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To ensure you of the quality of educational products 30 to 50 percent free products are supplied Unique in Iran

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  • Corporate Communications Global Azaran

    Field of activity:\r\nنرم software\r\n\r\nمدیرعامل:\r\n Kaiyuan Industries\r\n\r\nلیست activities:\r\n\r\n management software web\r\nنرم Software, Customer Relationship Management\r\nپرتال enterprise \r\nاجاره dedicated server\r\nمیزیانی web \r\nطراحی website\r\nثبت domain\r\nweb\r\nDomain\r\nHosting\r\nPortal\r\nCRM\r\nCMS\r\nApplication

    web Tehran
  • Comprehensive software Mina - optimized cutting, warehousing and accounting industry, glass industry,

    Comprehensive software Mina\\r\\nبهینه, storage, cutting, warehousing and accounting industry, glass industry, \\r\\n\\r\\nعدم waste of capital during the production\\r\\nافزایش be competitive in the market \\r\\nافزایش speed and quality in the manufacturing process,\\r\\nکاهش cost, error and rework\\r\\nآرامش because in the automatic record account customers \\r\\nسیستم Integrated Management Suite \\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nنرم software comprehensive enamel (software, cutting glass) with peripheral English and user-friendly and with features such as management, customers, warehousing etc. of accountin ...

    software Tehran
  • Card Printer, Printer card printing point. card printer زبرا zxp3, printer, print personal cards, printer card printing مجیکارد

    Card Printer, Printer card printing point. card printer زبرا zxp3, printer, print personal cards, printer card printing مجیکارد

    Printing machine, printing Card, pvc consumables ( speciality ribbons ) \r\nسیستم direct printing (DIRECT) along with the application \r\nپرینتر issuing personal cards and identify the\r\nچاپگر card speed 180 PCs / card, colored in hours\r\nپرینتر printed card with a capacity of 1400 PCs / PVC card\r\n\r\n\r\nمشخصات characteristics of the printer print card:\r\nپرینتر printing PVC card\r\nتکنولوژی direct printing ( Direct )\r\nسرعت color printing ۱۸۰ card یکرو\r\nباکس input ۱۰۰ card – box output ۵۰ card\r\nچاپگر with the ability to print یکرو card\r\si ...

    software Tehran
  • Services computer gamers

    Services computer gamers

    Installation of Windows on a variety of devices and notebook computers Install a variety of software, accessories, ranging from Nero, office, etc., AutoCAD and..., Photoshop, etc. کورل and ... Installation of antivirus, such as مکافی ، نود32 ، Kaspersky Security, etc. to him. اویرا and ... Install a variety of hardware with the best strong from a variety of hardware drivers, the oldest, newest notebook computers Installation of printer and scanner, and ... Installation of the modem and setup high speed Internet In dialogue with us, and Instagram, we also see, please, just name drpc ...

    Computer, laptop and hardware Alborz
  • A variety of equipment, fusion fiber optic

    A variety of equipment, fusion fiber optic

    A variety of welding equipment fiber optics (fusion)\r\nFujikora Japan\r\nمدل S-80, and 62-s\r\n\r\ncleaver CT-30\r\nتیغه cutter for Fuji Kura \r\nالکترود Fuji Kura \r\n\r\nتجهیزات test fiber optic اکسفو EXFO, Canada\r\n\r\nانواع pen optic VFL power 10 to 30 MW and with a range of 5 to 20 km \r\nانواع پاورمتر and pan پاورمتر Powr meter amateur pon power meter,\r\n\r\nدستگاه test light source with 3-wavelength 1310/1490/1550 light source \r\n\r\nانواع cutter cleaver, fiber optic \r\nدستمال lint-free \r\nالکل and fit the alcoholic / container of alcohol, pump, lock, \r\nانواع stripper and overla ...

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  • Close the fiscal period and the increase in new facilities, accounting, brilliant stamp

    Due to the end of the current fiscal year., the accountants and the users of the accounting software must information the previous year's financial archive and information necessary to to new course transferred to. In this regard, the accounting software is brilliant, the stamp also had the direction of affairs necessary in the new year, the information of the current year's archive and the necessary information ranging from Name, sides, accounts and goods and left them, and banking information and checks issued, etc. to the new course transfer. Services group, computer gamers, reseller ...

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