The sale and purchase of a Guard Dog

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گلدپتgoldpet The center is proud to announce the best and most noble puppies, dogs, guard of the most prestigious کلابهای Europe, entered it, and all this puppy has a birth certificate and passport ریجستر the club are This puppy has a micro chip and pedigree 8 نسله. These puppies are from parents, competitions, and holder of the medal they will enter This is the center of all your efforts to raise the percentage purity of the races with some of the greatest clubs, there are It is noted that the center has trainers qualified and experienced, ازموده is, and at all stages of maintenance to their clients, the advice was (At the bottom of the ad)

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Tel+98 21-4×××1409 (منقضی شده)
Mobile+98 912×××2147 (منقضی شده)
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