Production line for polymer and rubber machinery and plastic

Production line for polymer and rubber machinery and plastic

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Pioneers in the industry of Iran. supplier of all kinds of profile production line, upvc, etc. panel production line, pvc, etc. production line, wall, etc. production line, duct work, pvc, etc. production line for tile, pvc, etc. production line, wood plastic etc. sheet production line, PE, etc., PS, PP, etc. PVC, PC, ABS, PMMA, etc. production line, flooring, etc. production line cartoon, plastic etc. pipe production line, PP, etc. PE, PVC, etc. production line, double glazed glass, etc., cutting machines., cutting laser, engraving laser, assembly line, door and UPVC window., the line printed PVC laminating machine, etc. Production line, foam PE, PVC, etc. PS, and. XPS, etc. production line disposable PP, etc. PS . For more information from the set industrial services, we refer from website see, please. Products : 1 - Production Line products, pvc / upvc : Production line for UPVC profiles . Production line types of duct. Production line wall. Panel production line pvc Production line tile, pvc. 2 - production line, wood-plastic, wood, plast – poly wood : Sheet production line the lid using wood and pvc foam Production line, wood Plast for profiles -flooring -wall - plate 3 - Production Line of sheet : Production line pvc sheet.- free foam –foam board Sheet production line PE foam, PE Production line, foam, cross-linked XPE Sheet production line, bubble, Double Layer and three layer . Board production line, sponge foam XPS Production line polystyrene foam EPS Sheet production line, sponge, foamed ps Production line, sheet flooring Production line of polycarbonate sheet, pc 4 - production line, all kinds of pipe: Pipe production line, PE PVC pipe production line . Pipe production line, polypropylene PP . Pipe production line roll irrigation ( TAPE ) . Production line tube, corrugate ( CORRUGATED ). 6 - line Assembly of door and window with UPVC 7 - glass production line, double glazed CNC cutting Laser cutting Laser engraving Glass production line سکوریت 8 - line laminating : Laminating machine profiles, and a panel of PVC. 9 - line printing and UV on a variety of محصولاتPVC, etc. pe, pp 10 - line production of pellets and recycling 11 - extruded cf single spiral and double spiral 12 - spare parts : A variety of cylinder and the spiral gearbox .

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Mobile+98 0913×××3197 (منقضی شده)
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  • Production line, filter the air. Automatic (cheaper became)(bhān filter your search

    Production line, filter the air. Automatic (cheaper became)(bhān filter your search

    Production line, filter the air. Automatic (cheaper became)(bhān filter your search) The most suitable in terms of : price, speed, design, easy user interface etc. the dimensions of the space necessary The highest quality and after-sales service after comparison. of us want. Research and get expensive buy to the price of buying art . After comparing the prices, services since ازفروش and quality .Buy. Industrial Group bhān with experienced engineers, is proud with the construction of industrial machinery serves manufacturers of spare parts for our beloved country, Iran, is with this machine can filter the air types of vehicles (products of Iran khodro .Saipa.Pars khodro and... like:pride.پژو405.Samand.Persia..arrow.Peugeot 206. زانتیا.Maxima.Nissan .رنوسپند. ال90.Doo.Rio.Mazda .A variety of pickup..) راتولید and a productive, independent mind. This device is 30 meters, fit and wants only to electric single phase typical نیازدارد and its consumption is also very low and it is very simple. No side effects or Bowie or سروصدایی not we can, even in the parking lot of home launched the top 50% of the net profit in mind. Activities ا : 1 - making production line, air filter( pu ) vehicles, style, to, all automatic (with میزCNC) 2-build خطتولیدفیلترهوای heavy vehicles (بامیزCNCمخصوص) 3 - making machine, paper China, now the paper, roller and adhesive, full (filters book) 4-making machine کاغذچینکن paper method غلطکیم, especially heavy machinery (floral) 5-making machine, paper China now کاعذ to the method of the blade (filter round) I and the height of China's different direction of the filter dust to air and gasoline and oil and .... 6 - supplier of raw materials, the ISO and poly, tour, aluminum, etc. template, the paper folded . کاعذ raw ( roll) 7 - sale, production line worked 8 - convert lines, semi-automatic to automatic 9 - -selling filter ready 10 - Sa خت, template, the, machines, special The air filter is a piece of consumer . Every car ride, depending on function and pollution, weather and expensive gasoline, the annual number of it needs. According to the market consumption good . On the other hand, because فیلترحجیم. import it from China to merchants, effective, economic, acceptable, not according to the domestic producers can, force, human, and capital are relatively low, and workshop space, a simple and tutorials fast and easy, your product with the right quality and production shipped consumption . The profitability of it compared to the other cases to acknowledge the many manufacturers, very good . باچند worker can be on بین2000 up to 3000 pcs air filter production(to lie in a DP, some brokers jobber that over the varieties the poems; Note Not all devices, automatic available in Iran, both domestic and foreign, of every hour, just 350الی400 number filter can produce . 7pm, useful 1H as well as for cleaning and preparation . Each filter is also at least 200تومان (bulk buyers)and the extent اکثر1000 USD in case of obtaining the standard and market Finder. profit . Justify yourself its economic assessment services and judge for yourself . With 5الی6 workers, and 25روز month. روزی3000عدد, every عددفقط200 RS . . .(Of course, in this between Place and experience, initial and return of capital and the absence of working out and marketing appropriate as well as for quite a while, for example, 6 months Eli a year must be in terms of)). Industrial Group bhān the no branch of another نداردصداقت we واعتماد you backup the yogurt .توکلتوا to Islam Lookout, Internet fraudsters, be they with the temptation, and the promise of income, a few million ... وتضمین buy your product, etc. devices with a much higher price sold imply. And we're trying, in the process, the prices of the false block and production line to its original price of supply. Production line Automatic with desk, CNN 20 million USD to the top. With a design unique and user is very easy (to malign competitors don't pay attention ) Production line manual با100عدد templates, and materials necessary برای300عدد filter = 800000 RS Production line manual با150عدد templates, and materials necessary برای700عدد فیلتر1400.000 USD Production line manually with the 50 template without the raw materials, 450000 USD (raw materials بقیمت days) Name:فراهانی phone:09190753450 Email m.darestani Keywords bhān filter, filter air, produce air filter, etc. production line, air filter, etc. the production line ... machine production ... machinery production ... production machines, filter machines, new foreign (felts) , China eraser, paper, etc., China dryer, paper roller, China eraser, paper, blade, China dryer paper machine, heavy duty production line فیلترهوا heavy, material filter, aozou., the bridge, etc. frame, frame, felt, etc. the cloud. ترموفیوز, etc. material, filter, cabin filter, filter, ready, and ... filter, cabin filter, template filter, a variety of templates filter paper rolls raw paper, China. kinds of paper raw, all kinds of paper China and . . .

    machine manufacturing Tehran
  • Filter manufacturing machines, automotive 1-

    Filter manufacturing machines, automotive 1-

    Filter manufacturing machines, automotive\r\\r\n1-making production line, air filter( pu ) vehicles, style, to, all automatic (with میزCNC )\r\n -2ساخت line تولیدفیلترهوای heavy vehicles (بامیزCNCمخصوص)\r\n - 3ساخت machine, paper China, now the paper, roller, آپشنهای different (for filters of the book)\r\n - 4ساخت device کاغذچینکن paper, roller for heavy machinery (floral)\r\n-5ساخت machine, paper China now کاعذ to the method of the blade (filters, round, filter, cabin filter and external, oil filter and fuel)\r\n6 - the-making device چینکن زیکزاکی (filter oil 206)\r\n 7-making cutting machine, roll to roll\r\n-8ساخت press machine, pneumatic(in فرایندتولید فیلترهوا)\r\n-9ساخت machine, die cutting cutter, wad\r\n-10ساخت dusting device, 6ساخت device چینکن زیکزاکی (filter oil 206)\r\n-7ساخت cutting machine, roll to roll\r\n-8ساخت press machine, pneumatic(in فرایندتولید فیلترهوا)\r\n-9ساخت machine, die cutting cutter, wad\r\n-10ساخت dusting device, \r\n11-making machine, the glue, ( filter heavy) head and the bottom . Spiral \r\n-12تامین supplier of raw materials, the ISO and poly, tour, etc. template, the paper folded . کاعذ raw ( roll)\r\n-13فروش production line worked\r\n-14تبدیل lines, semi-automatic to automatic\r\n15پذیرش order making all kinds of special filters\r\n-16سا خت, template, the, machines, special \r\n name:Farahani e-mail: m.darestani\r\nتلفن:09190753450 \r\nکلمات keywords: production line فیلترهوا. .Bhān the filter . China now فیلترهوا. Pneumatic presses . Manufacturer and supplier of cutting felt, filter.Making mold air filter.Adhesive, filter heavy.Glue, spiral, round, filter heavy .China, now the roller.China now Blade .چینکن heavy . Device round . China now زیکزاکی and . . .

    machine manufacturing Tehran
  • The sale of chemicals, culture medium, microbial -cell sigma aldrich fluka merck

    تحهیزات laboratory رادین داودیان-09132090270-davoodian\r\nمتانول Merck ١٠۶٠٠٧ per liter\r\nsiver nitrate silver nitrate ۵٠ warmly Merck ١٠١۵١٠\r\nتیترازول sulfuric ١ tenth Merck ١٠٩٩٨۴\r\npotassium chromate potassium کرومات ٢۵٠ warmly Merck\r\n٢ liter / methanol luxurious ۵\r\nتیترازول silver nitrate ١ tenth ١٠٩٩٩٠\r\nتیترازول thiosulfate, sodium ١٠٩٩۵٠\r\n٢ liter / hexane luxurious ۵\r\nn hexan 1l sigma Ann hexane 15671\r\nمرک per liter acid acetic acid acetic گلاسیال ١٠٠٠۵۶\r\nboric acid 100165 1kgr boric acid ٢مر K\r\nکواکس ٢۵ CC CU big\r\nاسید sulfuric ٢.۵ شرلا\r\nکلرید Rick acid شرلا ٢.۵-liter\r\nتیترازول profit ١ tenth Merck ١٠٩٩۵٩\r\nالکترولیت ١ liter\r\nG جبرلیک acid ١گرمی 7645\r\nM ملیبیوز ۵ گزمی 5500\r\nایندول acetic acid ۵ warmth 3 i2886 iaa\r\nR, رافینور Penta hydrate ۵گرمی 0250\r\nنفتالین acetic acid ۵گرمی 1\r\nA El اربینوز ۵ warmly 3256\r\nM ملیبیوز ١ گزمی 5500\r\nT, Terry هالوز ١٠ warmly 0167\r\nتیترازول امونیوم Tío سیانات ١٠٩٩٠٠\r\nساکاروز Merck ٢ a ١کیلو warm ١٠٧۶۵٣\r\nکم big ١لیتری Fehling A فهلینگ\r\nکم big ١ litre fehling B فهلینگ\r\nمرک ٢.۵-liter ١٠۴٣۶٨ هرلیتر n-hexan Ann N\r\npotassium cyanide, potassium cyanide ١٠۴٩۶٧ Merck ٢۵٠ warm\r\nc6289 charcol act Carbon Active -چارگول active ١٠٠ warmth\r\n١k merck sodium hedroxide pelle profit ١٠۶۴۶٢\r\nشماره ١ DPD tablets chlorine\r\npotassium tellurite biomark تلوریت potassium ۵, warmth,\r\ncharcoal activate pow and Carbon Active چارگول ١٠٢١٨۴ Merck\r\nهر Lee, nitric acid, nitric acid, Merck ٢.۵-liter 100456\r\nph 0-14 paper, PHP, Merck ١٠٩۵٣۵\r\nEriochrome bla Merck ٢۵ warmly ١٠٣١ ٧٠ T, Ario cream, Black\r\nMurexide (ammonium pur موروکساید Merck ٢۵ warmly ١٠۶١۶١\r\nchloroform sigma chloroform ١-liter زیگما 132950\r\nAmmonium sulfate امونیوم sulfate Merck ١ kg 101216\r\nپی, SMS, pbs, sigma p8313 for 1l, oven, phosphate saline\r\nhams f 10 همز F ۵٠٠ ١٠ cc n6908 sigma\r\nfluconazole f8929 sigma fluconazole ١٠٠ national G\r\nهر liters of ethanol ethanol Merck ٢.۵-liter 100986\r\nsodium hydroxid تیترازول profit ١ normal Merck 109956\r\npbs phosphate buffered sigma p4417 50tab PBS\r\nIodine resublimed 104761 100gr iodine Merck\r\nrpmi r8758 sigma 500cc the PPM, ١۶۴٠\r\nfcs eurpbio h5971 1 500cc F C SS بروبیو France\r\npenesilin esterptpmasin p0781 100cc پنسلسن استرپت\r\ncholranphenicol bio bi کلرامفنیکول ۵گرمی 9054\r\nstreptomycin s استریپتوماسین ۵گرمی 6501\r\nd-glucose, merck, glucose Merck 104074\r\ntrichloroacticacid pa tri-chloro-acetic acid ١٠٠ Grammy 1\r\ntrichloroacticacid pa tri-chloro-acetic acid ٢۵٠ Grammy 1\r\ntrichloroacticacid pa tri-chloro-acetic acid 100810\r\namikacin sigma a امیکاسین ۵گرمی 1774\r\nclindamycin sigma c کلیندوماسین ١٠٠ mg 5226\r\ngentamycin sigma g gentamicin ۵٠ mg 3632\r\namphotericin b a امفوترسین, ۵٠ mg 9528\r\nhoures serum h serum horse ١٠٠ CC 1270\r\ncanada balsam c Canada بالزام ١٠٠ CC, 1795\r\nphenol liq p phenol liquid ١٠٠ CC 9346\r\nlighte green l 5382 sigma light green ۵, warmth,\r\nfast green sigma f fast green ۵ warmly 7252\r\nfuchin 15937 merck فوشین ٢۵ warmly Merck\r\nbil salt b8756 sigma بایل salt ٢۵ warmth\r\nsocrose merck 1 k sucrose Merck 107687\r\nsocrose merck 1 k sucrose Merck 107651\r\nyeast extrac quelab یست اکستراک ۵٠٠ warmth\r\ncarbol fuchsin bdh Carbo L فوشین ۵, warmth,\r\nox bile bil bovin sigma b8381 25gr X بایل\r\ntween 80 1l tween ٨٠ Merck 822187\r\ntween 20 1l tween ٢٠ Merck 822184\r\nCresyl Violet acetate c5042 10gr sigma کرزول Violet\r\n188972 aldrich 10 gr - 3,3-Diphenyl-1-propanol more\r\nN-Methyl-N-trifluoroacetamide 69479\r\nagrose اگاروز warmly Open\r\nl7900 sigma sodium dl-lactate sodium Di El lactate\r\nsodium l ascorbate a7631 25gr sig sodium El اسکوربات\r\nHydrogen peroxide solution hydrogen peroxide ٢.۵-liter\r\ndmem / f12 gibco 31331, th, F ١٢\r\nchargol active carbon اکیو industrial Chinese\r\njacobi chargol active carbon اکیو industrial Jacob ...

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  • Pressure switch, pump, Low, Pressure, Danfoss Motors model KP1

    Pressure switch, pump, Low, Pressure, Danfoss Motors model KP1

    Pressure switch is a device to control the quantity, pressure, etc., in fact, Pressure Switch, process pressure changes will monitor and, when the pressure to the point the set point value for a key, electric steering cut exports.\r\nپرشر switches, pumps, Danfoss motors, push down, in order to be installed before the pump and control of the low pressure system goes to work. This product in two models, normal and reset, housewife, presentable is.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nنام product pressure switch KP1 Danfoss Motors\r\nکد product 060-110166\r\nنوع performance automatic\r\nرنج adjustable pressure 0.2 up to 7.5 times\r\nماکزیمم working pressure 17 Bar\r\nدفرنشیال 0.7 to 4 times\r\nمحل installed before the pump and after the Gage pressure\r\nنوع connection (connection) 4/1 velour FLARE (nuts)\r\nمحصول Poland\r\n\r\n\r\nاطلاعات contact :\r\nتلفن : 02177628867 - 02177628868\r\nموبایل : 09123095134\r\nوبسایت:\r\nایمیل :\r\nآدرس : Tehran, Taleghani\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nپرشر switch, Danfoss Motors,Pershore ,kp1پرشر Danfoss Motors,sale, Pershore,switch,Danfoss Motors ,kp1فروش Pershore ,switch kp1پرشر switch,Polish,Le Pershore Danfoss Motors,pressure switch, reset, housewife, Danfoss Motors,Danfoss Motors,Denmark Thermostat Danfoss Motors,pressure switch KP1 principle

    Hardware Tehran
  • Sell sheet, oiled, Mashhad, Iran

    Sell sheet, oiled, Mashhad, Iran

    Sheet, oiled, in fact, the slang term sheet that with the technology of Cold Rolling are produced. In this process, sheets with high thickness by rolling to the thickness of the lower become. In this process, due to the use of cold rolling, the quality of the appearance plate has been rolled out is excellent, from the yen of this type of sheet, the more applications that plate appearance of the object Make used.\r\nکاربرد sheets oiled:\r\n\r\nساخت machines, piece is press working, etc. cars, household appliances and...

    Iron and steel industry Khorasan Razavi
  • The rails lift in Isfahan

    The rails lift in Isfahan

    Center watch parts, elevator داوین\r\nصفر up to a hundred pieces of your lifts with the most appropriate price ask us.\r\nمناسب the most prices, a variety of rails, T5 , T9 , mature T16را ask us.\r\n\r\nاوج bliss, we create the highest sense of security in you.\r\nتماس with us: 09133156434-45837162(031)\r\nآدرس: Isfahan - area-industrial state آباد\r\\r\

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  • هیدروگرافیک -device ابکاری فانتاکروم -مخملپاش industrial

    هیدروگرافیک -device ابکاری فانتاکروم -مخملپاش industrial

    The manufacturer of devices ابکاری فانتاکروم domestic and industrial.\r\nساخت raw materials ابکاری فانتاکروم(pack of solution ابکاری)\r\nفروش the original formula ابکاری فانتاکروم.\r\nشماره contact along اشانتیون and education, zero to a hundred free.\r\n02156571497\r\n09190924535\r\n09361428505

    Other Tehran
  • The sale of all the products, heating insole Danfoss Motors DANFOSS

    The sale of all the products, heating insole Danfoss Motors DANFOSS

    In Thermal Systems, floor heating etc. heat transfer for radiation (radiant) a large share in the process of heating there is.\r\nThis system compared with other systems thermal not only in the saving and optimization of energy consumption, but also in the category of well-being and comfort of inhabitants of buildings has strengths, many are, and in recent years, very common, is that the reason for this is increasing., the optimum being the consumption of energy, equal distribution of heat on all surface and space and stay away from the problems existing in other methods, as an example, black walls, clogging and corrosion of pipes and...\r\n\r\nThis set is representative of the products Danfoss Motors in Iran. able to supply all equipment, heating insole Danfoss Motors included items are:\r\n\r\nانواع کلکتورهای three to eight انشعابه (sweep) model FHF Danfoss Motors\r\nبست holder collector model FHF Danfoss Motors\r\nشیر هواگیر automatic model FHF Danfoss Motors\r\nمحرک electric (bootstrap, electric) Heating insole Danfoss Motors TWA\r\nترموستات room analog heating insole Danfoss Motors WT-T\r\nترموستات room digital heating insole Danfoss Motors WT-D\r\nاتصالات tube, آلوپکس ALUPEX\r\nشیر bypass \"1 (بامهره And ماسوره) heating insole Danfoss Motors AVDO\r\n\r\n\r\nاطلاعات contact :\r\nتلفن : 02177628867 - 02177628868\r\nموبایل : 09123095134\r\nوبسایت:\r\nایمیل :\r\nآدرس : Tehran, Iran Taleghani Hospital,\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nگرمایش insole, heating floor, heating insole, Danfoss Motors,DANFOSS, شیربای so, collector, heating insole, fastener collector,شیرهواگیر automatic,FHF, thermostat, room Danfoss Motors, fittings, آلوپکس movers, electric heating insole,هواگیر sensing technology,Iran dynamic industry,thermostat, room analog thermostat room digital connections آلوپکس,alupex, nut and ماسوره,avdo,wt-t, wt-d,the twa ,Collector,eight انشعابه split,bootstrap, electric sanjeshsanat representative of Danfoss Motors,price list, Danfoss Motors,price list of floor heating, the exclusive representative of Danfoss Motors representative danfoss

    Hardware Tehran
  • Sell water Double-distillation quality in the country

    Sell water Double-distillation quality in the country

    Company Pearl Pars manufacturer of distilled water, and industrial and beverage and ... Producer waters special. These products to all over the country send. Contact number : 09120699354 Masoud shafiee

    Other Tehran
  • Copper sulfate

    Copper sulfate

    Copper sulfate, micronutrients agriculture, cut, burgundy, or copper sulfate to blue color and no odor, which has applications in many different fields of Agriculture, Industrial Chemistry, and Medical is. For the preparation of the sulfate of copper may be from copper and sulfuric acid used. With this, there is copper in terms of brand for ورقههای and as a source of economic in the country of Iran is available. Copper sulfate five Abe to ease up on the water to be resolved. Also, in methanol, and glycerol and so some of the ethanol is solvable.

    Water and Wastewater Tehran
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