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About Company
Weaving ازکهن most Arts is that of the era, from the date of the so far stable is left.From the Bronze Age, about four thousand years ago from Arts-Ching, this is the land of the showing represents the historical continuity وپیوستگی, like that هنرشناسان to happen it features a visible art has been with the art and historical patterns and symbols it is that in addition to the aspects of aesthetic وتزئینی to beliefs, had and the culture of ancient predecessors, can find. To cite وکشف many of the tools of carpet weaving is from the graves of women on the slopes of the Alborz areas John Kerman and the city burned, sistan and ... the discovery has opened many doors about the history and culture of carpet weaving in Burma unfold.

In 1328 the solar system (1949) was Professor رودنکو piece of carpet knots, had no local name پازیریک the discovery of the doctrine dates back to 2500 years ago, it seems.تصویرحاشیه the carpet in the common time in the role, persepolis, the similarities are abundant.According to opinion رودنکو the origin of this carpet from Iran.In addition, the evidence of the historical verification of manufacturer this point is the weaving, in sassanian times, the boom, abundant.In linking, there is the weaving in this course, to carpet the famous بهارخسرو (baharestan) noted that we can.

With the start of Islamic history up to the Safavid era witnessed many ups and downs in the rug are, but again, the age is that Iranian artists to create works that are so pleasing and beautiful country that never looking for them, not find.Designs carpet of creativity ونبوغ artists of this epoch, so fertile it is recommended that after a few hundred years, yet as a template for the pen masters of the fall. This time, according to said, Renaissance art, Iran name.After that, Iranian carpets your path کماکان with the same ups and downs before the Safavid period continued. But always as a mirror of all the facades of art of the peoples of the land, that is Art make the life of their transplant, and more. And so is the industry and trade Persian carpet with backing me up this day in the international arena شاهکاری unmatched can be considered.

We therefore we've been that backup to this legacy are the basis of designs and colors and quality, based on his art so noble and peerless upon competitors from a range of rich designs, can use up the carpet Savin all means representative of the tradition of durable.
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