Company of wood industries in Iran

  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 1-10 Person
  • Company Activity: producer , Trading Company , Agents
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: MDF, wood and raw materials
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Complex wood and paper industries (chouka), in the year 1352, with the participation of organization development and renovation of Iranian industries (60% stock) and the Ministry of Agriculture and development rural (40% stock) in kilometers, the thirty-four road, port of anzali to Astara established and operation, administration, and building it in the year 1357, finished. According to the case being launched integrated with the peak of the making of the Islamic Revolution, in October 1357, during a launch demo complex opening, but after a few days stopped working. Based on the contract concluded, the company-Builder (استدلر Hz of Canada) must be combined with management and employees, and external, after completion of the factory and deliver it to the nominal capacity and training of the personnel, the plant and leave it Delivery experts. However, personnel of foreign Without, delivery, factory, the Iranian regime has to meet its obligations did not act thus, until the year 1361 practically factory production, complete stagnation. From the year 1361 efforts planned for launch and continuity of the production began with the delivery of the plant to the National industries organization of Iran, in the year 1364, the efforts to meeting, and from that year onwards the plant per year compared to the years before the situation better. In the year 1365 the decisions necessary for isolation of parts of the forest and the industry, under the management of an independent adoption and the previous company into three independent company, wood crafts of Islam and the company of wood industries and the paper ( under the guise of organization, industry, national) and company forest شفارود, under the Ministry of Agriculture, analysis was. In conclusion, the mission of the preservation, operation, and reclamation of forest and production of wood (sleepers, etc. واشان, etc., board games, etc.) of the gamut of the activities of the company چوکا were deleted.
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This field is one of the few disciplines that art-seekers, and even students, it because of the look of dishonest people, college graduates, those grumbling are the Quran say, people think that at the end of this course the art of Joe to get a stick on or the carpenter, simple turns, though, your woodworking career is the delicacy and precision of its own, but what often people refer to it, can work banging nails in wood, or saw off a piece of wood .But be sure that this is just a thought, superficial and crude . To attest to the date and آثارباستانی left from the ancient times in Iran and all parts of the world, wood material, durable and feature is very much in a way that directly or impossib ...

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Fax+98 021-44212565
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