Equipment and pumps-oil-process-chemical سانتری فیوژ

Equipment and pumps-oil-process-chemical سانتری فیوژ

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ProvinceEast Azarbaijan
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    سانیان screw(import and production اتواع bolts and washers)

    Supply all kinds of fittings, structural steel and bolts (Grade 8, 10, 12)\r\nتامین a variety of connectors and bolts and nuts needed for our industrial\r\nتأمین kinds of special screws\r\nتأمین a variety of classes of chains and started\r\nتأمین types of screw automatic Gable\r\nفروش all screws plated with the highest quality(hot galvanized and cold, and top quality and good service)\r\nافتخار partnership with a variety of auto companies and government agencies such as foundation housing and the legions\r\nعمده activities, the collection, Security, etc. import, sale and distribution of: all k ...

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    Airless pump

    Pumps airless Korean (هاندوک ) without the intermediary of Our of preparation. With warranty card and golden after-sale service Pumps airless inflorescences spraying -line equipment, paint - pump, single component, and some information about - Pump, glue heater, and without heater for spraying viscous materials Airless Electric lines road Worry about supplying spare parts, pump, airless گراکو not Repairs and sales of airless From our site visit

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