Grant, sales agents, lubricants, concrete پرشیکا

Grant, sales agents, lubricants, concrete پرشیکا

Now Snoopy-downs involved are all products of their manufacturing through sales representatives throughout the Distributor. Therefore, enthusiasts are invited, feel free with the phone numbers inserted contact . Company introduction پرشیکا product companies Snoopy downs Company Snoopy leaps to the backing of 7 years of research work with benefit from the latest technology and world standards in the building industry and having experienced technical staff and the most advanced machinery, managed to produce more than 50 types of product chemicals related to this industry, ranging from Lubricant, concrete, water proofing concrete, mortar, repairman, concrete, grout, cement, etc. antifreeze, concrete adhesive, tile adhesive, stone, etc. glue آجرنما., the mortar, بندکشی, oil mold, resin, water, بندکننده. اسپسیر the insulation. primer polymers, etc. primer, acrylic, gel, میکروسیلیس and.... Has been that this brand products پـرشیکا in Iran and the Middle East supplied. Company Snoopy leaps with an annual production capacity of over 3000 tons, the products powder and liquid related to the building and also more than 10 million pieces of plastic products (vibrating screen, concrete) from a reputable company in the field of manufacturing construction products. Company Snoopy downs by taking customer's need and relying on an integrated system for the management of the IMS and Europe CE standard action to produce quality products, of which each one of these products, after testing, the physical and chemical environment, also in view of the demands of our customers shipped. It is noted that the company Snoopy downs (Persia) بادریافت statues show افتخارملی as one of the 35 companies in the country, with the theme of the manufacture and exporter in the conference, Saga, makers, Construction, Civil, the National epic year of political epic, economic, 1392 Golden Leaf other records of honours should patented . Company Snoopy downs with Membership in the Association of construction companies and mechanical, mass production of housing and building, concrete Association., the Chamber of Commerce and in cooperation with reputable companies, the building industry, and its readiness to cooperate with all projects across the country has announced. ( The پــــرشیــــــــکا ایــــــمن بســـــازیــد ) Central office : (At the bottom of the ad)(At the bottom of the ad)4

contact_phone Contact Information
Tel+98 28-3×××1000 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 028-33681000
AddressThe Central Office of qazvin, Blvd, International University of Imam is higher than the wisdom of the 51 building پرشیکا the fourth floor
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