Company saipa diesel

  • Company Registration Date: 1963-03-21
  • Number of Staff: Unknown
  • Company Activity: producer , Distributor and Wholesaler
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: Cars and motorcycles
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Company سایپادیزل one of the companies active automotive in Iran. The company is in the field of manufacturing vehicles, heavy and semi-heavy like a variety of truck and bus activity. The company at the beginning of the established ایرانکاوه name.Company سایپادیزل در28 July this year ۱۳۴۲ with the conclusion of the contract exclusively with the company, Mack تراکس and with the name of the ایرانکاوه its activities with the Assembly of lorries, Mack and build a variety of trailers started. The number of the lorries manufactured ایرانکاوه during term cooperation with the company ماکتراکس year, ۱۳۵۷ on ۷۵۰۰ device was. Looking to stop the production of lorries Mack in the year ۱۳۵۷, the company سایپادیزل in order to take advantage of the capacities available in the creation of employment. assemble the other وسایلنقلیه in the Department of transportation of traffic of passenger and cargo on the agenda. In the year ۱۳۶۳ after the conducted researches regarding the launch of the new line production of trucks, contract manufacturing and the production of lorries, Volvo, اف۱۲ in types ۴ x ۶، ۲×۶، ۲×۴, Volvo company تراکس agreement was signed. The conclusion of the contract the production of trailers insole with the company گوشا Yugoslavia, other measures highlight the سایپادیزل during this year.

In the process of production, sure, over the years, and ۱۳۶۳, ۱۳۸۰., the production of lorries, Volvo, انال۱۲ and اف۱۲ to the amount of more than ۱۰۰۰۰ device, and with about ۵۲% of self-sufficiency, sure was.

But in the wake of standards, environmental so-called standards of ” Euro“ by the European Union, and the lack of equipping the lorries companies, transportation, international, Iran, engines, standards, pollution, etc., the company سایپادیزل lyrics as the basic industry transportation road with the نیمقرن experience in the industry, with a correct understanding of the conditions and with regard to the role of human rights in overcoming the crisis resulting from lack of license, traffic trucks on the roads, with the aim of restructuring the fleet of a transportation road of the country, especially in the sector Transit time. Measures widely launched and finally, after conducting studies, and preliminary talks and conclusion of a new contract with the company, Volvo تراکس, etc. lorries, Volvo, model افاچ۱۲ and اناچ۱۲ already equipped with engines with standard pollution Euro ۳. in the line of manufacturing products سایپادیزل groups.

Technology, day, Europe, quality, safety, comfort, power, and strength, lorries, new, Volvo, etc. assign adult ۹۰% of the market share, in part, lorries, alluring, heavy on the year ۸۱ for the company سایپادیزل and market in Iran brought. From the other side of the vacuum existing in the sector نیمهسنگین and feel the dire need to rebuild the fleet of worn out inside of in this part of the market, the introduction of lorries to-day, Volvo models افام۹ and Renault میدلام to be followed so that the company سایپادیزل nowadays with the diversity in the product wide and with the supply of trucks in all segments of the style, medium or نیمهسنگین and heavy over ۲۳ model as well as a variety of the trailer and the office. with honor to be able to meet to ensure our clients and satisfying them. Production capacity سایپادیزل now making ۲۰۰۰۰ device, a variety of truck and ۶۰۰۰ device types of trailer and room times. Investment and capacity Builder in the fields of manufacturing and technological, develop, and create subsidiaries, cooperation with companies considered the global industry, commercial vehicles, etc. rebuild the fleet of worn-out domestic transport and transit ...
The production of vehicles, heavy and semi-heavy like a variety of truck and bus
The production of vehicles, heavy and semi-heavy like a variety of truck and bus

Contact Information
Nameسایپا دیزل-سایپا دیزل
Tel+98 021-6×××8745
Fax+98 021-6545687
Addressجاده تهران کرج,کیلومتر 14 جاده مخصوص تهران-کرج,1386181198
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