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Provide and Support Software Packages and CD-ROMs, etc. network data, production, and Support Software for the customer's order and advice, and monitoring plan, انفورماتیکی.

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Fax+98 021-83382101
Addressتهران ,خیابان قائم مقام فراهانی - خیابان شهدا - No. 1 ,
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  • Services computer gamers

    Services computer gamers

    Installation of Windows on a variety of devices and notebook computers Install a variety of software, accessories, ranging from Nero, office, etc., AutoCAD and..., Photoshop, etc. کورل and ... Installation of antivirus, such as مکافی ، نود32 ، Kaspersky Security, etc. to him. اویرا and ... Install a variety of hardware with the best strong from a variety of hardware drivers, the oldest, newest notebook computers Installation of printer and scanner, and ... Installation of the modem and setup high speed Internet In dialogue with us, and Instagram, we also see, please, just name drpciran in Instagram, search, please And in channel & services, computer gamers Subscribe

    Computer, laptop and hardware Alborz
  • Store card, processor, etc., representing the sale of PVC card, the sale of the printing machine, PVC card, etc.

    The store card processor using global standards and through the development of Information Technology in organizations and institutions, public and private, it seeks to provide business clients as business partners. develop.\r\nمجموعه store card processor\r\nتجربهی we in the field of solutions ... - based Cards, PVC, etc. Management Information Systems and technology generated. path پیشرفتمان has paved.\r\nتخصصی most store Cards, PVC card processor\r\site configuration://\r\n\r\n\r\nنمایندگی sale PVC card\r\n\r\site configuration://\r\n\r\n\r\nمرکز sale printing machine PVC card\r\n\r\n

    software Tehran
  • Repairs, mobile hardware and software

    Repairs, mobile hardware and software

    Repairs, specialized mobile hardware and software Sale, Accessories, Mobile Charger, original-copy Glos فابریکی copy Rome mobile Handsfree original-copy

    Mobile and Tablet Tehran
  • DATA RECOVERY -recover ااطلاعات

    DATA RECOVERY -recover ااطلاعات

    Personal information and career you can abuse. - carefully Especially اتلیه, فیلمبردازی and photography-the organs of military security-the ministries Commercial companies-financial institutions-banks, etc. Deception, false propaganda people caused by and the responsibility do not eat, because the damage irreparable. Data recovery, and repair a variety of disk and Memory, - flash, burned (((( By the expert, a retired state )))) Across the country - in your location and in the presence of yourself , Clinic, Tehran, Iran With over 15 years of dating experience Repair and setup boards burned Buy, broken and burned (( Lookup - detect and a free consultation )) Offering a variety of boards depleted and rare, the direction of recovery All hours of the day and night, and holidays, serves شماییم 09123594202 09121136043 021-88812670-71 Str - taleghani St., valiasr complex, light ط ground floor of the first p 6055 engineer hosseini

    web Tehran
  • Software, weighbridge iron

    Software, weighbridge iron

    The software industry, iron, machine to calculate the weight of the drawing of the iron machinery, heavy and light( weighing) according the field and the use of the software easy and functional can be used utilized for factories, iron wholesale and metal industry and other industries relevant is recommended.\r\nنرم software, weighbridge, iron, machinery, the leading software in the industry of iron, which is for the weight of the camera, iron and heavy metals, is used\r\nto more information from the app and order call

    software Tehran
  • License plate reader, weighbridge

    License plate reader, weighbridge

    Software license plate reader for the record, has closed circuit cameras (image processing ) or without the camera in the normal mode can be . That in order to make better use of the cameras, etc. can be used for entry and exit as well as with the use of system, license plate recognition and traffic management, etc. recorded\r\nنرم software, license plate reader, with the new version and updated when compared to the previous version, more functionality, and use it for the users is convenient

    software Tehran
  • Software production management and printing of labels

    Software production management and printing of labels, etc., issuing money orders, the arrival and departure times from the warehouse customized for factories, plastic storage spinning finishing of Textiles textile weaving, food, detergent and sanitary, auto parts,\r\nنرم software, print labels, etc., issuing money orders, the arrival and departure times from the warehouse\r\nسفارشی storage for factories,\r\nپلاستیک storage\r\nریسندگی\r\nتکمیل cloth\r\nپارچه weaving\r\nمواد food\r\nمواد detergent and health\r\nقطعات car\r\NAND many other industries

    software Tehran
  • Repairs, specialized printers and card printer

    Repairs specialized types of card printer, Tahitian tiare, etc. of Ulysses., the Fargo, etc. Full HD., The Magic, etc. متیکا.....\r\nاپدیت and service all printer, banking, and card printer. \r\nتعمییرات specialized types of printers banking and acupuncture, etc.

    Fax and phone Tehran
  • Poly electrolyte , poly baseball, polyamide,

    Poly electrolyte , poly baseball, polyamide,

    Company parham Chemistry It is honor to be in the field of import of poly-electrolytes, but the best and the biggest and the first company importer تیانران in Iran, who, during recent years, decisions in the field of import and sale of poly-electrolytes is also Company تیانران (Anhui Tianrun, one of the largest producers of material poly-acrylamide solution in water as the electrolyte the direction of a variety of uses, including in the purification of wastewater, drilling oil industries, paper and mining in the country of China. Based on the need of the customers five tags, poly acrylamide (PAM), include anionic, etc. cationic, etc. نانیونی, etc. آمفوتریک and emulsion in suffering, different produced. Products the company has approval by the EU and the standard of NSF. Also the major products of the company, Petro China Quality Approval Certificate, obtaining have. Research and Development Unit of the company has always sought new products based on the development of the application of the polymers promoted and marketed. For this reason, the company's products to more than ۳۲ country in the world exported. Company parham's Chemistry, unlike other sellers, and intermediaries that are just attempting to sell فلوکولانت to work together to equip a lab full of all the wastewater of its customers, and the sampling period, done and tested with the effluent always the best فلوکولانت for any effluent identified. Also, the company parham chemistry is ready for new customers. services are tested on the effluent to determine the best type of فلوکولانت about the need to do for free. By the way, in case of need, we have prepared a sample kg of each variety فلوکولانت available for you Dear customers send our. Phone 09122074312-02188681900-02165341198

    Fax and phone Tehran
  • Rack 20 unit OUTDOOR with a depth of 60

    Rack 20 unit OUTDOOR with a depth of 60

    Color, cream, electro-static \r\nمناسب for Open Space \r\nمحافظ in برابرگرد its ip65\r\nورودی air through the window, filtered on the door and the air outlet of the طریق4عدد fan on the roof rack, the direction of ventilation system \r\nدارای the roof sprinkler and the moving direction of the easy access to the fan \r\nدارای base for installation on the base of concrete\r\nدارای dust filter on the front rack to منظوردسترسی easy to swap and clean \r\nدارای two rails vertically adjustable in the front and rear rack\r\nدارای round bar the door and strip away the vent of the floor rack\r\nدارای 8 PCs gland in size, 13/5-16-29-21\r\n panel opening in the floor of the rack to guide the cable to the inside and convenient access to rack mounted on the base of concrete\r\nظرفیت time in the standard conditions of 1200 kg\r\n\r\nرک stand 20 unit OUTDOOR with a depth of 60\r\nرک stand 20یونیت OUTDOOR with depth 60 and width of 80\r\nرک standing 12 unit OUTDOOR with a depth of 60 available.

    Network Services Yazd
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