Investment Company, transport, supply

  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 11-20 Person
  • Company Activity: Trading Company , Service company
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: Transport and Tourism
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
This شـرکت first name شـرکت سـرمایهگذاری future of social security in تاریخ14/05/ 1387 with the capital 200ملیارد rial to the value of each share 1000ریال was recorded, and the shareholder of its main social security organization. Activity, it investment in various fields in order to maintain and preserve, and the growth of the social security organization was defined and in the fields of petrochemistry, refineries, etc. Bank and. insurance and ... investment of all of us. but on 18/05/1388طی Assembly of the supernatural after یکسال to the company's investment in specialized transportation, rename, and issue activity also was changed and it was as holding specialized downline, company investment, social security (Shasta) activity. Currently سهامداراصلی the same organization of social security is that as وکالتی by Shasta office. The Stock portfolio previous to Shasta and transferred any of the shares of companies, Miscellaneous, to هلدینگهای related to it in the downline Shasta وکالتا entrusted were mutual, IT management of the stock companies کشتیرانی C.This.Iran 5/25%, National total capital of 33%, etc. saipa 17%, and ایرانخودرو 76/08% industrial نیرومحرکه 8/34%, from Shasta to this holding were وکالتی transferred). So it is also through the stock assignment of the State for the rejection of debts to social security organization, etc. this basket holding specialized transportation is growing. Including the companies assigned for the rejection of Dion government : company transport abadan that of the largest fleet of road in the country is 70% (30% direct and 40% indirect through the company inspection goods commercial) and Company this 100%, and کشتیسازی الوندان 100%, etc. inspection goods commercial 100%, and ... being transferred are. باشکل the holding can be claimed to be the first company comprehensive transportation in the country, which can fleet of research for the sea air road and rail planning and management that is created. Program futures company's presence in the fleet of the rail cargo, air passenger is also. The relationship of this collection with other collections related to such research and دانشکدههای Transport, Ministry of roads and company standards. management of the transit agency toll of the country ... in order to fix the defects, software (rules, regulations, etc. آییننامهها, etc.). and vacuum and کاستیهای hardware like ریلگذاری, renovation, fleet, develop infrastructure and ... efforts) and toward the use condition of the ظریفیتهای the top of the کریدورهای country. in order to obtain revenues in foreign exchange and rials, etc. track and measures the necessary training. Obviously, through a diverse fleet, we can transfer the load from the track خشکی to the sea and from the sea to the خشکی and transfer from road and rails valuable services provided. this company is with such things, although is formed.
The transfer time from route خشکی to the sea and from the sea to the خشکی and transfer from road and rails
The transfer time from route خشکی to the sea and from the sea to the خشکی and transfer from road and rails

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