Company Nian electronic

  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 11-20 Person
  • Company Activity: producer
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: machine manufacturing
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Field of activity: manufacturer of switching power supply and equipment for force Telecom
Projects: the company in the wake of the efforts of experts and researchers in the field of research projects, R&D results, or to come : -design and build UPS type Online with a power of 2KW -design and build اینورترها 700W and 1500W -design and manufacture of switching power supply module 48V/10A and 24V/20A -design and build a converter (Converter) 48 VDC to 24 VDC -design and manufacture of power supplies, desktop 162W and 180W switching ( with the application of telecommunication and military) -Design and manufacture of power supplies, modular, Telecom 48V switching in different capacities with the acquisition of the techniques and توپولوژیهای new switching techniques and digital design -design and manufacture of peripheral products related to the main product (power supplies Telecom)( - tester friability of the rock and the module یکسوکننده - distribution box DC (DC PDB) - distribution box, AC (AC PDB) - adapter module یکسوکننده - software Monitoring System Power Supply ((Local - control and monitoring system power supplies for Remote (Modem interface) The direction of the implementation of the network OMC -alarms digital panel دوسیمه) -design and construction of machine control phase of the smart(3PH) that the result of this research, for the project Executive, is remarkable . - Supply of equipment, nutrition, 6000 website GSM, etc. WLL, etc., fiber optic, switches and data carriers across the country - supply of feed 8000 center of telecommunications of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran - supplier of feed projects, fiber optic country (Back Bone) - rating first sale, resources, nutrition, low capacity telecommunications in the years 83, etc. 82و84
Facilities and equipment: -the use of proper equipment and the new parts of research and development - the use of the powerful software design in different sectors (electrical - mechanical-PCB) - use the techniques of simulation (Simulation) in the design of circuitry and software control - the use of information resources, powerful and up to date, including books, etc., papers, seminars, etc., exhibitions, etc. high speed Internet and ....
Abilities: - converters Power(Inverter – Converter - UPS – rectifier-switching - systems control and distribution of energy) - industrial control and automation - Signal Processing - measurement وابزار exact - Medical Equipment - Systems, SCADA and telemetry (in various industries : telecommunications - petrochemical - power and....) - Automotive industry and networking technology, AN - the defense industry and military - biometrics - telecommunications equipment - design and manufacture a variety of systems, Power electronic (power electronics) with the use of techniques, switch fashion, includes systems for welding, high frequency, etc., ballast etc. all kinds of Remote Control, High Frequency, the compensation storage, network, Electric shaver power factor(PFC)
Manufacturer of switching power supply and equipment for force Telecom
Manufacturer of switching power supply and equipment for force Telecom

Contact Information
Nameمهندس محمد علی-چمنیان
Tel+98 0511-5414111
Fax+98 0511-5413614
Mobile+98 54136×××0511
Addressمشهد,شهرک صنعتی توس - فاز 2 - بلوار اندیشه - اندیشه 4,
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