Production line for polymer and rubber machinery and plastic

Production line for polymer and rubber machinery and plastic

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Pioneers in the industry of Iran. supplier of all kinds of profile production line, upvc, etc. panel production line, pvc, etc. production line, wall, etc. production line, duct work, pvc, etc. production line for tile, pvc, etc. production line, wood plastic etc. sheet production line, PE, etc., PS, PP, etc. PVC, PC, ABS, PMMA, etc. production line, flooring, etc. production line cartoon, plastic etc. pipe production line, PP, etc. PE, PVC, etc. production line, double glazed glass, etc., cutting machines., cutting laser, engraving laser, assembly line, door and UPVC window., the line printed PVC laminating machine, etc. Production line, foam PE, PVC, etc. PS, and. XPS, etc. production line disposable PP, etc. PS . For more information from the set industrial services, we refer from website see, please. Products : 1 - Production Line products, pvc / upvc : Production line for UPVC profiles . Production line types of duct. Production line wall. Panel production line pvc Production line tile, pvc. 2 - production line, wood-plastic, wood, plast – poly wood : Sheet production line the lid using wood and pvc foam Production line, wood Plast for profiles -flooring -wall - plate 3 - Production Line of sheet : Production line pvc sheet.- free foam –foam board Sheet production line PE foam, PE Production line, foam, cross-linked XPE Sheet production line, bubble, Double Layer and three layer . Board production line, sponge foam XPS Production line polystyrene foam EPS Sheet production line, sponge, foamed ps Production line, sheet flooring Production line of polycarbonate sheet, pc 4 - production line, all kinds of pipe: Pipe production line, PE PVC pipe production line . Pipe production line, polypropylene PP . Pipe production line roll irrigation ( TAPE ) . Production line tube, corrugate ( CORRUGATED ). 6 - line Assembly of door and window with UPVC 7 - glass production line, double glazed CNC cutting Laser cutting Laser engraving Glass production line سکوریت 8 - line laminating : Laminating machine profiles, and a panel of PVC. 9 - line printing and UV on a variety of محصولاتPVC, etc. pe, pp 10 - line production of pellets and recycling 11 - extruded cf single spiral and double spiral 12 - spare parts : A variety of cylinder and the spiral gearbox .

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Tel+98 0331-2649251 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 0331-2649251
Mobile+98 0913×××3197 (منقضی شده)
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  • Table, exhibition counter, Ava said

    Table, exhibition counter, Ava said

    Production and sale of all kinds of table, exhibition counter\r\nپاپ up counter in models : \r\nمیز countertops, ruler پیمی\r\nمیز countertops, slide rule, slider (rail)\r\nمیز countertops, ruler مگنتی company is the exclusive Ava stand\r\nمیز countertops تاجدار metal and aluminum\r\nمیز countertops تاجدار سمپلینگ from the ABS , PVC\r\nتنها manufacturer of the table, countertops, سمپلینگ in Iran\r\nانواع table countertops in the models and different prices\r\n09124349821\r\

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  • Speciality ribbons black Tahitian Tiare - speciality ribbons Tahitian Tiare, etc. speciality ribbons point.

    Speciality ribbons black Tahitian Tiare - speciality ribbons Tahitian Tiare, etc. speciality ribbons point.

    Speciality ribbons, printer, Tahitian Tiare HITI\r\nمشخصات speciality ribbons, printer, Tahitian Tiare HITI to print Cards, PVC applications .\r\nریبون color printer, Tahitian Tiare, with the capability of 400 print تواتد, 200 PCs Card (PVC) to duplex printing .\r\nریبون printer, Tahitian Tiare to in terms of quality together that are different speciality ribbons original printer Tahitian Tiare HITI RIBBON approved .\r\in the site configuration://\r\n\r\nانواع speciality ribbons Tahitian Tiare HITI\r\nبه model, a variety can be divided into : speciality ribbons black Tahitian Tiare – speciality ribbons colored Tahitian Tiare and speciality ribbons, Miscellaneous, such as speciality ribbons Tahitian Tiare, golden and silver....\r\nانواع speciality ribbons Tahitian Tiare terms of the quality of non-original and original is divided into a method of recognizing speciality ribbons original Tahitian Tiare is very convenient .\r\nریبون black Tahitian Tiare\r\n\r\nریبون black Tahitian Tiare in the model, 1000 print 2000 print supplied .\r\nریبون monochrome Tahitian Tiare in two types, K and KO is available in the market that speciality ribbons KO along the protective layers of the print .\r\nریبون black Tahitian Tiare اورجیننال the same 1000 print is in کاتون Gray, along with rollers and card cleaner is packed\r\nقیمت speciality ribbons, printer, Tahitian Tiare HITI\r\n\r\nقیمت speciality ribbons, Tahitian Tiare depends on the price of the dollar variables are\r\nقیمت sandals, speciality ribbons Tahitian Tiare HITI color, 155, 170 dollars,\r\nقیمت approximate speciality ribbons HITI Tahitian Tiare black between 45 to 75 thousand .\r\nریبون HITI to the proportion of speciality ribbons, another breakthrough from a good price, enjoy .\r\nریبون printer, Tahitian Tiare\r\nطریقه insertion speciality ribbons Tahitian Tiare Rod is easy which can apply, installation, film installation training speciality ribbons this printer to دربافت .\r\nریبون, printer, Tahitian Tiare, making the country Taiwan quality, perfect printing cards you are doing\r\nریبون printer, Tahitian Tiare HITI\r\site configuration://\r\n\r\n\r\nریبون point من\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nریبون colored point i\r\n\r\nریبون colored point, I one of the products of the company, POINTMAN, be sure to print Cards, PVC, is used.\r\nThis speciality ribbons consists of yellow (Y), red (M), Cyan (C), Black(k) along with the panel (O).\r\nبا use a roll speciality ribbons colored point, I can be ۲۰۰ number of cards to print.

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  • Sell PE pipe and variety of pipe and fittings .Sell a variety of gooseneck gooseneck steel gooseneck cast iron gooseneck galvanized,white gooseneck black gooseneck

    Sell PE pipe and variety of pipe and fittings .Sell a variety of gooseneck gooseneck steel gooseneck cast iron gooseneck galvanized,white gooseneck black gooseneck

    Tube شوفاژی tube , White \r\nفروش a variety of water pipes , gas , seamless , galvanized , boiler tubes. seamless , seam, hidden, black , white , شوفاژی outdoor furniture greenhouse داربستی big مانیسمان category, industrial, building,\r\nفروش types of pipe for use in industries , water, oil , gas , petrochemical , agriculture, &\r\nفروش metal pipes , sell tube, مانیسمان , sale, galvanized pipe sale , pipe, boiler tubes. amateur The sale of pipe, gas sale metal pipes ,sell tube, the seam hidden \r\n,reseller, products, factories, save big Safa , Sepanta , Sepahan , Iran,, Iran, ghazvin, etc. Semnan\r\n• tube مانیسمان seamless Chinese pipe مانیسمان, tube مانیسمان Ahvazi tube مانیسمان boiler tubes. Ahvaz pipe مانیسمان boiler tubes. Chinese tube مانیسمان boiler tubes. Russian,types of galvanized steel tube head tube, galvanized save big Importer of all kinds of pipes, Seamless, of India, Russia and China,\r\n• tube داربستی Semnan tube داربستی save tube داربستی stated.\r\n• galvanized steel tube head tube, galvanized Saveh pipe, galvanized Tabriz, galvanized pipe anymore.\r\n• water pipe not water pipe,Sawh pipe, natural gas, Sepahan, gas pipe Ahwaz pipe gas Spanta\r\n• tube آتشخوار, tube آتشخوار , German tube آتشخوار Spanish tube آتشخوار Chinese\r\nفروش water pipe , sale, gas pipe , sale pipe مانسمان , sale, tube مانیسمان , sales, pipe, boiler tubes., sale, pipe, seam, Secret sales, seamless pipes , sell tube آتشخوار sale , metal tube , sell steel pipe , sell galvanized pipe , sell pipe, black , sale, tube شوفاژی tits Sale, tube, White\r\nفروش a variety of gooseneck gooseneck steel gooseneck cast iron gooseneck galvanized,white, gooseneck,black, gooseneck, stainless steel\r\nفروش a variety of cerebral, steel pipe, cast iron, galvanized, white,black, stainless استیسل\r\nفروش types of coupling, steel pipe, cast iron, etc. استنل stainless steel\r\nفروش all kinds of flange, steel pipe, carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized, polyethylene, hose, etc. Fusion, etc. gear, quiet\r\n 02165810242-02165810732-09123151928\r\nآدرس: Tehran -market iron شاداباد - مجتمع17شهریور\r\n 02165810242

    Water and Wastewater Tehran
  • Sell sheets, mobarakeh steel and Sheba

    Sell sheets, mobarakeh steel and Sheba

    Company Iron gostar Asia is a supplier of types of sheet steel from the origin board, Tehran, Iran\r\nتهیه and distribution plates black فولادمبارکه quality(st44-st52-st37-st33) Sheba-Cossack-M. M. Kروس-اکسین اهواز, and kavian,\r\n*perform the services of cutting and forming to customer order\r\n*loading of origin and firm, Tehran, Iran\r\n*send to all parts of the country,\r\n*guarantee the quality and the price\r\nتلفن contact :02156114354\r\nموبایل:09190588583\r\nسایت:\r\nتلگرام: ahangostarasia@

    Iron and steel industry Tehran
  • Flocon® 260 anti اسکالانتAntiscalant and Antifoulant

    Flocon® 260 anti اسکالانتAntiscalant and Antifoulant

    Company CORP, civil diligence, anti اسکالانت (anti-fouling) Flocon® 260 produced and packed in company BWA Water Additives UK will provide.\r\nFlocon® 260 as anti-اسکالانت and anti-فولانت the highest performance for protection of membrane systems, and RO.\r\nجهت more information contact Mr. شکرزاده ۰۹۱۲۲۱۱۸۰۱۵ - ۴۴۷۵۰۵۵۲ be contacted.

    Water and Wastewater Tehran
  • Device Derbent cans model kpt4ha2017

    • Design : all stainless steel 304, which in this abrasion device, which only featured this type of machine is stainless steel made. The device(the printhead is the bottom of the stainless steel and the printhead dad got Kush, stainless steel) special کنسرو non-fleshy and fleshy, with آبشن and high speed, the pulley and disk, all-steel, alloy-coated anti-wear and anti-rust • System performance : الکترومکانیک, etc. 4هد air, variable speed, etc. equipped with frequency inverter Santerno, Italy • Accessories : a shield, all stainless steel, all height, electrical (all stainless steel with special features ) with سیستمP.L.C; equipped with a nozzle, dry dryer machine ( which after washing is used ), a tub receiving the liquid from the cans • Equipped to counter the speed of the moment and the nominal device • Has a counter counting the cans out of the device in terms of minutes, totaling two control devices, DJ tal ) • درکابین device panel, the light direction of the visible device in time, embedding has been .Especially at night, help a lot to اپراتورجهت detection, and repair it. • Features of the indicator device : remove the majority of the Bush, phosphorous, and بلبرینگی all axes machine - all ball bearings NACHI, Japan – remove کرانویل, etc. پنیون and raise the engine machine – all axes and the reels, and drives the device folded rocks. – chassis and parts, capping machine, CNC machine working. • In this device, a system embedded کردیده is automatically measured with the line before ( filler – filler ) تطبیغ. • Application : the capping cans, metal easy open and normal

    machine manufacturing Khorasan Razavi
  • Pressure breaker مادولار 1/4 Pکنترل leave the hydraulic

    Pressure breaker مادولار 1/4 Pکنترل leave the hydraulic

    MRV-02-P-K3-20\r\nسایز 1/4\r\nبیشترین stream passing through 35 liters on a minute\r\nفشار something 250 times

    Hydraulics and pneumatics Khorasan Razavi
  • Grill, static color-the grill, the color of the car-the grill دکورال-grill

    Now heat structures goes live, registration number 41138 with over a decade of experience and utilizes the knowledge of the characteristics of the collective of professionals in the field of design, construction, installation and commissioning of all kinds of furnace, electrostatic glazing, and also دکورال warm as the first manufacturer of furnace, electrostatic, and دکورال warm in this regard, the book knowledge of the minimum energy consumption maximum operation to our clients. Of the company's products can be all kinds of grill, bake, paint and glaze for a tunnel and box and ساکلون collect particles suspended in the air, and lines, conveyer, as well as تولیدانواع furnace edge, aluminum, and a variety of drive fatal and cabins, colour (simple and multi-system), as well as the furnace, dryer, to a temperature of 1200 degrees of Celsius.

    machine manufacturing Esfahan
  • Build a variety of flat bed trailer; too backbreaking; the bogies

    Build a variety of flat bed trailer; too backbreaking; the bogies

    Build and design a variety of flat bed trailer; the types of backbreaking; the variety of bogies and a variety of Dolly The use of high quality raw materials, The ... and more personnel; the ودستگاههای advanced Build a variety of flat bed two axis and three axis in sizes different and design a new product Build a variety of backbreaking and design new product Manufacture of bogies and the design of the new product Export product and warranty one year and after sale service five year, showing our confidence in products. 09127655952 azizi

    Trailers, containers and caravans Alborz
  • Sale barrel Daboh gallon

    Sale barrel Daboh gallon

    Sell all kinds of barrels Daboh gallons \r\n\r\nفروش just overall\r\nشرکت Harris plastic manufacturer of barrel Daboh and gallons as follows\r\nانواع barrel 140 and 120, 60 and 40 litre with straps metal in the colors white and blue, and کاربنی\r\nبشکه 20 litre \r\nگالن 20 litre industrial button داربا door پلپ and pickles estuary\r\nگالن 20 litre a book with the door پلپ and اچارخور\r\nگالن 20-liter rectangular (simple door)\r\nدبه 3 line tags, wired ( 20 kg )\r\nدبه 2 line category wired ( 18 kg )\r\nدبه 12 and 6 pound category, wired\r\nدبه 17 and 14 and 12 and 6 and 3 kg category armpit\r\nدبه 3, and 2 kg ماستی\r\nدبه one and a half kg, honey\r\nدبه 10 and 7 and 5 and 4 and 3 kg) which\r\nپاروی (8 lines export)\r\n::::::::::\r\nارسال to all parts of the country, \r\nto more information to the Website\r\\r\NAND or the number 09166186974 contact

    machine manufacturing Khuzestan
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