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  • Close the fiscal period and the increase in new facilities, accounting, brilliant stamp

    Due to the end of the current fiscal year., the accountants and the users of the accounting software must information the previous year's financial archive and information necessary to to new course transferred to. In this regard, the accounting software is brilliant, the stamp also had the direction of affairs necessary in the new year, the information of the current year's archive and the necessary information ranging from Name, sides, accounts and goods and left them, and banking information and checks issued, etc. to the new course transfer. Services group, computer gamers, reseller ...

    software Alborz
  • A variety of equipment, fusion fiber optic

    A variety of equipment, fusion fiber optic

    A variety of equipment fusion FUJIKURA-80S Cleaver CT-30 Cleaver FS-6s Kiev specialized tools optical fiber Box wall and پچپنل rack mount A variety of detailed blue and khaki Cable, tactical DDF پیگتیل and پچکورد with the chorus Corning A variety of test equipment fiber optic: OTDR FTB-1 FTB-2 FTB-500 POWER METER FPM-300 power meter LIGHT SOURCE FLS-300 laser source ATTENUATORE FVA-600 device اتنیتور VFL FLS-240 light pen FIBER SCOPE the FIP-400 fiber scope SDH ANALAYZER PMD tester IDENTIFIRE LFD-200 (Now scanning equip no other branch does ...

    information and communication technology Tehran
  • Direct sales ATM. With the installation of وگارانتیATM

    Direct sales ATM. With the installation of وگارانتیATM

    Installation خودپردازATM with warranty\r\nسوییچ Bank city. in Islam. Kosar\r\nساپورت and repair of all parts, to the remotest parts of the country,\r\nفروش special with reasonable price,\r\nانواع proposals and marketing\r\n------______________--------\r\n***in the meantime***\r\nYou can, with less than 40 million income top 3الی5 million monthly, with charging خودپردازتان in mind

    Network Services Alborz
  • Amplifier, antenna, Mobile, mobile first

    Amplifier, antenna, Mobile, mobile first

    Device booster, mobile signal single band with the ability to support the 3G frequency of 2100 This device in addition to the antenna, this phone your mobile in the bands 900 can strengthen the signal, 3G internet is also in place increases .

    Mobile and Tablet Tehran
  • Original antivirus one year نود32

    Original antivirus one year نود32

    With the support of a free annual \r\nبا license legal annual\r\nقدرتمندترین and updated antivirus in the world\r\nضد virus, anti-Spy, etc. the walls the fire, ضدکلاهبرداری, anti-theft, laptop or computer, take control of children\r\nبهمراه a valid license annual monitoring within the pack, which means it will be able your antivirus according to the latest update, the main server نود32 update.In the meantime, this update automatically every 60 minutes once, by the server, the site will be done\r\n\r\nویژگی, version Final software ESET NOD32 :\r\n - having a section control, parental\r\n - incr ...

    software Alborz
  • Computer repair in karaj

    Computer repair in karaj

    Computer repairs and laptop in karaj\r\nامروزه most families, and the majority of jobs from computer at your place. But the computer also like a lot of equipment, and other devices often need repairs and troubleshooting. When the computer with the problem to be faced, surely most people have concerns مشوند such as being:\r\n - must spend, and your computer to a shop to sell them in a few days to wait and that your computer can receive the\r\n - most people, your computer, your much personal information, such as videos, photos, ... important files, work, and ... that do not want this informatio ...

    software Alborz
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