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  • Number of Staff: 1-10 Person
  • Company Activity: producer , Trading Company , Agents
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: Printing, advertising and packaging
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Lack of credit is a word that is sometimes an excuse to do nothing matters inherent in some organizations. an issue that session, the Commission suspended the Zanjan obscures the data and determined that the health of the theory, captured three million USD is the money.

Not long ago, news in the province of Zanjan, Zanjan, quotes from executives related to the environment and the health of the province was published in the media based on the maintenance of the olives in the barrels, chemicals, etc. after the release of this news some position in the creation, formal and non-formal, in the media and economic and even political province was released.

In the wake of this traveler, the deputy political and security Governor of Zanjan, Zanjan, on the Fast Track and super this is stressed, and asked for clarification of the angles of this affair was that in the first session of the Commission تعزیزات the province of Zanjan, after the presence of the belated representative of the University of Medical Sciences, issues were raised that with the reaction of the deputy of the political and security Governor of Zanjan was facing.

The representative of the University of Medical Sciences, Zanjan province, stating that a special machine for testing, pollution, olives and other products amounted to 20 million USD purchased. claimed: the cost of testing olive three million dollars that the University could not be the cost of doing experiments afford.

The words of the representative of University of Medical Sciences and health services, which on behalf of Dr. hamidi, deputy of food and drug of the University, as was with the reaction of the traveler, the deputy political and security استاندای Zanjan was facing and said the health of people, humor, vector, and significant carelessness is not and should not be for three or four million people's health because of the fall.

Traveler with the reminder that with the management well that in the province was conducted and the interaction and collaboration of the media issue olive province, such as rice infected in the country of issue, Maker?, added:, surprisingly, is that while for a conference of 50 to 60 million USD, The cost can be that this is the only part of the cost of a conference is for the supply of three million USD for the health of the people, wasted time.

He stressed that the health sector, waiting for the supply of credit does not accept the ... continued Zanjan province in terms of health indicators and health among the provinces of the country and should be in the field of cause marketing, especially, talk, olive, is also trying for us.

Traveler, with an emphasis on whether the province with any disruption in the field of public health, and mental people without compliments with someone, deal. continued: if the sure thing دستهایی in the discussion infecting زیتونها. with this approach decisive.

Deputy, political, and security of Zanjan province, with the criticism of procrastination in the field of testing, only to excuse million dollars saying: in the field of Health acceptable and is not defined that for only three million dollars demo does not do and why the health of society with the danger to be faced.

Traveler attention to the field of Health, it is important and essential in the development of the province, he emphasized that in Zanjan Province the activities of the well in the field of health and its promotion. added: have all made health in the province, with the process more quickly run out and the center of waiting for the determine assignment of Tehran, is not.

In the history of the eighteenth December last year, J. تاراسی Directorate of environment in Zanjan province, Iran, and zanganeh, head of jihad agriculture, the city, tarom, etc., maintenance, olives in barrels contaminated with chemicals, in some areas, confirmed that.

This barrel ...
Most manufacturers of these devices have sought to find foreign markets, and export development.
This manufacturer of industrial equipment pointed out that the main problem the manufacturers of these devices, the low purchasing power of customers is reminiscent of the. banking facilities and help with the cost of purchasing these devices to buyers, thereby, solving their problems, and ultimately sell more equipment to be packed.
Director of machinery and mechanization company, support services agriculture, said the transformation of mechanization in the operations of planting and harvesting rice, in addition to fixing the hard work of rice farmers, causing speed up operation, reduce costs and improve the quality of the work it will be.

Nasser Yousef Zadeh added: the development of mechanization in the brass section, the quality of performance this section ensures.

He said the liquidity problem, including the inhibiting factors on the way of development of mechanization is considered, which reduces the performance برنجکاران.

Manager of machinery company, Agricultural Services, stating that the purchase guarantee product برنجکاران, etc. are of great help to the economy کشاو ...

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