Now rotate the goods of the Iranians

  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 1-10 Person
  • Company Activity: producer , Shop
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: machine manufacturing
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Import all kinds of bearings original - bearing - chain, industrial machine *, consultant, business affairs*
Company rotate the goods of the Iranians
No. registration 265100
Import all kinds of bearings original - bearing - chain, industrial machine *, consultant, business affairs*
This company is honored in line with the policies developed, and suggest that برواردات and the distribution of the original types (bearings - bearing peat (–chaining, industrial and machine – lock and half-lock ), and also order the construction of a variety of (bearings export brand registered SDF wife SMT with the highest quality, compactness, goods European and Foley – کوپلینگ – wheel gear, industrial ) For order developer Gan وخواست consumers without intermediaries brand with the best quality, most appropriate price قراردهد and we could get the consent of all مــصرف کنندگانی that ازخـدمات imported, this company is benefited. have بـدست We that this مـهم our motivation to continue this hard and difficult path, making has to prove the claims above, you can کمترین the time of service the services the company contact to register درتامین need you have, we would hope that we can provide خـدمات مطلـوب your satisfaction, you جـلب نـمائیم and کـمال honor درحـلقه customers, our special place, waiting for a response, you're %
Two brand TOPROLL vintage ITC ) in the name of this company in Iran and the Middle East, has been registered and has a warranty.
1 - Import of peat (the original Japanese brand( NACHI , KOYO , NTN)
2 - import all kinds of bearings, Chinese, grade 1A brand :( TOPROLL ITC KG)
3 - import of bearing peat ((UCP – UCF – UCT – UCFL ) pursuant to the order provider
4 - import a variety of chains of transmission, and machine – lock, half lock, according to the order provider
5 - order making all kinds of bearing export واولین only the holder of the operation license from the Ministry of Industry of the country and certification system brand : (SDF wife SMT )
6 - order making all kinds of Foley – کوپلینگ – rubber –gear chains
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Tel+98 021-3×××0528
Fax+98 021-33938495
Mobile+98 3×××6441
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