Accessories, luxury home

Accessories, luxury home

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  • Sell all kinds of tenor-فرشیرینی confectioner-oven homemade - tandoor pastry وکباب cooking gas

    Sell all kinds of tenor-فرشیرینی confectioner-oven homemade - tandoor pastry وکباب cooking gas

    Sell all kinds of tenor-فرشیرینی confectioner-oven homemade - tandoor pastry وکباب cooking gas Shop: Company Site: Company مبتکرتولید of تنورخانگی فرشیرینی confectioner وکباب cooking gas Descirption of goods: Oven Gas confectionery 6 tray : Innovator company according to the need of consumers to bake sweets in their homes and create self-employment and need a pizza wholesale and manufacturing, confectionery, and even nervous, the confectioner decided to produce فرگازی pastry ۶ tray, taken, and managed to produce a prototype, this product is suitable for baking a variety of pastries and pizza cooking in bulk. Technical specifications of the device: Dimensions فرگازی pastry ۵۶cm*58cm*73cm ۲ - number of tray of sweets ۶ number and dimensions of the tray ۴۳cm*43cm ۳ - temperature, indirectly ۴ - the circulation of heat by the fan, fireproof ۵ - has two flames in the left and right ۶ - insulated and optimization of heat ۷ - the compartment inside the machine devoid of any carbon dioxide and healthy Oven Gas or the oven: Oven or tandoor gas in two sizes, medium and large and includes all stainless steel furnace painted and galvanized تنورهای gas company, inventive, suitable for baking all kinds of bread, cake and muffins, sweets, and chicken and fish and pizza and lasagna . Specifications ۱ - the body material of stainless steel and galvanized sheet 40 and the hull is double-wall with coverage of the middle glass wool ۲ - used with capsules and natural gas, urban ۳ - the use of glass سکوریت ۵ standard mail ۴ - design.. resistant and exclusive ۵ - ۲ flame up and down with volume, separate and adjustable temperature ۶ - usable on the table " page of the cabinets and the floor in the building, villa and apartment ۷ - the use of the base, the dispensing height adjustable ۸-the use of cast iron of high quality (teak)- , carton, packaging ۹ - use valves and accessories, gas burner, standard ۱۰ - standard organization Iranian national standard and certification of ISO quality management( export to different country) 11 - ability to install the engine, turn chicken 12 - ability to install the tray, pastry Barbecue gas: Barbecue in the three sizes produced Technical descirption ۱ - the use of profiles in the steel construction barbecue ۲ - use galvanized sheet and stainless steel of high quality ۳ - can be used with gas, urban, and capsular contracture ۴ - the use of cast iron of high quality ۵ - the use of the gas valve, standard ۶ - packaging product for free :::::::::: Send to all parts of the country For more information: website

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  • Sale boards inlaid with copper

    Sale boards inlaid with copper

    Sale, mosaic panels, etc., wood, copper, copper پتینه. special glue board, spray, polished, developer, etc. jigsaw., the saw blade jigsaw Sale boards, mosaic, wood, copper, with high quality and exceptional prices (An approximate price per panel is about half the price of the market) The sale of works of exquisite marquetry, copper and wood with the best quality and most beautiful designs offer more than 500 designs of ... poems وسخنان elders, consider the following هنرجوی course, masterful calligraphy, and the holder of the degree of the super-privileged. Sales of appliances and fixtures, mosaic work, such as copper, copper پتینه. glue ... spray polished indexes. jigsaw., the razor saw, jigsaw, etc. a variety of designs the field of velvet Black., the Crimson and... and پتینه, شرفه and geometric shapes . Phone: 09150059224

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  • Rug and far caused velvet

    Rug and far caused velvet

    The production and weaving rug, velvet, Turkey, air quality 1 for export Produced by engineers of Turkey in Iran

    Carpets and carpets Golestan
  • Sell all kinds of vacuum cleaner motor

    Sell all kinds of vacuum cleaner motor

    Business, clean, light, provider, types of motors, vacuum cleaners, such as: Vacuum cleaner motor, Samsung Motor a vacuum cleaner LG Vacuum cleaner motor نانیوا Engine Bosch vacuum cleaners And ........ Business, clean, light Sales center: 32337516-32343653-031 Commercial office: 32354002-031 Website: Channel telegram :

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  • Wholesale kitchen appliances - sell wholesale goods( kitchen appliances ), Chinese spices-crystal-stainless steel-ceramic

    Wholesale kitchen appliances - sell wholesale goods( kitchen appliances ), Chinese spices-crystal-stainless steel-ceramic

    Wholesale kitchen appliances - sell wholesale goods( kitchen appliances ), Chinese spices-crystal-stainless steel-ceramic

    Chinese and crystal Tehran
  • Sales and services, safe systems smart Nika 09126348604

    Sales and services, safe systems smart Nika 09126348604

    Features of the Fund, fireproof, imported from South Korea 1 - ability to password this 4 to 16 digits 2 - In case of entering wrong code by unauthorized persons system for 5 minutes, the password does not assume 3 - After entering the correct code in case of cancellation of the open door Fund, by the user, the door automatically gets locked 4 - beautiful design and different colors 5 - style, but non-portable for صندو am home 6 - from 5/4 up to 750 kilos for the use of administrative and corporate 7 - The alarm system ( siren ) in the event of displacement by trying to opening by unauthorized persons siren sound comes in and as long as that of the inside of the button reset (restart)do not touch the siren sound will not be 9 - in various sizes and dimensions and make install inside the wardrobe and ... 10 - can be used in homes, location, hotels, companies, restaurants, Bank and offices 11 - reasonable prices from 175 dollars to the top 12 - have the standards of Switzerland, USA, Norway, Korea, Europe, Russia, the UK,Japan, 13 - one year warranty and after-sale service unlimited 14 - resistant front 1000 temperature 2 hours 15 - the capability of accepting 5 password different for 5 user separately, and the ability to identify the opening of the Fund by the password of each users 17 - ability to display the stars instead of the password on the screen of the LCD due to the name password you in the event that the person standing next to you. 18 - this company has recently attempted to enter the safe, showcase, special, gold, wholesale doors input, anti-theft, apartment, وقفل effect fingered ودیجیتالی entrance door, apartment doors of the Treasury وصندوق deposit box bank with standard dimensions has 19 - lock, the entrance door, apartment, ability to accept 250اثر, Vic, password, digital, have, in the face of a weakening battery has the ability to recharge the battery from the back door. 20-according to the Fund, the master code can be in the event of forgetting the password to open the door tank to the drilling of saturnalia, the lock is not 21-delivery of goods in cities, a maximum of one working day For the order of goods and support with the management of the sale: Phone: 77066450- -021-09126348604 contact please To see our goods from the website, visit Price: call

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  • Install all types of blinds

    Install all types of blinds

    Install all types of blinds Install پردهzebra Install curtain rail Installation of electric blinds With the best quality and most reasonable price

    Other Tehran
  • Sell barbecue, inventive

    Sell barbecue all stainless steel in different dimensions and with a great price this special opportunity from the timeline! Introduction barbecue company inventive : A product, ideal for cooking a variety of roasts . Del and her . The chicken industry . Using the potty without a hitch and the build quality high and excellent . In three different sizes as follows Company Site Phone Sales Unit:33340510-017 24-hour support : 09113721640 1 - barbecue 6 flame all stainless steel 40cm : price (call) 2 - barbecue 7 flame all stainless steel 50cm : price (call) 3 - barbecue 9 flame all stainless steel 60cm : price (call) Technical specifications of the device: 1 - metal body, all stainless steel 2 - production in three size big - medium - small 3 - Use comfortable and easy 4 - baking and confectioner comfortable 5 - gas valve, standard For more information please visit our website Website company Email the company Phone Sales Unit:33340510-017 Tel / fax company : 33343174-017 System SMS: 50001333333017 Send the number 100 to the system SMS : advice and tips products Thanks to Unit Sales and marketing company inventive measures Android our quality product Our aim is to produce and supply to all provinces of the country and export. Company introduction: Manufacturing company innovator, is honored with a history of management 30-year-old and utilizes technical staff with experience and new machines having a license, is legal in the field of manufacturing of cabinets and all kinds of Oven Gas and barbecue activities.

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  • Internet-shop of home appliances والاکالا

    Internet-shop of home appliances والاکالا

    Shop والاکالا the official website of the company seven electronics kajal \r\nتوزیع a sole products general اکسکلوسیو in Iran, the newest products, the days of brands of authentic market offerings.\r\nمحل appliance stores والاکالا located in Tehran, Iran., the way Amin's presence. This store is ready to supply Home Accessories and kitchen with the best quality and prices to countrymen cherished across the country.\r\n\r\n\r\\r\nشماره contact: 71704-021\r\nتلگرام 09381957574

    Appliances Tehran
  • Sell wholesale all kinds of pot and pot and aluminum containers, and the supernatant

    Sell wholesale all kinds of pot and pot and aluminum containers, and the supernatant

    Direct sales representative, factory buy Types of boilers طباخی, and restaurant and cooking Direct sales agent the factory, Isfahan Boiler طباخی and restaurant with quality raw materials, Super awesome In size and form, to price our own factory A variety of sieve - polar vortex - آبگردون - spatula - ladle - bowl - tray - plate - pan - pelvic - polar vortex avian and ....... Available. Possible to send to the city by Burberry Shop address Isfahan street asgarie street فرسان North after the park, store, kitchen utensils, campus Phone shop ۰۳۱۳۲۲۷۸۵۶۵ ۰۹۱۳۳۸۸۱۳۲۳ To get price day, with the store contact.

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