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  • Computer repairs and laptop karaj, Ryan

    Computer repairs and laptop karaj, Ryan

    Repairs computers, laptops and notebooks in karaj Install Windows and all computer services and network services in karaj Cost of free shuttle . Karaj, Ryan, with the lowest cost in your location, all services offers the following : -Installation, control, troubleshooting, and update a variety of operating systems, the original with the ability to update from the official site of the Microsoft Corporation such as Windows XP and ... Windows 7 and Windows 10 -Install antivirus software and update it and cleans the system from all kinds of viruses -Installation of software, and speciali ...

    Computer, laptop and hardware Alborz
  • Services network infrastructure

    Services network infrastructure

    Network infrastructure\r\nکارشناسان engineering advance with updated technical knowledge and experience in the field of the implementation and monitoring of a network infrastructure, in breadth, to be able to design and implement a structure for the infrastructure of the network or optimization of the infrastructure based on existing standards in the world.\r\nخدمات provide a reliable passive and active infrastructure network includes the following\r\n - advice, preparation of RFP and evaluation needs for the implementation of network infrastructure\r\n - cabling structured network (copper cab ...

    Network Services Tehran
  • Closure


    Provide a variety of detailed fiber optic \r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran \r\n capacity 6 to 288 chorus \r\n\r\n*detailed fiber optic 3M\r\n\r\n2178-S\r\n2178-LS\r\n\r\nکاست 2522\r\nشانه 2521\r\nبا the ability to increase the number of input/output cable, and increase the capacity of the number of, high\r\n\r\nقابل use in all telecommunication networks fiber\r\nآب categories Easy\r\n\r\nGasket Sealing\r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran\r\n\r\n* a detailed network Model SS , S , M\r\n\r\nمورد approved telecommunication company of Iran\r\n *detailed سامجین \r\ ...

    information and communication technology Tehran
  • Speciality ribbons, colored printer, card, pvc, PVC

    Speciality ribbons, colored printer, card, pvc, PVC

    Speciality ribbons Color Printer\r\nریبون card printer\r\nریبون color and Single Color\r\nانواع speciality ribbons\r\nکارت pvc\r\nچاپ card\r\nکارت printer\r\nریبون printing machine card\r\nپرینتر card, pvc\r\nانواع speciality ribbons brands zebra – hodoo - hiti – fargo – matica - nisca\r\nریبون card printing color and monochrome, Red – Blue – Green – Silver – Golden – White – Black \r\nچاپ a variety of student card - student – parking - traffic control – warranty - credit and ... in the shortest possible time and the lowest price and with high quality and long lasting\r\nمرکز specialized card ...

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  • Card Printer, Printer card printing point. card printer زبرا zxp3, printer, print personal cards, printer card printing مجیکارد

    Card Printer, Printer card printing point. card printer زبرا zxp3, printer, print personal cards, printer card printing مجیکارد

    Printing machine, printing Card, pvc consumables ( speciality ribbons ) \r\nسیستم direct printing (DIRECT) along with the application \r\nپرینتر issuing personal cards and identify the\r\nچاپگر card speed 180 PCs / card, colored in hours\r\nپرینتر printed card with a capacity of 1400 PCs / PVC card\r\n\r\n\r\nمشخصات characteristics of the printer print card:\r\nپرینتر printing PVC card\r\nتکنولوژی direct printing ( Direct )\r\nسرعت color printing ۱۸۰ card یکرو\r\nباکس input ۱۰۰ card – box output ۵۰ card\r\nچاپگر with the ability to print یکرو card\r\si ...

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  • Felt bad Epson 4880 uv led

    Felt bad Epson 4880 uv led

    Felt bad Epson 4880 uv led Uv Led Flatbed Epson Stylus 4880 Device with the capability of direct printing on all surfaces without the need for the template and clichés and paper transfer, etc. of the printing machine, flat bad Toshiba یووی Print on a variety of levels, including: Wood, MDF, glass, leather etc. all kinds of paper, Plexiglas, etc. acrylic, etc. plastics to various PVC, PP, PU, etc. PE, etc. polycarbonate, metals and کامپوزیتها, and. advertising Souvenirs, gifts statues, a pen, flash drive, etc. tile, ceramic, stone etc. types of متریالها printed without change in form, anti ...

    Printers and Scanners Tehran
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