Service purchase postage (payment in place) to shop online

Service purchase postage (payment in place) to shop online

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Service purchase postage (payment in place) to shop online + shop Maker رایگاه - support a strong and responsive - pony, regular and transparent - the possibility of management of 90 stores in one panel - 8 times more speed admin panel - system, functional, and smart cut orders to the playoffs .

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    eurasia equipment supplier Supply, equipment, Eurasian 30 years of continuous activity in import and export and the supply of equipment, industries and projects in Oman - Qatar - Dubai - اروپـا and آسیـا Conduct all business affairs Supply of equipment of imported goods allowed Procurement and supply of equipment, industrial projects and civil Customs clearance of goods from customs throughout Iran Import and export sea freight and air and ground Accompany to buy or sell goods or products manufactured outside of the country Participate in international exhibitions, foreign 30 years of continuous activity in import and export and the supply of equipment, industries and projects in Oman - Qatar - Dubai - اروپـا and آسیـا Please in case of lack of accountability through & leave a message 721 79 79 - 0917 the free area qeshm Island 497 55 54 - 0915 chabahar

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    Import مواداولیه cellulose" tissue" Sale تیشوخارجی وایرانی in a variety سایزوگراماژ For companies producing products of cellulose" tissue paper" Sales office : 04446262308 / 04446262422 Fax : 04446262979

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  • Official documents official registration of a company issued in the UK

    Official documents official registration of a company issued in the UK

    Bank account and company registration in the UK  Do to expand their activities in Iran need a base, and the company in a European country?  Have need number phone and fax in the UK keep up the number, phone Iran, connect. Namely, the customer or friends to phone the UK contact you, and you in Iran the answer?  Do I need to confirm the formal qualifications issued in the UK, like the certificate of the company, or the Statute and the manifesto of the company and approved by the Embassy? You can use our service to keep track of the approved documents and send you benefit.  Do you want the company, and the company just and just called you will be recorded and all stock and its ownership in the name of the Yourself?  You want to, without being in the UK the presence of mind of a company official to sign Drive a?  Do in their activities in Iran with partners your want to in Europe also activity?  Do you want to in the UK activity, commercial or cultural, or educational?  Do I need to address for registration of the British company in London, you have all the correspondence and official letters in London, and get for you to Iran?  If you were previously a company in the UK, if you have Do you want to do your Stock to your children or partners, the new pass?  Do you know the benefits of company registration in the UK?  Do if a company in the UK, you've recorded need help for the annual report? As you know, in case of failure to send annual report a fine of up to £ 5000 are included, and you will be credited the company and its owner...  If the company or the company you are not active, it is advisable to declare that you need to do the steps, there are  If you don't want the annual report or other commitments, do contact us.  In the event that any of the questions above pose for you can be of service, the company ius use. We are not only in this regard but also as a consultant, educational and commercial can give you tips . Now, in terms of restrictions, financial and commercial, with a lot of problems are facing. You, as the private sector should solutions to find the highest financial loss and trading to international trade you enter. One of the things that you can do, do the commercial activities of one of the European countries, without being physically present in mind for more information with the experts of the company ius a call and get in touch with tips, tips get free. Company ius (Hours of phone calls 2 pm to 10 pm timely, Tehran, Iran) Fax 00442071838324 Phone: 00442088411222 Viber , watsup and Line free call or text 00447500666848 Conversation or text free, Viber, etc. watts up and program 00447500666848 UK 00447500666848 Viber , watsup and Line free call or text (Hours, telephone call 14 to 22 timely, Tehran, Iran) Registered company address in London The process of company registration in the UK Company registration in the UK Cost of company registration in the UK Annual Report financial companies in the UK Annual Report of the activities of the company in the UK Bank account and company registration in the UK The process of company registration in the UK The benefits of company registration in the UK Address company registration in London Official documents official registration of a company issued in the UK Verification of documents ...

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  • Company International Transport and customs clearance of goods, the Ambassador aria

    Company International Transport and customs clearance of goods, the Ambassador aria

    Group Ambassador, aria utilizes expert personnel and a professional and relying on a deep knowledge of the Iranian market is capable of all the services the transport of goods as marine, air, road, transit, and also customs clearance of goods in accordance with the requirement of every customer to provide. Us to send your goods from اکثرنقاط the world to all parts of the country or other countries through the carriers directly or the Transit time of capacity full scale.Our main goal is send fast, secure and with reasonable price relationship long-term with our customers is established our. Of Commerce Ambassador of the most active and the most reputable collections services in the field of customs clearance of goods from the customs of the country that has managed over the years, activity, uninterrupted and continuous services, customs clearance of goods and consulting business a number ازمعتبرترین commercial and industrial enterprise to undertake. Obtaining registration of orders - customs clearance - export permit Order registration and obtaining the commercial license ایرانکد and standard in the quickest possible time Obtaining the certificate of commodity inspection ( COI )as soon as possible Obtaining a license from the Ministry of Industry Obtaining the Import License, transfer, exchange Obtaining permits, health and medical equipment Obtaining permits telecommunications, energy, nuclear, etc. guidance Obtaining a permit agricultural, veterinary and quarantine Buy the goods from the destination to the name of the applicant The introduction of third party company, the direction of removal of the economic sanctions and the country's banking third party Company introduction manufacturer and Seller of the goods Participate in the exhibition, economic and commercial, commercial The conduct of the export goods, etc. on the card the applicant The possibility of the assignment of the treaty for export to the name of the applicant Tasks related to business card case for a Proforma Invoice to the name of the applicant Doing clearance of goods imported in the shortest time and the lowest price Customs clearance of goods from customs the whole country Dispute resolution, customs, and refer to the commissions dispute resolution Tasks related to the standard of imported goods Has a representative office in Bandar Abbas Obtaining a berat وصولی, even after the arrival of goods to customs Obtain and renew a bank guarantee to pay the rights and duties Mary بدریان 02188105405 02188105808

    International Services Tehran
  • Ferrite bar, passenger

    Ferrite bar, passenger

    Send some belongings to reason that for the safety of aircraft risk to be banned. such as:, fragrance, Cologne, etc., spray, etc., shampoo, soft manufacturer, materials, cosmetics, alcohol, etc. syrup. lemon juice., the vinegar, etc. assorted . The exit of objects, antique, artwork, authentic, etc., almost linear, and printing, stone, etc. pieces of calligraphy. bonds, miniatures and artifacts, gold, and silver, gems, etc. currency, the rial, Iran, boards painting, originally, carpets and rugs handmade projects, antiques, and any type of objects of historical and cultural heritage is prohibited. Leaving guns and ammo and military equipment from the country is prohibited . Leaving any kind of film, tape, CDs, and drawing boards only with the authorization of the Ministry of Culture sent . Whether to ferrite load does not necessarily require the presence of fellow passengers? To send time for ferrite the presence of the passenger, and in the absence of the possibility of His Presence, the presence of one of the relatives is 1 passenger to bring proof of identify and a picture of the ticket and the passport, the person the traveler is required. Appropriate packaging time, how it should be. Packaging time can, Bassett is even possible from the jolt and move inside it to prevent. For accessories, breakable, such as kitchen utensils and photo frames, it is better by several layers نایلن bubble, protect. Also, the remaining space within the carton better with یونولیت be covered. In the case of goods bulky, such as furniture, skis, etc. protected with a few layers of foam and bubble, in order to prevent the evil, get to the cargo submissions must be the better choice. To carry mirror and photo frames can Bassett fund, the wooden for the mirror to be made and send to USA, Canada or Australia, need to spraying, the Fund made a wooden. Packaging of dangerous goods are also subject to the terms of specific international rules. For more tips and to order a specialized service package to the service package refer. When can be used to send time action. The reception times at airport customs Imam Khomeini, from 8 a.m. to 1:30 the days Sunday to Wednesday. Person, the submitter can, Bassett, along with time and identification documents to the system, the smart reception time refer. In the event you need to carry goods to the Department requesting shipping please refer. Of time and how it is calculated. Of time depends on the amount of load weight and load size and the airlines carrier is normally in weight, 45, 100 and more. 250 to. 500 and 1000 kg include some discount. As the sample rate per kg of load to send to Tokyo by the airline Emirates is as follows. Also, in order to use rates, the optimal time for the traveler, from the point of failure when used in the near parts discount. For example, break point price at the rate of 100 kg., the 84 kilo. That is, for the time, to 84 kg and to a top rate of 100 kg and a weight of 100 kg is calculated. Other means if the passenger 90 kg load ferrite have, it is better to pay instead of (90X3.5=315$) from the rate of 100 kg i.e. (100x2.95=295 $) is used. To be notified to the Department on demand of visit and or contact number دفترفرودگاه in the episode contact, please contact us. In addition to the costs of time what the costs in the bill of lading can be added. In addition to the cost that for each kg of load can be calculated other costs in the bill of lading as follows - The sum of the bill of lading that for every Airlines is different - The amount of value added tax, - Shipping cost by truck (in the event that part of the process, shipped Overland by truck of choice) - Certain shipments such as dangerous goods; the animals live and the funeral is also a cost related to have. The volumetric weight? Volumetric weight or dimensional., the weight that the airline with the dimensions and volume of packages for delivery, air determine. Because operating restrictions on the aircraft in addition to weight, volume of goods, it can be said, and for goods that the density a little and the volume more in proportion to their body weight burn have the weight of a volume criterion is used. Normally, the weight of one cubic meter of space plane 166.66 kg can be calculated. The method of calculating the volumetric weight: Length*width*height Volumetric weight = ----------------- 6000 All dimensions should be to the cm calculation.** When after attempting to send. it can be received. By the time they reach the cargo to the items such as desired destination, etc. Airlines, shipping, and traffic flights, relevant, depend on, and typically between 2 days to a week, is variable. After the issuance of Bill of lading through the issue of the bill of lading can be compared to the cargo tracking submissions and information related to time, send time, time, delivery on spot تزانزیت or destination point. To track The bill of lading sent to the section track visit. How can the load in the destination country delivery? After making sure of the arrival time to the destination, but the person whose name is in the To field Bill of lading is inserted can be compared to get the time sent to the airport customs relevant in the country of destination. It should be noted that the cargo sent through the airport of origin to airport destination post. Warehouse at the destination airport, up to 48 hours for free can be done, and then subject to cost sharing warehouse. If the name and information related to the delivery of the receiver of the goods in the bill of lading wrong be inserted, what should be. The correct information should be as soon as possible, Bassett to the Agency carry a notice to be given to the necessary reforms to occur, and the delay exceeds the size of the delivery times stop. If when you receive time, notice the damage to the cargo sent was what should be done? Recommended after receiving time at the destination airport, and get out from the airport, the cargo sent by Delivery, receiver, control, crafted, and in case of damage to it to get the damage to the Office of the airlines of the relevant visit. How can be in the cost of carry save? According to the definition of the volumetric weight or the weight paid in air transport, even as much as possible, must send the goods that the density a little(volumetric weight they are less از167کیلو U.S. industry )in the number of high abstinence. The packaging of the goods declines to such done that with the least number of cartons can be the maximum weight of the load in its place the Alliance of added weight, volume to time stop. So where can be the weight of the load to points, price discounts, such as 45 kilos., the 100 kilos and ... close.

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  • Don't be in Iran, from website Amazon?

    Buy from a Store, website, Amazon, Iranian rial in Iran Amazon : (Amazon ) To learn more about Amazon on the logo or logo it in Website, market online, click and the form of market orders online to complete and send Please, goods selective door of your home delivery. The website of the Amazon, is one of the largest and most renowned online stores is That you in every country that you can with millions of the dealer and, consequently, with Millions of goods needed learn important آنستکه you how looking for goods in This store search. It is necessary to mention the product you desire from these stores directly procured and Will be sent to you while you can afford to rial pay Amazon is a company an international آمریکائیست that with the sale Book online global reputation Find out one of the features of this website offer the possibility of the sheet, and study version E-often the book that in this web site is located. . Amazon recently Reader electronics under the title of the Kindle supply that does not welcomed Abundant customers is located . Amazon now sell other items, new or Second-hand of milk, a chicken has taken up ............. Based on e-commerce reputation Abundance in different countries and have the possibility to buy and sell the goods to any person who Access to the internet is provides. Amazon stores different Different countries like America, England,: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, etc. Japan and China, and is located in Sweden, Netherlands and Poland also held for the Access to the Amazon store, click on the URL below you can With the sale of goods to the price of the British pound آشناشوید and buys. To log in to the site from the links bellow, and in case of being disabled Link to it in your browser, copy and then hit inter: For more information with the online market, call up the experts We will guide you. Order from you sent from our Our goal is your satisfaction Online market websites or Email, market, online International phone: 00447823347171 Fax بازارآنلاین: Fax:00442071838324 Free calls with Viber, etc. program, etc. watts 00447912648471 Free call with Viber Facebook بازارآنلاین to notice of auction, Join us in Facebook Amazon's website: To log in to the site from the links bellow, and in case of being disabled Link to it in your browser, copy and then hit inter: Internet buying goods from Amazon in Iran Amazon : Amazon and buy a book and Kindle it to the rial in Iran : Don't be in Iran, from website Amazon? Buy jewelry and beaded from the website Amazon in Iran: How in Iran from Amazon to buy: Buy spare parts for the car from Amazon in Iran: Purchase easy computer games from Amazon in Iran: How in Iran from Amazon buy : Amazon ...

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  • Import and sale of chemical raw materials

    Import and sale of chemical raw materials

    Glycerin pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic and edible Glycerine منوپروپیلن pegs Korean MPG Acid, stearic 1801, Malaysia Stearic Acid Acid, stearic 1802, Malaysia Stearic Acid Acid, stearic 1843 India Stearic Acid Acid, stearic 1838 India Stearic Acid Acid, stearic 1810, Malaysia Stearic Acid Acid, stearic 1810 India Stearic Acid Sorbitol روکت France Sorbitol Sorbitol, Maize India, Sorbitol Soya lecithin India, Soya Lecithin Carboxy methyl cellulose, China CMC Phosphoric acid, China Phosphoric Acid Polyphenols, Korea, Phenol Polyvinyl alcohol Bp20 big Bp24 Butyl glycol Butyl Glycol Company novin sepehr سانیار importer of raw materials, chemical industries, food, pharmaceutical, detergent, cosmetics and sanitary, paint and resin

    Raw material Esfahan
  • Container


    بهزادکانتین best sell e وخریدار types of containers 20ft و40فوت new وکارکرده 09123388565 02144763612 02144763614

    machinery Tehran
  • The ice cream machine Maker, funnel-shaped,

    Ice cream machine, storage funnel-shaped 3-Color موتورهیتاچی, The only device without straps in the market (sound too low and اصطلاک and consume less power ) پاروهای all stainless steel unbreakable Alert system at the time of tightening the ice cream inside the cylinder and the front camera from getting broken cylinder and oar, A digital monitor is that the number of ice cream spilled also shows Has two stainless steel tank Tank یخجالی ( The " can material got boarding maintain without material be corrupted ) Cold Maker fast ( this device within 3 minutes, can, 1 kg of ice cream make without being loose ) The number of hopper 30 hopper ÷, behind the head ( without interruption) Compressor : آسپرا Italy (tops, most brand compressor ) Electric motor :Hitachi, Japan Frost Maker : Danfoss motors Denmark Body : all steel Detergent automatic : this machine has washer, Automatic is Monitor, computer : includes markers, temperature - Power Voltage - the amount of material inside the tanks - the number of قیفهای ice cream - wash device With 1 year warranty unconditionally (even power swing) 10 years after sales services(supply of all spare parts ) and service work in place Price : 17 million USD

    machinery Tehran
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