Pump, vacuum, etc. blower, etc., centrifuge, etc. equipment. electric motor

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Consulting and sales, repair all types of pump, vacuum, etc. بلوئرهوا, etc., pumps, centrifuge, etc. hydraulic pump etc. sump pump, pump, agricultural pumps, domestic, Electric

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  • Hood لامینار

    Hood لامینار

    Hood لامینار (Laboratory Refrigerators ), Class II type A (laminar Air flw ) \r\n1 - dimensions : length, cm 130, height cm 220 and the depth of the cm80 \r\n2 - skeleton : profiles, standard steel گریدA ( heavy ) to the dimensions of the cross-section 50 *30 میلیمترکه with the color of the powder made in Korea Electro Estatik is covered .\r\n3 - the body and the mask : made of steel sheet with powder paint, making butter, Electro Estatik is covered .\r\n4 floor - double wall : stainless steel, stainless steel, Network the direction of the passing air flow, mounted on the special tray, stainle ...

    laboratory equipment Tehran
  • Wardrobes archive-revolving four-storey pendant

    Wardrobes archive-revolving four-storey pendant

    From the wardrobe archive Battalion four floors, pendant to hold folders, pendant or زونکن of pendant used.\r\n\r\nمشخصات wardrobe archive Battalion four floors pendant\r\nتولید card 9 tenths of MM for body work\r\nاستفاده from Sheet 1 mm oiled for tray holder\r\nابعاد wardrobes to the length 86 cm 86 cm height 196 cm\r\nاستفاده of pipes and Profiles with a thickness of 1 mm to hold the tray, the archive\r\nبلبرینگ rounded bottoms to connect the tray to the tube profiles, and rotate the tray\r\nرنگ powder electro-static leather ( Main color beige )\r\nدستگیره and lock the archives of porn, Tai ...

    Consumer goods Tehran
  • Company آژند scholars, Birch

    Company آژند scholars, Birch

    Field of activity:\r\nتجهیزات laboratory, concrete structures, dynamics and vibrations, chemistry and materials,\r\n\r\nمدیرعامل:\r\n سجاد Agassi Zadeh, \r\n\r\nلیست products:\r\n\r\nدیتالاگر\r\nتراشه micro فلوئیدیکی \r\nلایه address of an era \r\nشبیه maker suspension system \r\nمیز quake\r\nگیت antiseptic

    laboratory equipment Khorasan Razavi
  • Wardrobe, changing room, two doors on the metal

    Wardrobe, changing room, two doors on the metal

    From the wardrobe, changing room, two doors on the metal to hold the clothing in factories, government offices and hospitals can be used .\r\n\r\nمشخصه wardrobe, changing room, two doors on the metal\r\nاستفاده of the sheet, oiled with the sheet 5 Not. 7 the tenth and not the tenth,\r\nاستفاده of the hinge tape to connect the door to the body of the dresser\r\nدستگیره plastic built-in\r\nقفل سوئیچی the direction of lock the cupboard\r\nرنگ powder electro-static leather ( original color, beige color )\r\nدارای pipe hanger to put clothes\r\nدارای holes, the direction of air-conditioning\r\nدارای ...

    Consumer goods Tehran
  • Shower and eyewash laboratory

    Shower and eyewash laboratory\r\n\r\nلینک order and buy the goods:\r\nhttps://citygenn.com/product/201

    laboratory equipment Tehran
  • The device measuring the surface tension (IFT)

    The device measuring the surface tension (IFT)

    This device for measuring the surface tension in the pressure of the environment can be used. The measurement method drop is suspended. Measurements within a compartment cylindrical 2-walled pyrex can be done. Compartment, cylindrical, 2 compartment, close, transparent, which makes it possible to view within the compartments provide, so viewing the shape of the drop is possible. Institute for the development of chemical industry, its readiness to the acceptance tests, the measurement of the surface tension between the surface and also making and setting up the device (IFT) declares. \\r\\nقابل ...

    laboratory equipment Alborz
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