A variety of towers, metal

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A variety of towers, metal

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Tel+98 0311-3862638 (منقضی شده)
Fax+98 0311-3862627
ProvinceEast Azarbaijan
AddressAUT,block 21, No. 37,
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  • Production, packaging and selling gilsonite(natural bitumen)

    Production, packaging and selling gilsonite(natural bitumen)

    Nikan West Gilsonite Mining and Trading Company is one of the leading Iranian exporters, traders, and producers of a wide range of products. Our mine, factory, and warehouses are located in (Gilan-e Gharb County, Kermanshah Province, Iran), and the headquarters of our company is located in Tehran, Iran. Our company is currently capable of producing three types of Gilsonite in different sizes according to the customer request. 1- Gilsonite micronized powder with a diameter of 80 to 400 mesh and ashes (between zero and 25 percent). 2- Gilsonite lump with ash percentage between Zero and 25. 3- Granulated Gilsonite with a diameter of 30 to 40 meshes. We offer a variety of packaging options based on customer order as follows: 1- (25kg+-5%) multi-layer laminate bags. 2- (25kg+-5%) multi-layer paper bags. 3- (25kg+-5%) multi-layer Sacks. 4- (One-ton) new jumbo bags. All the above products can be wrapped, shrinked, and palletized according to customer’s request. This unique mineral is used in more than 160 products such as Oil well drilling muds, Well Cementing, Drilling Fluid Loss Control, Asphalt and road paving, Foundry, Insulation and Inks and Paint and Chemicals products. Good quality and competitive pricing mechanisms have made us a trustworthy international company. We export the above-mentioned products to almost all regions of the world especially the Middle East. Not only do our competitive prices make us a top provider among other exporting companies, but also the organized, rapid, and safe delivery of the products have augmented the quality of our customer service, and hence promoted the level of our customer’s satisfaction. We hereby invite you to visit our website (nikan west gilsonite) for more information about us as well as our detailed product specifications. Also you may send email ti

    Extraction Tehran
  • Sheath thermocouple

    Sheath thermocouple

    The company is supplier of all kinds of sheath thermocouple, in sizes 600 and 900mm, 60 and 90 cm with high quality . For more information with the sales office of the company, to the number 03132374601 and 03132374602 and e-mail please contact us . Now common sense industry sepahan

    Casting and machining Esfahan
  • Insertion سیلیکو mn

    Insertion سیلیکو mn

    Now common sense, Industry, Company, supplier, insertion سیلیکو, manganese, Indian, with good quality and reasonable price ./

    Casting and machining Esfahan
  • Nozzle internal cauldron 2QC size 32

    Nozzle internal cauldron 2QC size 32

    Nozzle internal cauldron size 32 model 2QC is available

    Casting and machining Esfahan
  • The nozzle outer 1QC size 28

    The nozzle outer cauldron 1QC size 28 is available

    Casting and machining Esfahan
  • ولبلوک cauldron 1QC size 28

    ولبلوک cauldron 1QC size 28

    ولبلوک cauldron model 1QC size 28 is available

    Casting and machining Esfahan
  • Nozzle internal cauldron 1QC size 28

    Nozzle internal cauldron 1QC size 28 is available

    Casting and machining Esfahan
  • Ferrosilicon-Ferro manganese-فروکروم-سیلیکومنگنز

    Ferrosilicon-Ferro manganese-فروکروم-سیلیکومنگنز

    Sell ferrosilicon-Ferro manganese-فروکروم-سیلیکومنگنز\\r\\nاستانداردوپلمپ factory\\r\\nقیمت suitable\\r\\nستار Ismail Beigi

    Casting and machining Esfahan
  • اولوین

    اولوین the amount of 8 tons is available

    Casting and machining Esfahan
  • Powder casting

    Powder casting

    Powder casting In the continuous casting direction, taking the slag from the used oil . In recent years, powder casting, direction, operations, quality melt-your place has opened – this powder makes the slag formation and isolation level of the melt and prevent the entry of oxygen into the molten میشودو by reducing the friction, practically during the life of the mold, the higher wisdom and the level of the bullion produced from quality better. The amount of powder casting, and in a timely manner used in the four sides of the mold to be poured . More particles of the granulation, the powder, 75 microns. Now common sense industry sepahan reseller refractory products company, MPR Refractories LTD, India is a supplier of powder mould casting with high quality for use in factories, steel manufacturing lines, continuous casting . Furthermore, analysis of powder, casting a significant supplier by the company, are as follows . From the supply by the company of common sense, industry, sepahan powder mould casting . Powder casting that name, powder form, etc., powder, oil, curry known to facilitate the passage melted in the midst of casting mold used. Powder casting plays an important role in continuous casting of steel plays one of the factor, important for continuous casting, smooth melt. Powder casting to the level of the top of the melt to be poured manually or automatic Powder casting, the melting point is low can be in تیجه very quick-to-liquid conversion, and the layer of liquid composed of the lubrication well to the casting process can do Powder mould casting is an effective alternative for oil casting is previously used .

    Casting and machining Esfahan
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