck trailer rusty اسقاطی scraping random A variety of heavy vehicles worn-اسقاطی-scraping Purchase a variety of vehicles, heavy scraping Buy a variety of truck اسقاطی Accessories, body

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  • Calibration services company sensing gostar kaveh

    Calibration lab measurement gostar kaveh \\r\\nآزمایشگاه calibration measurement gostar kaveh active in the field of calibration and ... repair and adjustment of measuring equipment in accordance with the authority contained in the certificate of the company. From other fields of activity of the company supply, equipment calibration, with support for the idea gostar kaveh (the parent company ). and this point give us the opportunity data that utilizes dealers انحصاریWIKA /Dh-budenber and ISOTECH laboratories Yi with the newest and most advanced standard of reference, and the force of Expert and trained.\\r\\nآزمایشگاه calibration پرایمری sensing gostar kaveh is equipped with equipment of the first category of pressure in Iran, and as the first lab پرایمری with keep tracking on, Iran is ready to provide service. In this regard, we best be measured in that we can in the certificate of confirmation of qualification we have it.\\r\\nاز other quantity are calibrated in our laboratories, calibration temperature, calibration of mass and volume, calibration Chemistry, calibration, force, and dimensions.\\r\\nto learn more about our laboratories to our website(, please visit.\\r\\nهمچنین the company is equipped with ولوشاپ with the most advanced test bench of the company ITAL CONTROL of Italy, in a place over 1000 square meters, the direction of operation, calibration, etc., repair and adjust the valve, ensure.\\r\\nآزمایشگاه calibration, we have the certificate number ISO/NACI 17025 NO 150 from the system confirming the competence of Iran (NACI) can be, and in this regard, the tracking your to standard national and international جملهUKAS وDKD retain.\\r\\nهمچنین the company has activity very significant in the field of equipment supply, calibration along with certificate, traceable, and provide consulting services in the field of established laboratory with the use of the facilities of Commerce, in part, the idea gostar kaveh and technical facilities in آزمایشکاه have been \\r\\nکالیبراسیون quantity دماو moisture:\\r\\nکالیبراسیون types: ترموکوپلها, etc. ترمومترهای resistance, etc. ترانسمیترهای temperature. ترموسوئیچها, etc. ترمیستورها, etc. ثباتها and indicating the temperature. environments دمائی dry and more moisture meter and the environment, \\r\\nکالیبراسیون quantities, the mass and the volume:\\r\\nکالیبراسیون types: scales, weights, etc. weighbridge, etc. glassware, volumetric\\r\\nکالیبراسیون quantity, dimensions:\\r\\nکالیبراسیون types: Caliper, depth gauges, micrometers, time-measurement, height gauges, sieves, etc. Norma, etc. the angle gauge and the conveyer tape measure, lines, filler, etc. radius, template, etc. gear, etc. step, R gauge, profile projector\\r\\nکالیبراسیون quantity, force:\r\nکالیبراسیون types: load cell, and the device نیروسنج in a state of tensile and compressive, speed, and displacement of the device, force-measuring distance and time\\r\\nکالیبراسیون quantity chemical:\\r\\nکالیبراسیون types: PHمتر, guided gauges, هیدرومتر, etc. رفراکتومتر the ... spectrophotometer, etc. the opacity of the accelerometer, and alcohol detector \\r\\nکالیبراسیون quantity of push:\\r\\nکالیبراسیون types: گیجهای pressure and vacuum, etc. مانومترهای water pressure, mercury, فشارسنجهای difference pressure, etc. ترنسدیوسرهای pressure, پرشرسوئیچ. ترنسمیترهای pressure registers the pressure, and valves ensure ...\\r\\nکالیبراسیون valves ensure (Safety Valve)\\r\\nThis company has managed to set up the Valve Shop in the place, amounting to 1000 more Square in ' 94 and has been in this regard, enjoying the official representative of the company ITAL CONTROL of Italy, equipped with the newest test bench مدلSVA-100 in ...

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  • Accelerator real vehicles two triple burner BORAN

    The company accelerated the afferent آذربران Accelerator cars hybrid Believe کردنی, but I can not believe how that could Accelerator real vehicles two triple burner and gasoline(increasing the acceleration of the gas as much petrol) - tested in several vehicle making the inside -to reduce fuel gasoline from 5الی10%, especially in natural gas, cng مصافت 10الی 30 kilometers of more that has been on the road perceptible is more - reduce engine noise - the quietness of the donor engine - can be installed on all vehicles that activities build inside and outside the =cheap =low volume = install Essen -If installed, be sure to recommend to friends want. Specification 1-accelerator, you have all the cars inside and out, especially the acceleration of the vehicles, natural gas burning to much petrol they can 2-reduce the engine noise in the car, making the inside and outside 3 - relaxation represents the motor during turn on of being in the car, making the inside and outside 4-to reduce fuel consumption by 20 to 30%, especially in natural gas, cng depends on the type of vehicle is .A variety of boran Brigade 1 special samand normal - el ایکس =Severn -Peugeot 405و کاربراتور model of normal and El ایکس Brigade 2 for valid - pride pickup پیکان وسواری pickup-Nissan وسواری pickup-Mazda وسواری -Rio -206 brigade 2و206با a little change SD Brigade 3 special pride کاربراتور and پیکان کابراتورر and Nissan کاربراتور All the brigade, the production of marketed The results of the experiments findings - According to research, three-year-old on the car, burning gas(CNG) when the motor vehicle with fuel گازCNG purification 20% drop in acceleration compared to gasoline, which, with the installation of this device this difference to less از5%. - A hundred%, making Iran - No need to force, the magnetic force of the electric vehicle and the circuit electronic and... - A time to always Acceptance of representation for the provinces of the country The center plays the axe یز ( The accelerator the NGV and gasoline, reducing fuel with the name of the BORAN entered the market ) Participating in the first exhibition of native storage in Tehran, 16 el 21دی months 89 The cause of the return piece trenchant boran news source of the site ویکی Wikipedia –knowledge letter Regarding the " Getting machines, gas burner, and reduce the power of motors, etc., as that the said number اکتان methane is very high and the combustion is correct and ensuring the efficiency of the dependants, it must be, the more the engine kills, and, of course, have quite a bit of time the engine دستکاری. The motor that the gas is actually ریتارد. To get the feel of the stain that the engine " to the town. ( Company Braun, the problem of a small minority, motor vehicles, gasoline, which equipment CNGبرای the use of natural gas also installed, the direction of the easy-to-use and mental piece trenchant to design, Built and introduced him.) That, unfortunately, some installers front entrance, to the inside of the engine with sheets or other things on him that increases آلایندگیها and taking more cars on gasoline can be Possibility to send through the company respected post was possible - call

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  • Battery-Denis


    Distribution company, battery, lightning South The first distributor, the battery, in the Iranian province of Bushehr Representation of the active area. Contact number:07733553205 Mobile :09173223400

    Sell Accessories Bushehr
  • Spare parts for all cars Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Lexus, Benz

    Spare parts for all cars Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Lexus, Benz

    == Spare parts == Call ======09120197613========= 55373773 09127718214 Benz, bmw, Porsche, Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai and Kia Jelly Belly ' Jack for specialized Brands جنیوم and original and Michelle Obama by default Friends who are components, is a non-essentially they want to have, Be sure to mention they do not default piece originally sold. === Machine specific our specialty === In addition to all the parts, Warranty the quality they have Parts of the machine, is also available Everything all of the machines are !!!!!!!!!!! Spare parts Jelly Belly ' Renault jack Chery, lifan all he the THE a برلیانس بسترن Great Wall چانگان cherry Maserati Sedan Chassis, ====== The Chinese,======== Jelly Belly ' geely امگرند 7 emgrand امگرند emgrand-x7 امگرند rv emgrand7-rv Jack jac A 5, j5, SS 5 s5 A 3 j3 SS 3 s3 Automatic - gear/ manual - Lifan lifan X60 820 X50 automatic X50 520 520i 620 The He the mvm The He the 110 four-cylinder - 've he've 110S new design - version کامفورتچ 've he've 110S new design - version no Th he th 315 hatchback th he th 315 hatchback new Th he th 315 cashier! he! 315 cashier new Th he th 530 2000cc - Euro 3 Th he th 550 automatic All he Umm 550 gear The he! X33!"! gear x33 All his friends x33 Chery chery Cherry تیگو 5 CVT EXCELLENT cherry تیگو 5 CVT EXCELLENT Cherry تیگو 5 CVT comfort COMFORTABLE Cherry تیگو 5 CVT no LUXURY Cherry تیگو 5 MT - 've a mg The A - GS 've a 3 've a 350 've a 6 (full magnetic) The A 6 A or the A 6, Facebook Lift new The A 6 full GTA The Jay GS - Please baic Van photons Van photons 13نفره Sabrina hatchback brigade 1 Sabrina hatchback brigade 4 Hatchback brigade 2 Hatchback brigade 3 - Great Wall great-wall Great Wall وینگل 5 (Double Cab), single differential Great Wall وینگل 5 (Double Cab) Double differential Great Wall هاوال (H6) Great Wall هاوال (M4) ولیکس C30 automatic ولیکس C30 gear هایما haima هایما SS 7 ( S7 ) . Full costal هایما SS 7 ( S7 ) . Full automatic برلیانس brilliance برلیانس H220 manual برلیانس H330 automatic برلیانس H220 manual برلیانس H230 manual برلیانس H220 automatic برلیانس H330 manual برلیانس H230 automatic برلیانس H320 manual برلیانس H320 automatic - بسترن besturn بسترون . ASA B50F engine 1.8 B50 - چانگان changan چانگان CS35 (Assembly) - automatic چانگان CS35 (Assembly) - costal چانگان CS35 - Dongfeng, dongfeng Dongfeng H30 Cross Dongfeng H30 Cross automatic - , Wow, byd BYD S6 ====== French ======== - Renault renault داستر سیمبل کولیوس Safron Scala croc Fluences ZE Megan سیمبل Reno safron تلسیمان Capture - Di SS ds DS Automobiles-NEW DS 5 DS Automobiles - DS5 model 2017 DS Automobiles - DS6 model 2017 DS Automobiles-DS5 ====== Koreans ======== Kia kia اپتیما JF two tensioners 2016 - new room اسپورتیج لوآپشن 2016 کادنزا . Full 2014 Sratv Coupe 2.0 - 2015 Rio sedan 2015 Sratv 2.0 - full نیوفیس 2017 Rio 4 door 2015 Karnes put 2016 اپتیما TF full 2016 کادنزا . Full 2013 اپتیما JF full 2016 - new room GT اپتیما full 2016 Sul EX automatic 1.6 Sorrento room, the new 2.4 full 2016 + اتوپارک Rio sedan 2016 Rio, 4 door, 2016 اپتیما JF full 2016 - ...

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  • Spare parts for the lorries ksvr-آتگو-ktrvs-10 ton - 8سیلندر-مایلر-10 cylinder

    Spare parts for the lorries ksvr-آتگو-ktrvs-10 ton - 8سیلندر-مایلر-10 cylinder

    Shop Mercedes-Benz babai The preparation and distribution of Room ksvr Procurement and distribution of supplies, transmission, and engine.. The preparation and distribution of spare parts for lorries, Benz, new generation The preparation and distribution of accessories, body The preparation and distribution of the main parts of the engine and gearbox Sale gearbox, Benz truck Accessories, engine, Benz, ksvr Accessories, engine, Benz, آتگو Spare parts, Benz truck, hand, two Engine Benz truck Spare parts for Benz truck Gearbox, Benz truck Sale accessories for truck Benz Engine and truck gearbox ktrvs and ksvr new Sell truck parts, Benz ktrvs and آتگو and ksvr Stoke and new Engine Benz truck ktrvs 1844 Gearbox g240 Benz ksvr Gearbox g240 Benz ktrvs Accessories, Benz truck ktrvs Accessories, Benz truck آتگو Accessories, Benz truck ksvr Center for the sale of motor-gearbox and دیفرانسیال lorries, Benz, and Stoke Center for the sale of spare parts for lorries, Mercedes Benz ktrvs-ksvr and آتگو نواستوک The lorries Mercedes-Benz ktrvs big ksvr big آتگو Center for the sale of motor-gearbox and differential lorries, Benz, and Stoke The engine and gearbox, Benz truck ktrvs and ksvr new Accessories, lorries, Benz, 8سیلندر-10 cylinder-10-ton-مایلر

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  • Wheel sand and gravel rubber

    Wheel sand and gravel rubber

    Always on the road, پربرف., the dirt roads, and Slough, etc. sand, but and ریگزارها traffic personnel, organizations and information retail. traffic vehicles, emergency, relief, early ... usually either not possible or with problems, and the cost explosion the along is why that should be of special vehicles گرانقیمتی like اسنوتراک for traffic in the regions of snow, or vehicles of a certain direction of movement in the sands, but and mud, but for use when limited, can be prepared that the cost of maintenance is very high as well. Product that in this section, we will introduce you to actually the solution is very economic and efficient to fix the problem of traffic on the road, and land with adverse conditions (snow, etc. Slough and sand). So that can be from the same car, 4WD, organizational direction, traffic routes, adverse been used. This unique product of cyclic sand rubber track conversion system) for vehicles 4WD. With the use of these wheels in a very short time خودرو4WD you become a اسنوتراک the direction of the traffic in the earth, full of mud etc. mud, snow and sand, and even asphalt. This cyclic sandy rubber has this feature, and in fact, the basic advantages are that in a time of crisis can be the cyclic sandy rubber in a short period of time on the car is 4WD the desired installed and in normal conditions, also from the same car, enterprise, user normal it used. Company رتوناک shaya exclusive representative cyclic sandy rubber is that the supply of spare parts and Warranty this product will also be responsible

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  • All kinds of bearings, machine and industrial agriculture

    All kinds of bearings, machine and industrial agriculture

    Sales representative, bearings, ITC, ITC ITC BALL & ROLLER BEARINGS The Reseller bearing the PI Fi PFI PFI BALL & ROLLER BEARINGS Reseller bearings Hamed HAMED HAMED BALL & ROLLER BEARINGS Spring BALL & ROLLER BEARING Represent grace ورکل Verkol GREASE Wholesale industrial bearings and machine with price, commercial Store un melalshop Dealers sell the products of the company ITC include : Types of bearings and رولبرینگ and نیدلبرینگهای machine and industrial and agricultural Bearings and رولبرینگ vehicle types : Peugeot – samand – pride – زانتیا – AR, – Renault – Mazda - موتورهندا - 206 - 405 - ال90 - 6000 Volvo and a variety of bus and موتورسیکلتی and ... Bearings and رولبرینگ industrial : A variety of industrial machinery – Road-Building – Machinery administrative And bearing all kinds of appliances Has international certification from the largest Institute for quality control of German TUV Certification : TS 16949 & ISO 9001 Store un melalshop **The official reseller bearings ITC - ITC Central Store ** *** The official reseller bearings, PHP, FTP, IP – PFI Central Store *** *** The official reseller bearings Hamed – HAMED, Central Store *** Sale wholesale and minor to the price of commercial Best Price ball bearings of we want . Please go through the AD link from the website store, United Nations, visit, please.

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  • Buy all types of boiler, steam, hot oil boiler and autoclave

    Buy all types of boiler, steam, hot oil boiler and autoclave

    Due to the high cost of buying the boilers and the problems of several of ... physical risks and financial losses arisen and experiences acquired over the past years, we it was, without a doubt, all tests conducted on boilers (boiler) to confirm the Ministry of Labour, " and also registered and received a certificate of performance just by spending a minimal required know that this makes you, the Buyer, the venerable confidently, for the sake of our buy. Worthy posturing, that in cases, seen that boilers بخارفروخته by some profit-seekers lacking the necessary standards that have been in here a number of them noted: I Leakage of water or steam from fittings of the forms in the electrical, etc. systems, controls, level controls, and فوتوسل or the uncertainty of the performance of the safety valve and etc. that the records of sins such cases for a long time on the table of the court, remains that these problems due to do the tests above in the workshop, spend the time and cost negligible in front of your eyes Dear customers to the limit zero. Hamid Karimian 09123486647 Majid Karimian 09123267056 Work Shop 65585128 - 30 FAX 65585127

    buy and sell Tehran
  • Repair all types of boiler, steam, hot oil boiler and autoclave

    Repair all types of boiler, steam, hot oil boiler and autoclave Convert fuel (natural gas and mazut and diesel) types of torches available in the market Overhaul of the boilers and ابگرم., the deposition of deregulation and reform, water, nutrition Switching network and pipes اتشخوار Replacement grill آکاردونی Replacement and repair of the hull (shell plate) Design, build, installation and commissioning, etc., provide all services, engineering, consulting and performing installations and engine room Perform tests the safety of boilers and tanks under فشاربا license from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs Hamid karimian 09123486647 Majid karimian 09123267056 Workshop and factory 65585128 to 30, FAX 02165585127 Tehran, Iran - km, 2 Mallard road to eshtehard - چهاراه قپچاق – Second Avenue East – adjacent to the factory شیبارو. For a free consultation contact us With the selection of consultants, resourceful, on time and cost, save your

    extra service Tehran
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