Company nectar (sugar factory temper)

  • Company Registration Date: 1966-03-21
  • Number of Staff: 11-20 Person
  • Company Activity: producer , Distributor and Wholesaler
  • Place: East Azarbaijan
  • In the field of: Cars and motorcycles
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Company LLP nectar, in the year 1345 by the private sector with the aim of establishing the factory production away from beets established under number 10855 in Tehran registered in the year 1347, the first operation the factory has done has been in line with its activities in the year of 1356 established the factory products بیسکویت وآبنبات, etc. کارامل وتافی means that in the year 1357 exploited, taken واداره the affairs of the company until the end of the year 1358 the responsibility of the owners of the stock have been, and the year mentioned, based on the Law on the protection and development of Iranian industries covered by the National industries organization of erosion.

Company up to date 3/9/70 by managers elected by the National industries organization of Iran, and operated from the date of the above the management of it to the owners of stock واگذاروتوسط Directors elected by the owners of the stock can be operated nominal capacity of the factory intake یکهزار وپانصد tons of sugar beets in twenty-four hours وتولیدات it away. scum dry وملاس . But in years recent to increase plant capacity from 1500 tons to 3000 tons of action that now with the installation of some machinery required, capacity, practical plant to two thousand tons, the consumption of beets in the 24 hours is reached . وظرف the next few years with the installation of الباقی machines, the required capacity of the plant to three thousand tons, consumption of beet در24 hours will increase .

The company is a public joint stock has been ومرکزآن Tehran, which is under the number 212062 in the Department of Registrar of companies has been registered .

The subject of its activities, in accordance with paragraph 3 of the Statute include:

Established واداره factories in order to produce the preparing hundreds of products sugar from beet –شکرخام –molasses, and other items., the preparation of fodder products other than pulp وملاس beet ومتفرعات it. handle any type of factories, manufacturing, cholera, participation in such companies directly or through stock exchange ومبادرت to any فعالیتهائیکه to perform the purposes aforesaid essential useful .
The production of sugar
The production of sugar

Contact Information
Nameمحمد جعفرنیاخرانق
Tel+98 0461-2450900
Fax+98 0461-2450905
Mobile+98 88809××× 021
ProvinceEast Azarbaijan
Address,کیلومتر 5 جاده خوی- تبریز ،کارخانه قند خوی,
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