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Imports, exports of metal products(iron-copper, etc...)موادنفتی(such as oil.Diesel.Bitumen, etc...)products of Agriculture .Cement, etc ....

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Tel+98 021-4×××1191 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 021-44041191
AddressTehran,فلکه second sadeghiyeh ferdows Blvd, crossroads of Ramin ومالکی complex Cedar پلاک254واحد3 tits
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  • Import of machinery کشبافی and parts, textile

    Import of machinery کشبافی and parts, textile

    The sale of a variety of devices کشبافی and bar knitting -machine-needle -machine شیطانکی and lace weaving - the machine girl Japanese - yarn wagon -قرقر Filling Machine, computerized jacquard, and all kinds of packaging machine and the tip, shoelace -device sizing and device رافینگ and parts and accessories of textile quality excellent. To get more information and advice free and receive the catalogue bashmarh phone, please contact us. 04134254688 Also to get the online catalogue to the site اینترنتیwww.neginbaft.comمراجعه, please.

    machinery East Azarbaijan
  • Crown Gostar Kiyan

    Crown Gostar Kiyan

    Company commercial and commercial, crown Gostar Kiyan, in cooperation with the Russian company itself (SHENO LTD) the use of Science in Business Administration and an experienced staff widely in the field of import boards, wood, Russian, cereal, etc. and also export all kinds of dates, etc. raisins, dried fruit, etc. tea, pistachio nut paste, tomato, and ... activities. Also, the company's ability to perform all affairs related to customs clearance of goods and the marketing of export products authorized business owners of goods for sale in the country of Russia, Kazakhstan and... as well as doing purchase orders, products and goods needed from the markets of these countries is capable. Please feel free to cooperate far its readiness announced.\r\nصادرات and ورادات واتزاپ : Jonah Shafi 0079171920669\r\nخشکبار and tomato paste : Bakhtiar Shafi 09113935700\r\nخرما : Al-Shafi 09122233866

    International Services Mazandaran
  • Trading company spadana co. - services-import and customs clearance of goods

    Experts of the company prepared enough to have all the services trade, including import and customs clearance of goods, advising business affairs, etc. - sourcing and سورسینگ international and also registered the order and remit to producers and merchants provide. The company is ready to all activities necessary specialized to meet the needs of businessmen, dear at the customs clearance of goods from customs to perform well.

    International Services Esfahan
  • Customs clearance and export

    Customs clearance and export all the items from the port of khorramshahr and shalamcheh border چذابه and all customs, khuzestan Abbas Mousavi clean Contact phone:09169296154 Customs clearance,export to Iraq,export to Kuwait export to Oman,Clearance کالااز Iran,export from Iran,export of چذابه,import,export to Basra,Iraq, exports to Iran,export commodity,export fruit ,export building materials,export from the port of khorramshahr,trade with Iraq

    International Services Tehran
  • Supply parts and لوازمات machine, ice cream Maker

    Supply parts and لوازمات machine, ice cream Maker

    Supply parts and لوازمات machine, ice cream Maker\r\n\r\nایرانی\r\nژاپنی\r\nایتالیایی\r\nچینی\r\nآمریکایی\r\nکره,\r\NAND Turkey\r\nبرد - oar - gearbox - , - compressor - engine - monitor and ......\r\nتامین Parts - Replacement - repairs

    machinery Tehran
  • Clearance of goods from all customs of the country

    Company ideals Nada clearance according to the need of importers and. exporters, and traders of the country in the field of business and utilizes highly qualified personnel and proceed to the customs clearance of goods from all customs of the country directly has to be able meritorious service to the customers message your offer \r\n\r\nترخیص of goods from all customs of the country\r\nاخذ standards and licenses necessary for import and customs clearance\r\nترخیص goods from the southern border( Razi option. sari sue the merchant and manufacturing gorge پلدشت and ... ) As recorded in statistical\r\nتهیه and set of documents, commercial and banking\r\nپیگیری correspondence, customs customers after clearance\r\nاز of origin to the destination cell, you're\r\nشماره contact: 09141613490

    International Services West Azarbaijan
  • Customs clearance of goods from all customs of the country /dispute resolution

    Customs clearance of goods from all customs of the country /dispute resolution

    Now the symbol of the good dynamic is the only center specialized in customs clearance of goods from all customs of the country\r\nدغدغه importers of goods after the purchase of goods, etc. get the license necessary from arrival of goods to the Customs and clearance it with the least cost and in the shortest possible time.\r\nنماد good dynamic licensed official of the customs with Iran Dachen over 15 years of experience in customs affairs commodity y from Origin, delivery, taken, carry appreciated, and after clearance from گرک delivery you will give.\r\nخدمات a symbol of the good dynamic is as follows:\r\n1 - do the order of business in the shortest possible time.\r\n2 - advice of customs affairs and clearance from all customs of the country.\r\n3 - stated letter, and exports. Berat وصولی banking direction of imports of all permitted goods.\r\n4 - obtaining the permits necessary to import from the Ministry of industry, etc., commercial, office, health and medical equipment, standard office and ...\r\n5 - obtaining permits entry of goods derived from relevant authorities.\r\n6 - log in temporary transit, external, track, and resolve a dispute the customs value and the tariff ).\r\n7 - participate in the commission of Appeal.\r\n8 - export operations of goods to all parts of the world in the shortest possible time.\r\nگواهینامه obtained by this company :\r\n1.The National Conference faces a lasting management\r\n2.Obtaining certification, ISO 10002, ISO 9001\r\n3.Obtaining certification, the brand selected the weekly economy and exhibition\r\n4.A letter of appreciation, Conference Management, Creative\r\n5.Taking plaque of appreciation National Congress of Management Development, oil, gas and پترشیمی, refining and playback\r\nهمچنین the company during the history of professional work, proud of their partnership with the several companies have doses the following to be a part of them, refer to the following\r\n\r\n1 - the development of high voltage substations Corp\r\n2 - float glass Ardakan\r\n3 - Ahura seal developers\r\n4 - way storage, Iran\r\n5 - the oil crisis\r\n6 - Mobarakeh Steel\r\n7 - Commerce Industries Iran milk\r\n8 - silk, Khuzestan,\r\n9 - paper products add\r\n10 - Safa steel Sepahan\r\n11 - کاموزی Iran\r\n12 - pars industry Parand\r\n13 - کیتوتک\r\n14 - based makers, picture\r\n15 - Arsh Gostar\r\n16 - Golden cluster area\r\n17 - light static plastic(نیپکو )\r\n18 - پایاپلاست the Iranians\r\n19 - Group, Industrial and commercial, Safe Nest\r\n20 - آویژه industry Persia\r\n21 - Rod سـیسـتم\r\n22 - پرسناژ\r\n23 - Radox\r\n24 - bring\r\n25 - surgical هیربد زرندیه\r\n26 - ناورود\r\n27 - Caspian plastic\r\n28 - الکتروموتورسازی خزرسینتک\r\N29 we - pars زرآسا\r\n30 - تامکار\r\n31- ساوری Asian trading\r\n32 - antenna work\r\n33 - the Department of water of life, Kerman, Iran\r\n34 - the development of thermal power station and Industries Corp\r\n35 - treaty lines, wide\r\n36 - surgical auxin, Khuzestan,\r\n37 - Diba fiberglass\r\n38 - Saba industry\r\n39 - Faraz polymer ferdos\r\n40 - spread communication Behdad,\r\n41 - Adak industry\r\n42 - leading polymer\r\n43 - آرامکس\r\n44 - barking commodity Sepahan\r\n45 - conception esteemed\r\n\r\nدفتر central :\r\nتهران – خیابان ولیعصر - تقاطع بهشتی - on-Yousef Abad-Street Akbari -No. 21-ground floor,\r\nتلفن : 02188781452 \r\nفکس :\r\n02188781452\r\nکانال Telegram:\r\site configuration://

    International Services Tehran
  • Trading company بالازاده

    Trading company بالازاده with 22 years of experience in the import of goods, products, machinery, raw materials, factories and manufacturing throughout Iran from the countries, China, India, resume very strong at the regional level, with office and buying agent in China(the city of Ivo) is ready to cooperate with natural and legal persons for imports of all kinds of کالاو material .Any import of goods from China is our specialty. Business بالازاده is proud to announce that this year has managed, with the opening of the export sector causes opening new doors of hope on the artisans, and out of the economic impasse has been. Sell your products in Iran as we have in mind

    machinery East Azarbaijan
  • The purchase and sale of a variety of amine and بوتانول

    The purchase and sale of a variety of amine and بوتانول \r\nشامل mono ethanol Amine, ethanol Amine - triethanolamine - ISO بوتانول - normal بوتانول\r\nقابل provide to partners and consumers industries with reasonable prices and competitive for times in stock, private and public, and the transfer is ready the load of the door, the complex is تانکری and the barrels sealed. the direction of the notice of price update, you can issue the following :\r\n021-77415004\r\n09123899808\r\nتماس please.

    Raw material Tehran
  • Sodium carbonate (soda Ashe)

    Sodium carbonate (soda Ashe)

    The sale and supply of sodium carbonate, light and heavy a bag, and Jumbo from the factory, Tehran and Maragheh generally (money orders) and minor (in stock شورآباد and warehouse personal) as well as carbonate Firozabad is jumbo and remittances prepare the loading direction of the consumers and dear colleagues\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nجهت notice of competitive prices with a contact number 77415004 or 09123899808 please contact us.

    Raw material Tehran
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