Buy , sell , rent and repair all equipment mapping

Buy , sell , rent and repair all equipment mapping

Best Buyer and the seller, total Station, and ترازیاب and laser meter and GPS handy, and station. Repairs and calibration مترهای laser GPS manual and frequency Asian total Station and ترازیاب and types of surveying equipment with a warranty. The sale of special types of surveying equipment A variety of Handheld GPS, Garmin ETREX 10 ETREX 20 ETREX 30 MAP 78S, GPS MAP 62S, OREGON 550, MONTANA 650 ---------------------------------------- ------------ A variety of مترهای laser Leica series D2 D210 X310 D5 D8 ---------------------------------------- ----- Types of total Station, Leica LEICA TS02 7" POWER - ULTRA - PLUS LEICA TS02 5" POWER - ULTRA - PLUS LEICA TS02 2" POWER - ULTRA - PLUS ----------------------------------- Total Station, electronic and laser sndyng : SANDING STS755 RL SANDING STS752 RL ---------------------------------------- ---- Total Station civil CIVIL-TS120R laser with a range of 350 km ---------------------------------------- ---- Offering a variety of surveying equipment ranging from tripods, etc. ژالن, etc. فلانژ, etc. چپقی. the and ..... ---------------------------------------- ---------- A variety of ترازیاب Leica: NA720 NA724 NA728 NA730 NAK2 Nikon AS-2C, AC-2S Pentax: AP281 Target: AX-2S All the above equipment has a warranty. For more information and price inquiry please contact the numbers listed please contact us. Cell number : (At the bottom of the ad) Company number : (At the bottom of the ad)

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Tel+98 21-4×××1822 (منقضی شده)
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  • Block style cement (concrete) لیپر

    Manufacturer of block style cement ( concrete ) لیپر: - Certificate of technical building and housing Research Center, and extended it for the sixth consecutive year. - Only the holder of the international certification Institute National Standard of America (ASTM C129). - Confirmation of technical building and housing Research Center. - In accordance with national Iranian standard No. 7782. - In accordance with the requirements of section 18 and 19 : * Only blocks, sound insulation, equivalent to 50db (decibels), the drop Sonic with a width of 15 cm in Iran. *Only blocks, heat insulation, created 18 degrees, the temperature difference between the two side walls in Iran. * Only the blocks has a fire resistance of more than 180 minutes at a temperature of 1200 degrees centigrade in Iran. *Produced by the machine is full automatic and equipped with a steam room (Ironing calw). * Only block. no need to plaster due to low water absorption (212 kg/m3 ) * Polypropylene fiber to increase the resistance, decrease distraction and avoid getting crushed when the groove, and The capability of the setting stud, the twist, roll No. due to the existence of fibers. * Has tongue and groove as well as half blocks and bricks, etc. for ease in running. * Ability to send blocks for pallets and packing to all parts of the country Different types of blocks, lightweight concrete ( cement ) : Block لیپر 7 in dimensions 7*20*40 Block لیپر 10 in dimensions 10*20*40 Block لیپر 15 in dimensions 15*20*40 Block لیپر 20 in dimensions 20*20*40 Super block لیپر 10 in dimensions 10*20*40 (three-walled) Super block لیپر 14 in dimensions 14*20*50 (Three-walled) Block half لیپر 10 in dimensions 10*20*20 Block half لیپر 15 in dimensions 15*20*20 Block half لیپر 20 in dimensions 20*20*20 Block semi-Super لیپر 14 in dimensions 14*20*25 Block semi-Super لیپر 10 in dimensions 10*20*20 Brick لیپر in dimensions 5*10*20 For more information and price list to company site please visit: To the channel & join us: Instagram لیپر:

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  • Presenter, specialized in prefabricated houses, quick & earthquake باسازه L S F ... valve

    Construction company, engineering the cloud-makers, young thought, the certificate of approval, qualification, rating 5ابنیه of the Vice Chancellor for planning and Presidential Administration, designer, and presenter, house and Villa, prefabricated anti-earthquake ودیوارهای ago made porter with structures, style L S F LSF also implementing the largest site el SS f the country, with the expert engineers are ready to cooperate in all parts of Iran The merits of the system : Resistance بسیاربالا against earthquake Having a super light weight High high speed run Compatible with the environment Being affordable to the economically Heat and sound insulation *L S F LSF *Prefabricated houses with structures L S F LSF *Homes above style with structures L S F LSF *Simply a class to ساختمانتان add . Add a floor to the building, structure, style - lsf - L S F- Add half a floor to the building, structure, style - lsf - L S F- Add floors to a building, structure, style - lsf - L S F- Add floors to the building, building, structures, style - lsf - L S F- * Suitable to add floors on the existing building because of the lightness * Suitable for build a half floor within the building, with sky-high The company's website Phone : 461 4500 0917 -451 4500 0901 – 460 7078 0917 - 2231267-0711 شیراز-خیابان زند –خیابان سعدی –alley Park Hotel –building nima واحد201 Cities in Iran : Fars ,Tehran , chahar Mahal and bakhtiari,mature دواس, Iran,Khorasan, Mashhad,Khorasan,North Khorasan,khuzestan,Zanjan,ahvaz,abadan,Zanjan,semnan,hamedan,Iran rouhani calls for collective action,Fars, Shiraz,qazvin,Qom,golestan,Rasht,anzali,astaneh ashrafiyyeh), lahijan,Gilan,lorestan,Mazandaran,ilam,central,arak,hormozgan,Kish,qeshm,khark big he big p,big p,small dough quartile,the port of doublet, etc., Kerman, sirjan,mature Kermanshah,Khorasan-e-Boyer Ahmad,Yazd, Alborz,Bandar Abbas,boushehr,Western Azerbaijan,Eastern Azerbaijan,Tabriz,orumieh,Isfahan,Kashan, bastak tits City, Fars province, Iran : Abadeh,abadeh tashk vintage ardakan big arsanjan wife travel a further big house,captive,اشکنان big افزر,cumshot, hardcore text,Imam town,Haji Abad,Hassan Abad,hesami,house, carum copticum,oz,o wife of the Supreme Being asked بالاده,Bob pomegranate بنارویه avalanche bwanat,why Obama is wrong big بیضاء,Janet town,jahrom,mature marvdasht ,صدرا big jovim the big خانیمن big easts,خرامه,Adobe خنج big خومه Prairie * big D. big science, mature secretaries,mature دژکرد big دهرم big zarghan big safashahr, amateur Rustic style amateur رامجرد mature Zahid town,neyriz,mature century mature سروستان,سعادتشهر,bliss city,سیدان big سورمق big ششده big علامرودشت,bitumen and کارزین mature in Fars,lar, ,فراشبند vintage fasa,ahvaz,abadan,khorramshahr,firozabad,unable Abad,arsanjan ,mature ghaemieh teen Palmdale mature rancher,seal,meymand,mature Oxnard,straw,thumbnail, هماشهر کازرون big کامفیروز big کنارتخته big kalāt the Japanese say,kavar big کوهنجان big house, Shiraz

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  • Sandwich panel

    Sandwich panel

    The best choice for the environment, health, greenhouse, poultry farm, cattle, salon, Packed food, factory, production, and ...

    Building Materials Tehran
  • Sandwich panel roof and wall and refrigeration, etc. niches and shelter

    Sandwich panel roof and wall and refrigeration, etc. niches and shelter

    All kinds of sandwich panels roof and wall and refrigeration and clean room (CLEAN ROOM) with polyurethane foam.\\\\r\\\\nانواع container structures, heavy metal and sandwich panels.\\\\r\\\\nساخت clean rooms, laboratory\\\\r\\\\n the manufacture of metal structures ranging from silos, and a truss.\\\\r\\\\nپوشش the ceiling and wall niches, industrial, and food and manufacturing.\\\\r\\\\nحداقل area, to register the order panel, 300 meters.\\\\r\\\\n ****** immediate delivery ******

    Building Materials Khorasan Razavi
  • Wood doors in all wood آویژه posing

    Wood doors in all wood آویژه posing

    Profile doors, all wood آویژه thumb : Doors, all wood with beech wood - Germany rush Georgia, Iran, Russian timber and wood ماستیو and addition, the specific walnut wood Door, all plain wood, and the incorporation of wood and glass More than 80 samples, visit Ability to build in width and height, different Integrating art with technology Making the door a single doublet and the two doublet and with a crown and the inscirption all the wood this A variety of plated ملچ., the beech, and walnut, Cypress, Acacia, etc. asch., the poplars and jujube Build the door for the lobby, etc. entrance and interior doors made Making classic and modern designs with ژورنال2016 Journal لوکسری French fashion

    Decoration and facade Tehran
  • Sand and pebbles وقلوه stone decorative premium color is quite natural

    Sand and pebbles وقلوه stone decorative premium color is quite natural

    Industries stone Hirad\r\nبزرگترین and the oldest manufacturer, gravel and decorative pebbles privileged with the colors quite natural,\r\nمرکز the sale of stones, crushed glass, polished and semi-polished with natural colors\r\nاز high quality, ore grade, high strength, and granulated\r\nارسال to all parts of the country,\r\nکیفیت, etc., strength., the durability and stability of color just with the privileged Hirad\r\nسنگ detritus and rubble in sizes and different colors\r\nتلفن special sale in Tehran : 44604794-021\r\n\r\n

    Building Materials Tehran
  • Implementation of the gable-آردواز-roofs steep-roof covering-the implementation of roof-covering niches-truss-repair(09121431941)

    Implementation of the gable-آردواز-roofs steep-roof covering-the implementation of roof-covering niches-truss-repair(09121431941)

    Gables-Villa - Rafter= run all the services covering the ceiling, of course-covering the roof of the silos-roof covering, = ( 09391431941 and 09121431941 ) Preparation and implementation of cover all kinds of roofs steep:ceiling niches.A roof truss.The roof of the villa.Run ceiling اردواز-run اردواز اردوازپیشانی.اردواز the facades of buildings.A pergola.اردواز transom.Build and install the truss.Steel structure Villa.Steel structure parking.خرپای roof store.خرپای the roof of the workshop.Cover, roof, backyard, etc... With a variety of: steel plates, galvanized.Galvanized colored.اردواز.ایرانیت cement.The sandwich panel.Pottery.Hedge.Plan of pottery.Plan شینگل-tile grit-.Polycarbonate.Fiberglass.Posing ولمبه metal. Posing and لمبه round canopy, the niches and the roof, of course, a good-view of the frontal of the building - the implementation of the studs-eyebrow-ابرولندنی-ابروجعبه-brow fusion -eyebrow-deck-baseboard metal - flushing - canopy).... Roof repairs, steep-repair وتعویض ceiling niches-اببندی وتعمیرات roof covering, the niches and the roof, of course. Roof insulation, thermal insulation glass wool.Lace bird.Carton Plast etc.). Repair وتعویض and اببندی ceilings, and worn out Prices run roof steep-the price of covering the roof of the steep-price the implementation of the ceiling آردواز-the implementation of roof coverings steep-price the implementation of gable roof-price ceilings, steep-نحوء the implementation of ceilings, steep-نحوء run a variety of آردواز وشیروانی and........... ( 30 years experience ) Mobile: 09391431941 - 09121431941 Contact phone: 55309515 (( دراسرع-time )) -- All parts of Tehran laboratories around the Tehran, وسراسرکشور --

    Contracting Tehran
  • Covering the roof of the steep-roof covering niches-the implementation of roof, steep-run gable roof-run اردواز-run truss-repairs(09121431941)

    Covering the roof of the steep-roof covering niches-the implementation of roof, steep-run gable roof-run اردواز-run truss-repairs(09121431941)

    Lounge cover (09391431941 and 09121431941)\r\n covering the roof of the silo-the implementation of roof, steep-gable-اردواز-truss-roof coverings-the implementation of roof-repairs\r\n =the preparation and implementation covering the roof, of course, a galvanized-ایرانیت-sandwich panels-اردواز-plan pottery-build and truss-run gable roof-roof repairs, niches, and ceiling, of course, a=\r\nپوشش niches - the implementation of roof covering, steep - roof covering niches :truss. Roof of the factory milled. Workshop. Dacha . Cattle. Poultry.Store .Parking.Backyard and...\r\nبا a variety of materials, coating such as galvanized.Galvanized colored.ایرانیت cement.Sandwich panel, ceiling, and wall.Posing and لمبه away niches and... replacement وتعمیرات ceilings, niches and ceilings steep.....\r\n-the implementation of اردواز: اردواز forehead - اردواز roof - اردواز a pergola - اردواز gate-اردواز roof, Villa -gable roof and...\r\nبا a variety of materials :اردواز - plate designs pottery - hedge - pottery and....\r\n-the implementation of the facade and لمبه round metal niches. View of the villa.View of the frontal of the building, and.... - Implementation of the baseboard, the metal - flushing -studs (eyebrows) -brow London-brow box-brow fusion -brow wicker and....\r\n-installation of thermal insulation wool the glass.Lace bird.Carton Plast and... for the ceilings, niches.\r\nسقف Villa. And the roof, of course, other......\r\n-the implementation of truss: build and install truss-steel structure, lightweight and resistant - to roofs : the dacha . Workshop . Store. Parking . Backyard .Cattle . Poultry and ceilings شیبداردیگر...\r\n-mobile:09121431941 and 09391431941 (عزیزنیا)\r\nتلفن contact: 55309515 \r\n-as soon as possible --\r\n-in all places and cities around Tehran --\r\n-- and across the country - \r\n-30 background and experience - \r\n(( without intermediaries ))

    Building Materials Tehran
  • Clamps چهارپیچ woodpecker standard

    Clamps چهارپیچ woodpecker standard

    Clamps چهارپیچ woodpecker from Creations Company cast iron shed leading and unrivalled in the industry for scaffolding and in accordance with international standards in the industry, scaffolding, metal,.\r\nبست چهارپیچ woodpecker to the overall weight of 1.650 G.Clamps چهارپیچ woodpecker from cast iron nodular.\r\nبست چهارپیچ woodpecker, 2 x tab to weigh the 640گرم and 1pcs stump to weight 600گرم is that these parts by 4 screws to the weight of 250 grams and 4 pcs of nut to weight 95گرم and 4 pcs washer 4 desire to weight 35گرم Assembly.\r\nمراحل production clamps چهارپیچ woodpecker, casting parts, crushing and separation of parts, machining components, shot, parts, quality control, parts and pleated. assembly, quality control, product assembly. packaging.\r\nجهت packing clamps چهارپیچ woodpecker out of the bag, sturdy and has a characteristic such as weight, quality control, date of manufacture and ... used.\r\nبست چهارپیچ to connect the two edges of the tube to mode تقاطعی and 90 degrees at all levels, working application.\r\nبست چهارپیچ woodpecker due to the high quality, safety, and peace of mind for personnel painstaking metal stud brought.\r\nبالاترین quality and safety with products woodpecker experience.\r\n* descirption (en)

    Building Materials Tehran
  • Brick facade, Yellow, 5 cm

    Brick facade, Yellow, 5 cm

    Brick facade, Yellow, 5 cm\r\nآجر, posing, Yellow 5*20*2.7 high-quality the direction of taking in the facades of buildings, use and the cheapest molded brick sharing.....\r\nتخفیف special of 10% to 50%\r\nدیجی آجر most quality types of bricks with your precious cheap by تخفیات special in the disposal, you can affect.\r\nدیجی brick, the first and most popular bed offering a direct discount, buy, Group, and offer a variety of services and products the brick in the brick industry in Iran. \r\nThis set in the context of a variety of bricks, such as brick facade, yellow brick facade گلبهی, etc. refractory bricks chamotte refractory bricks. refractory bricks etc., black, etc. refractory brick. اجرنسوز Adobe, etc., brick, Kazakh, etc., brick, image, etc. brick, special brick, traditional brick, a mosque, etc. brick لفتون, etc., brick, clay, etc., blocks, clay, etc. brick, hardboard, etc. brick machine, etc. the brick, Percy, etc., brick, manual, brick, flowers, brick لفتون ten. brick لفتون eight. brick لفتون excluded. آجرلعابی and.. In the field of production and direct supply activities.\r\nجهت more information, visit the following web site says.\r\nوب website: \r\nجیمیل:

    Building Materials Esfahan
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