Company industry printing and packaging easy, qazvin, Iran ( pjs )

  • Company Registration Date: 2003-03-21
  • Number of Staff: 21-50 Person
  • Company Activity: producer
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: Printing, advertising and packaging
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Company industry printing and packaging easy qazvin ( pjs ) in the year 1382 registered with the buying company, print, sea, light on a special road Tehran – karaj, step into the arena of the printing industry and packaging in Iran. With regards to dating and the owner of the name being printed, the sea of light, from the beginning of activity of the company easy qazvin collaboration with the biggest brand names and most important companies manufacturing in various classes to experience. The plan established the ctn storage and printing new easy qazvin in the Board of Directors of the company in February 1383 passed and with the purchase of a land area of 45000 square meters, in 25 کیلومتری the city of qazvin in March, 1383, comprehensive surgery wore.
Since during the process the legal in order to build the factory and the introduction of the scheme to the Ministry of Industry and creating the structure necessary regarding the management of the project and the conclusion of contracts of employment and companies in July, 1384, the time of operation of a building in qazvin, Iran and holding negotiations with the sellers of machinery, in Switzerland, France and Germany began and with the effort of boarding and unparalleled skilled and educated, Young, the best consultants and, continued, until finally, in March, 1385, the first molded easy in the company dairy dawn (daily) was used. Create the central office at the end of June, 1386, in the north of Tehran, causing the formation of organizational chart) and the installation of all machinery, sheet storage, etc. convert and segment the offset the assistance they Company be near to getting to your goals in December of 70% of nominal capacity.
Design and engineering
Utilizes the force of educated, creative, all of the following items to consider will be:
Speed up production with the use of a package of high quality
Maintain the quality of the product inside the packaging of warehouses, production manufacturer to the hands of the consumer
Design dazzle manufacturer and attractive

Marketing and sales
The production of each of the packing alone a project, and why the choice, sale system, Accounting Management any order by the experts from design to Delivery tracking.
The information technology sector
Surrounded by, to the knowledge of the day and of true knowledge of the needs of the various sections of the ... comprehensive software design and implementation has been to respond to the rapid progress the system has been, and also serve customers with speed and accuracy to perform.
The force of young and energetic in the produce section of your efforts is used up with the utmost precision and the highest quality possible products to provide.
In the end, despite the forces of hard Ethiopia, and active in a set of interlocking, and in the shadow work. we've been able to produce products with quality, Premier has produced the customers ' satisfaction and to attract the attention.
Ctn storage
Device sheet سازBHS: the production of sheet with the width of the 280سانتی km and with a speed of 300 km in minutes, made in Germany, Model 2006
Printing machine فلکسوFFG: چهاررنگ printing and production speed of 18,000 / ctn H). build. model 2006
Printing machine فلکسوDRO: چهاررنگ printing with high quality., the ability دایکات, the air, etc. build. model 2006
Device SPO Vision: the ability to دایکات with high accuracy and پوشالگیری, the air, the construction of Switzerland, model 2006
Machine, FLEXO Vision : the ability to print with quality, excellent compactness, offset printing, and. Swiss made, model 2006
Machine, staple making رایبدگس. 2006 model
Device composed Maker: use مرکبهای, imported in the device. quality color and یکنوا ...

Contact Information
Nameشرکت صنایع چاپ و بسته بندی آسان قزوین -شرکت صنایع
Tel+98 021-2×××9604
Fax+98 021-22029604
Addressتهران,خیابان ولی عصر ، بالاتر از بزرگراه نیایش ، روبروی سازمان مدیریت صنعتی ، پلاک 1471,
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