Specification of Company static crushing gamers

  • Company Registration Date: 2011-03-21
  • Number of Staff: 1-10 Person
  • Company Activity: Trading Company , Distributor and Wholesaler
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: Instrumentation and Automation
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
1 - exclusive representative of the company, MULTIMETRIX, France manufacturer of equipment for measuring weak pressure
The company in 2003 during the signed cooperation contract of Engineering, with the group CHAUVIN-ARNOUX established and started working which is always dynamic and industrious in the direction of progress and development in the field of design and innovation, the equipment measured the activity is today as well known name in the whole range of industries, oil, gas and petrochemical, as well as construction and powerhouses around the world.
Research, innovation and reliability of the top products, The representative office in all around the world. the company MULTIMETRIX as the leading in the industry making measurement equipment for the global introduced.Also benefit from the most advanced machines and advanced software and modern in order to build and produce and also do a lot of function tests on any product of the features of the index company MULTIMETRIX in order to differentiate the quality and performance of the company. Now thousands more than the number of products the company MULTIMETRIX in more than 50 countries of the world is used. All test, quality control under the supervision of experts, the group Chauvin Arnoux, perform and then products which often warranty one year and service after the sale of 10-year-old are associated with the way the trading markets are.
Confirmation, highly prestigious business of the organisations, inspection, insurance, equipment, engineering, environmental, and quality by کمپانیMultimetrix are as follows:
- Product compliance with the rules and specifications defined in Europe, the United (CE)
- Organization insurance equipment engineering, USA (FM)
- The organization issuing the confirmation, the safety equipment of America(VL)
- Organization, classification, and issuance of approval environmental Norway
- A global organization, issuing regulations, technical and environmental(Burea Veritas) and ...
The products of this company is:
 Testers( Voltage - Current)
 Multimeter(hand held-industrial-normal use)
 Clamp on Multimeter( for AC & DC current & AC+DC current use)
 Electrical safety testers(Earth-Loop-Insulation-Low resistance-circuit breakers-multi function - cabling)
 Physical measurement instruments(Data logger Light meter - Solar meter-Sound level Meter-tachometer-distance meter-Thermometer)
 Laboratory instruments (Power supplier - Oscilloscope-Generator)
 Accessories(Measurement lead-Earth testing kit-Carrying bag for clamp-on multimeter)

2 - sales representative products METRIX and CHAUVIN-ARNOUX
The two companies as a leader in the discussion of the construction and the preparation and production of تجیهزات measure in a wide range of user, from weak pressure taken, pressure, temperature, and also a variety of industries and user, environmental and quality control, and .... Activity.
In 1983, Rafael چوروون and Renee ارنوکس together the cooperation agreement signed this for the company, CHAUVIN-ARNOUX, born was. During the 120 years of activity, this company is a group specialized in the field of production equipment, the measuring values of the electrical and physical conversion.
Electricity somehow important from the energy at the heart of our everyday lives. And that's why ensuring the safety of the user and the consumer, and also other environmental costs, it is about attention. So the production and commercialization of tools and measuring instruments for over a century, the company's lease allows for a professional in the field of investigating and testing the reliability, safety and efficiency of distribution systems and electrical equipment connected to it periodically ( daily, weekly, etc.) say.
Use two famous brand METRIX and CHAUVIN-ARNOUX a wide range of equipment and measuring devices is for you.
Contact Information
Nameاحسان -اسلامی
Tel+98 1-8×××7010
Mobile+98 912×××3317
Addressتهران- خیابان ملاصدار-خیابان شیراز جوبی-بن بست لاله-پلاک 29-واحد3
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