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  • Making niches cheap with very high resistance with confirmation of system engineering

    The cheapest and the most resistant and lightest silo, super-style industrial portable 10 ton جرثقال engineering company کلیدر with the use of specialists and university lecturers in order to help employers to reduce the cost of construction of pavilions, with the openings very large, the action to design and implement a variety of niches above the industrial style has also prepared the implementation of the project from zero to 100, respectively .The niches for all user of the cattle taken to amusement parks, schools, etc., have been applied to economically cost-effective and is up to 40% che ...

    register date: 2019-11-25

    updated: 07 Jan

  • Need partnership in poultry

    Need a partner interested in breeding Partridge and pheasant\r\nفارم education has several halls with different dimensions, direction, education, Partridge and pheasant can be.\r\nدارای butterfly breeding from دامپزش...

    register date: 2019-09-05

    updated: 05 Sep

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