InDesign, etc., decoration, decorating

InDesign, etc., decoration, decorating

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Reconstruction, design and implementation of Interior Decoration: ---------------------------------------- --------- Residential, administrative, commercial, classic to modern - Remodeling, design, interior decoration, hotel, hospital, Cultural Center, Bank - Design and implementation of exhibition stands - Reconstruction and design and design and decoration of offices administrative - Reconstruction and design and decoration of residential houses(traditional and modern) - Remodeling, design, room, bedroom, child's room - Reconstruction and design and design and decoration fast food, restaurant, coffee shop - Design kitchen modern, industrial, and residential provide technical drawings الکترومکانیکال - Design sauna, jacuzzi, etc. the pool - Landscaping, outdoor pools - Fireplace design, modern and classic - Design partition, modern residential and administrative - Advice for the purchase of all household equipment(furniture, curtains, wall paper, etc. floorings, blinds, shutters, and ...) - Design and implementation of facade(along with the best lighting) - Design and implementation of the garden, To see the portfolio to the blog below

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Tel+98 021-6×××8626 (منقضی شده)
Mobile+98 09354186025 - 0935×××6026 (منقضی شده)
Addressمیدان انقلاب - ابتدای خ آزادی - نبش جمالزاده جنوبی - پاساژ 201 - طبقه دوم - designer group
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