Industries company, PCB, Kara

  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 51-100 Person
  • Company Activity: producer , Trading Company , Distributor and Wholesaler
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: Electric and electronics, Mechatronics
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Factory Kara in the industrial town of abbasabad and in the land area of 3000متر Square is located. Two production hall of the company has 2000متر square space manufacturing is to produce products fit the good reputation of the Kara to the most modern machinery have been equipped. Kara utilizes a variety of equipment, all the mechanized and also the laboratory control and inspection of raw material and product, production based on national and international standards rests with Allah. Membership in the Association, develop and improve the quality of the industry and the PCB industry plating, Iran, as well as obtaining a license, manufacturing and research and development from Ministry of industries and also received a certification, the international standard for Quality Management ISO9001:2008 from Institute TÜV NORD, Germany from other honors fellows you have in Kara.
Policy کیفیتکارا electronics is a manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of PCB along with providing assembly service in accordance with the needs of the clients and in this regard, the quality management system, a documentary based on the international standard of quality management ISO 9001:2008 to achieve the policy, and increase the quality of products, uniformity of production, the acquisition of a larger share in the market, increase the productivity of all resources of the organization, create a culture of prevention of imperfections, etc., timely delivery, reduced cost, Howe, continuous improvement, with the goal of reaching the position of the best and largest manufacturer of PCB in Iran, the Organization created and deployed). Following targets to achieve the policy mentioned above is considered:

Determine the sources of purchase suitable for the supply of raw materials and price reduction expired
Increase the amount of quality and production of products
Offer (including موزشهای specialized requirements and motivate employees and upgrade the scientific level of them as the main investment of the company is the guarantor of the continuity and promotion, and improve the quality of the productions.
Develop scope of services and production in order to increase the amount of satisfaction of clients and achieving new markets
Establish relationships, technical, business, group, message, domestic and foreign manufacturer of PCB in order to provide product of the highest quality in accordance with global standards
Each of the attendants, Kara, who has the enterprise related to quality management system. in order to perform assigned tasks authority has to ensure that all activities comply with the quality management system in the organization is done. Also, in order to ensure the center adjustment policy, the quality and performance of the organization in the intervals, modal, policy, and goals about review re-placed.The Director of the factory, courtesy of the implementation of the quality system through the management representative, and also open futures, volume, control and track.
The production and assembly of a variety of circuits الکترونیکیPCB PCB یکرو printed circuit duplex glass, and ...
The production and assembly of a variety of circuits الکترونیکیPCB PCB یکرو printed circuit duplex glass, and ...

Contact Information
Nameصنایع مدارچاپی کارا-صنایع مدارچاپی کارا
Tel+98 0292-3426340
Fax+98 0292-3426243
Addressکرج,کیلومتر 45 جاده خاوران .بعد از پلیس راه شریف آباد.شهرک صنعتی عباس آباد.انتهای بلوار ابن سینا.خیابان کوشاوران. کوی 14.پلاک 2575 ,
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