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About Company
A few the remarkable thing about the products Video 1 - lack of use of oil products, grilled and fried important the products video can be the products by room, cooking Electric, along with steam-baking) 2 - in the products vacuum been need to take some gel, meat(meat juice) Can be seen which is an indication of the high quality of the product and the lack of use of the filler plant, such as soy flour and ... ( 3 - achieve a golden color when frying signifies cooking the perfect in products such as cocktails and hot dogs. Sterling soon other products to market to the consumer market will deliver, which includes a variety of steaks(Greek - French - German-garlic - onion), and also products, fried. Company es mehr Sina, the company as the first and largest farm breeding turkeys in the east of the country since the 80's began, and your productions in the province and also out of province, and also to out-of-province عرضا. In the long term goals of the company. spread a culture of بئقلمون and its derivatives for products, the protein quality is used. therefore, from the year 85 action to consult the deposit with the company آلمی, Austria(ALMi ) of the order the products with the formulation of the European day of production and supply) and in the ridge 87, the efforts to conclusion, and now the products with your brand video, for the consumption of the public, Fellow of production and supply. Turkey and its meat Turkey bird native to the American continent and the consumption of its meat from years ago, Vogue has found . But during the last half century, with the progress of Science, nutrition, and becoming a well-known characteristic of this meat, per capita consumption of it has doubled. 35 to 40%, pork, Turkey, etc. meat and 60 to 65 percent of it is white meat. This meat can be used instead of mutton and veal (not even minced), and also in foods that of the chicken can be used. During the course of the breeding turkeys in such a way that can't be it, with rations inadequate nutrition will therefore, the quality of meat obtained from birds the longer the better. Turkey meat has high protein, etc. salts, iron, and zinc (when taking it to prevent hair loss and پیشگری joint pain meats), acids, amino essential the lowest amount of cholesterol. Therefore, a source of protein appropriate can be considered. Low sodium contained in Turkey causes of blood pressure. Low sodium, existing in Turkey, thereby preventing the pressure of the blood. Also, patients with diseases of the cardiovascular easily better to the surface of the cell and the health of the skin can help. Minerals found in Turkey, strengthens the immune system and healing of wounds are, and in the digestive enzymes plays a major role. Properties of amino acids, proteins, the mechanism contained in the products sterling valine: protein Maker, fragile lipids (preventing obesity, and accumulated mass, fat), the antioxidant (anti-cancer) the removal of toxic substances from the liver, reducing cholesterol, blood repel and prevent the accumulation of lead and Mercury in the body. THR: the protein maker, and prevent the deposition of fat in the liver, detoxification. Phenylalanine: protein Maker, regulator of appetite, anti-depression. Tyrosine: used in glands, thyroid, and growth hormone stimulant. At the end of the........ The variety of products need to take all of at least 55% meat (thighs وسینه) Turkey start and up to 98% continues. Also, any plant matter(like flour, soybeans, and ... that makes ...
Turkey meat - spice آلمی - پاکت وکیوم
Sales representative Turkey poults نیکلاس UK - manufacture and supply of turkey meat - production and the supply of protein products and Bryan

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