Specification of Company Consulting Engineers بنداد

  • Company Registration Date: -
  • Number of Staff: 1-10 Person
  • Company Activity:
  • Place: Tehran
  • In the field of: Consultation & Designing
  • Copmpany Type: Private
About Company
Company Consulting Engineers بنداد in December 1384, with private ownership by the engineer, Mehdi khakpour was established and its activities with personnel with experience in the field of Run-and-factoring work began and continued in the field of design, supervision and related matters with the Organization for registration of deeds and property, and Affairs of the municipality in order to complete the process of ring making projects.
Activity of the company, Consulting Engineers بنداد services include consulting, feasibility projects, design, monitoring, implementation, and recently also actions in the direction of supply of equipment projects. Also, following a detailed administrative process in all the departments and agencies relevant to the attainment of the result desired by the experts, unit of legal from other services that the consent of all the employers in the group. In recent years, due to the adoption of detailed master plan of the city of Tehran, and the importance of region in the direction of getting the most points in the construction in compliance with all aspects of legal one of the demands of employers is due to the investment and time spent is the greatest return of capital is not willing. One of the goals of the company Consulting Engineers بنداد easy access to all قشرها to the rules related to building is because one of the reasons that cause the owners tissues the reasons for the renovation will not have a lack of information on the rules and conditions of construction.
One of the arms of the company, Consulting Engineers بنداد certified contractors that are during the last years in different projects, the competence, and your ability to prove retaliation.
The major activity of the company, Consulting Engineers بنداد for EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction).
Design, calculate, and monitor and run include: drawings of structures - architectural drawings - drawings, installations - mechanical and electric - mapping geotechnical - smart home BMS - demolition and excavation, with advanced equipment, for obtaining all licenses relevant

Contact Information
Nameمهندسین-مشاور بنداد
Tel+98 1-2×××3922
Fax+98 1-22443922
Mobile+98 912×××0317
Addressاتهران ، ازگل، خیابان کامران، بعداز شهرداری منطقه یک ، ساختمان 102 ، واحد 1/1
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