Company office, factory آلوبوند in Iran

  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 21-50 Person
  • Company Activity:
  • Place: Fars
  • In the field of: Building and Construction
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Sheets composite reach areas آلوبوند product company names and معروفAmerican Bulding Technologies, inc is in the state of Colorado USA based. The diversity of products, Alubond includes sheets, composite reach areas ,ceiling, false plates, cladding, silicone, etc. coatings, acoustic and...

آلوبوند Alubond usa (exterior):

Sheets کامپوزیت alubond of a core ترموپلاستیک polyethylene and two layers of aluminum coated on both side it that is.

Link Layer, chemical, machanical and thermal takes place that result it ورقی کامپوزیت with endurance. surface is smooth, weight style and quite form possible.

The core of the middle alubond of poly-ethylene Low Density can be completely non-toxic and resistance very high in the front of the flare, and the result sheet, alubond among the few sheets کامپوزیت ضدحریق placed. Also layer aluminum back sheet, coating protective paint to prevent creation of corrosion.
آلوبوند reflections, Alubond-Lite (interior):

آلوبوند reflections, a sheet کامپوزیت aluminum with a thickness less than the sheets Alubond usa is that choice more affordable for domestic use will be. Alubond reflections, in addition to the series A got color, including series two got color (the front and back of the sheet has the color) also.

3 Standard sample from the head of the two-faced color includes yellow,-red, blue-green and مشکی-filey on the back and on the sheets.
آلوبوند fireproofing Alubond-Fr :

Alubond fire retardants Fr products, shell, alloy, aluminum, and a core of mineral, non-flammable.

Standards fire alarm this sheet contains Standard ASTM-E119, categorizing, etc. Warring, Fire, UK, and DIN 4102 Germany.
آلوبوند economic Alubond-Eco :

Due to the benefit alubond Economic of the coating color, polymer فرامقاوم Ultra Durable Polymer instead of the coating, PVDF sheet, Alubond-Eco from the more affordable prices and 8 year guarantee of the company alubond.
آلوبوند, premium, Alubond-Permium :

Alubond premium covers the Micro Structure can be like the lotus leaf, causing slip and loss of water. result be done by this system, non-absorb dust use easy level sheet.
آلوبوند stainless steel, Alubond-SS :

On the sheet کامپوزیت Stainless Steel, a polymer layer mineral by two layers of aluminum on the back and stainless steel on the front, sandwich.

Alubond SS in the two series, and mirror supplied.
آلوبوند seven colors Alubond-Double color :

The color of the product in different angles, and fit with the direction of radiation of the light change that the visual effects very create beauty.
آلوبوند انرژیک Alubond-Energize :

Alubond انرژیک like solar panels Allah, and on the effect of radiation, light, energy الکتریسیته production.
Contact Information
Tel+98 021-6279979
Fax+98 021-6279684
Mobile+98 021×××9979
Addressشیراز,شیراز - بولوار ستارخان - ساختمان آلوبوند,
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