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The history of the industrial group Linde
The history of the industrial group Linde
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The history of the industrial group Linde

The activities of the industrial group Linde three branches زیرتقسیم can be:

1 - gas

2 - - technical engineering ( construction of the facility, a large industrial field of chemical and petrochemical)

3 - construction forklift

This industrial group, with their headquarters in the cities of Munich and London has 53000 employees in more than 70 countries around the world.

Enthusiast dear can history of creation of the industrial group Linde in the following thoughtful words:

Mr. Carl von Linde, the founder of industrial group Linde on June 11, 1842 establishments in South Germany, was born.

During high school, due to calls مکرراو with مدیریک factory cotton storage and see the big machinery industrial interested in studying engineering. After completion of secondary education studying in the Faculty of Vienna in Austria was.

A few years later it began to work in a cotton factory building that, after some time as a board member of the IT factory, was selected. In the year 1868 ad, as Professor of the School of Munich, Germany the choice to be.

Mr. Carl von Linde in 1879 his company in the town of wies Baden, Germany, established.

He was in 1880 the first cool houses for کشتارگاها and plant ice storage building.

In 1885 AD, the first branch of the foreign company Linde (in the UK) was established.

In the year 1895 ad, he succeeded the gases contained in the air-to-liquid conversion.

In 1902 ad, have day ازسالها quest oxygen by the decomposition of forecast production.

Mr. Carl von Linde, the founder of industrial group Linde later, otherwise, with frequent job and purchase of companies and institutions in the year 1934 ad, at the age of 92 years and having 6 children, seen from the clamps.

In 1938 establishments Industrial Group Linde to begin production of the tractor. Branch technical - Engineering-Industrial Group Linde, the largest machine breakdown forecast in the year 1953 ad for American makes.

In 1969 was the production of tractors in the Linde stopped gotten it so the forklift can be built.

In 1974 AD, the activities of gas production Linde in Brazil واسترالیا began. Between the years 1975 to 1999, the industrial group Linde activities of their manufacturing in the three branches listed above, at the level of international expansion.

For example - Linde the years attempting to buy foreign companies or established branch offices in different countries.

Linde, in the year 2000 the Swedish company AGA can shatter.After this Purchase, Linde has become one of the largest companies producing natural gas in the world.

In September 2006, Linde is the second largest company producer of industrial gases in the world (BOC) can crushed. With this action, Linde to the largest manufacturer of industrial gases and engineering became.
Linde gas Pars manufacturer of all kinds of gases such as industrial gases – special gases – gases پزشگی – gases for industry, food and gas for the glad to be gay.

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