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  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 101-200 Person
  • Company Activity: producer , Trading Company , Agents
  • Place: Esfahan
  • In the field of: Building and Construction
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Engineering purpose of rolling is to change the form of the billet to the cross-sections desired, the engineer thirty includes کارگاهای rolling 300., The Rolling Mill 350., the, rolling, 500, etc. نــورد 650 and کارگاههـای service provider. Generally, rolling two warm and cold there. کارگاههای Rolling Plant melting Iron, all type of hot rolling . In نــــورد high, شمـش it from reaching the air حـرارت desired in the furnace, the rolling of a few sets, dynapac, spinning pass), and reducing the consecutive section cools to form the desired converted into doublet .

After completing the change form, the final product is de ستگاههای shear line like the scissors button) to the desired length, cut and after the operation, supplemental and control, etc. packing of round rules and to warehouse The shipped product.

Workshop rolling mill 300
The workshop of rolling style ومداوم. Nominal capacity تولیداین workshop 700 tons per year and has molded the workshop includes a variety of bars construction, ranging from the simple and ribbed of a score of 10 to 32 mm and corners, wings equal, score, 4, and 5 and 6 .

Workshop rolling mill 350
The workshop of rolling style ومداوم and has the production capacity of which 330 thousand tons per year. Also, the workshop includes a direct line for the production of rebar and reinforcement, and a wire line. The products of the workshop on the straight line includes rebar and reinforcement of the score of 16 to 28 mm, and also in the line wire, coil diameter 5/5 up to 16 mm and آرماتورهای 8 and 10 mm.
Types of steel beam-H
2 - a variety of corners, the wings equal, and the wings, unequally up the sides of the 300mm.
3 - types of تیرآهنهای wings, thin and wide wings I.
4 - studs up sections, heavy.
5 - rails style and نیمهسنگین that in the railway lines of the application.
6 - types of rails the elevator.
7 - types of شفتهای big steel.
8 - types of sheet, width 600 mm.
It is necessary to remind, that is, between the above products that is آریانفولاد production and supply. the production cross sections of beam H to. the rails. the studs and corners of the wings equal to the wing and inequality for the first in Iran and the production cross sections of H and rails for tropical systems in the Middle East.
The production cross sections of new includes sections for steel beam-H ...
52% of کلافها to the unit, completing the hot rolling is transferred . In this unit, acts such as the less weight the better, improving the properties of mechanical and ... leveling sheet, cutting light and heavy sheets in lengths of 1 to 12 km .

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