Modeling the die casting tooling

Modeling the die casting tooling

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Modeling the die casting tooling بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم ---IN THE NAME OF GOD--- Rod model ----RAD MODEL---- Field of activity : PRODUCTIONS 1 - modeling pattern making 2 - foundry casting 3 - die dies -------------------------------- Descirption of the activity : 1 - modeling : :pattern making Build a variety of models: wooden - aluminum - brass - Messi - آرالدیتی - EPS - epoxy resin - fiberglass, and .... Pattern making productions: Copper – araldite – epoxy - wood – aluminum – Plastofome – zinc - & .... -------------------------------- 2 - foundry : casting: Casting in sand ( lots of – light –co2-...) Casting in molds ریژه – precision casting- And.... Casting: Sand casting - Investment casting - .... --------------------------------- 3 - die : dies: Making molds, ریژه – shackles وبند – lockers Precision casting – and..... Dies: Investment casting dies –jig & fixture Metal casting dies - & .... -------------------------------- Address : ایران – تهران – خیابان شهید رجایی – koi 13آبان Street rashidi – corner Hashemi –number 2/1 Contact phone : (At the bottom of the ad) - 21- 0098 Fax: (At the bottom of the ad) - 21 - 0098 mobile : (At the bottom of the ad) Address: No 1/2 – hashemi av. –prosthetic records street. 13 Aban –rajai street – Tehran –Iran Numbers: 0098 – 21 – (At the bottom of the ad) Fax no:0098 – 21 -(At the bottom of the ad) Web site : Postal code: (At the bottom of the ad)59 President: Mr. Soltani Management : Mr. Mehdi soltani

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