Suggestions, higher-yielding stock

Suggestions, higher-yielding stock

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The analytical group داناسهم in July ۹۰ began its work and after the activity in the brokerage and team investment different after a year of action to established your blog with the name of the stock exchange وینکز . This blog, which at the beginning only to provide service to specific customers was the order of admission and registration member of the new changes a lot and it to day to a blog, offer to buy and sell stocks became. In order to expand the services of this group with the established site داناسهم in the early years of the ۹۲, etc. new services, such as سبدگردانی, etc. deposit online and automatically the Charging System account users special activity. Currently this group with a membership of over ۶۵۰ member, this moment is one of the successful sites in the field of introduction and analysis of the stock . The success of this group can be to offer the share purchase شبندر day of the reopening of the contribution شاوان and many share the new freshmen to the Exchange noted that so far, profit the mothers of their members.

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