Support software and hardware users Apple Macintosh

Support software and hardware users Apple Macintosh

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Providing the latest software and solutions software and hardware for PC users, iPad and Mac with the ۱۲-year history Provide services in Tehran, in the place of the customer Telephone support, all the days of the week even holidays Bank complete software in about ۱.۵ terabytes for the whole period, Apple Contract support and maintenance with companies and organizations and publications Provide advice for the purchase of software, hardware and workflow Apple Mac OS X

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Tel+98 021-6×××8219 (منقضی شده)
Mobile+98 0912×××1477 (منقضی شده)
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    Company پایورافزار in the field of sales, server, Supermicro, sales, parts, Supermicro and repair parts supermico for specialized ready to provide services to you.\\r\\nکلیه سروها and parts sold have a 1 year warranty.\\r\\n\\r\\nفروش and repair of server parts :\\r\\n motherboard, etc., repairs, motherboard, etc. motherboard, Supermicro, etc., chassis, Supermicro, etc. chassis Supermicro\\r\\nفروش motherboard Supermicro (Supermicro Motherboard) :\\r\\nمادربرد Supermicro (X10DRi (Bulk Pack\\r\\nمادربرد Supermicro (X10SLH-F (Bulk Pack\\r\\nمادربرد Supermicro (X9DRL-iF (Standard Retail Pack\\r\\nمادربرد Supermicro X10DRL-i\\r\\nمادربرد Supermicro X9DRL-3F\\r\\nفروش case Server Supermicro (chassis, servers, Supermicro) :\\r\\nکیس SuperChassis 733i-500B\\r\\nکیس SuperChassis 745TQ-R800B\\r\\nکیس SuperChassis 825TQ-R740LPB\\r\\nفروش Server Supermicro :\\r\\nسرور Supermicro SuperWorkstation 5036T-TB\\r\\nسرور Supermicro SuperServer 6028R-T\\r\\nجهت price inquiry Server, Supermicro, etc. motherboard, Supermicro and server parts and repair costs, parts numbers 88767042-88767234 [021] Call\\r\\nPlease report for more information go to the website please visit.

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  • Machine, argon arc welding, AC/DC Korean - TRIPLE-352

    Machine, argon arc welding, AC/DC Korean - TRIPLE-352

    Company industrial wire ur \r\nبا responsibility, Limited has more than ۳۰-year history in the affairs of the welding and cutting \r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nفروش special types of devices for the welding power from ۲۰۰ امپر Eli ۶۵۰ امپر as AC/DC and DC water cooled and air cooled with all لوازمات relevant from one year to two year warranty manufacturing, South Korea company protex, etc. ایزول and پاوول has a history ۱۸ in the industrial market, Iran, installed, and Ruth free \r\n\r\nوارد, the Distributor has the exclusive agency لوازمات and devices \r\n\r\n⚫️argon\r\n ( tungsten, etc., ceramic, Colette, and Colette, inflatable, etc. all kinds of ترچهای the air and water cool )\r\n\r\n⚫️CO2\r\n( nozzle, etc., flame, interface, nozzles, etc. neck of the handle. ترچ complete air and water cool )\r\n\r\n⚫️plasma \r\n(electrode, nozzle, etc., insulation, chat. ترچ the air and the water, cool, etc. s machine, etc. categories )\r\n\r\nساخت a variety of ترچهای welding and cutting \r\n\r\nدارای central workshop, the direction of the repair of a variety of devices for welding and cutting

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  • آرین2 : system, profit, sure, and perpetual in stock exchange, futures, coins, and...

    آرین2 : system, profit, sure, and perpetual in stock exchange, futures, coins, and...

    The name of the Supreme Being, and none\r\nآرین2 : system pure trading in financial markets (stock exchange, OTC and other financial markets)\r\nآرین2 a software analytical graphs of stock is that on the MetaTrader4 platform implemented on a combination of several stochastic and oscillator, advanced, formed, upon which the trader the correct direction of the market the diagnosed and to earn maximum profit. ride the positive trend is the market ..\r\nYou having a trading strategy آرین2 is guaranteed until the end of his life, other need no training like technical analysis and... don't have .. \r\n methods that is used in this strategy to earn profit on their own kind, new and unique culture.\r\n This trading strategy along with the full tutorial video + examples practical of stock and forex + gift 8گانه and has an explanation. simple and clear is to learn, requires no previous background, and ... not\r\n\r\nفواید use strategy آرین2 :\r\n1 - with this system, where the transaction to see that others, even the thought of it also, they do not .\r\n2 - can be used also for the stock market (OTC), Iran, and other financial market\r\n3 - can be used in platforms useful تریدر5., the MetaTrader 4 with just two clicks\r\n4 - the full support and fix the questions you anytime they need to guide you .\r\n.5 - trading strategy آرین2 no similar examples and not \r\n.6 - to use the strategy آرین2 need to knowledge of technical analysis and fundamental, not\r\n7 - method, system, and Arian is very simple and has just by viewing training videos posted will be able, without any ambiguity graph each parabola وجفت currency will well analyze the\r\n\r\n, application, system آرین2 :\r\nنمایش the best point of entry and exit from the share\r\nداشتن the highest percentage of accuracy of signaling\r\nسوددهی higher on the swing, making the short and long term\r\nراحت, simple and functional even for beginners\r\nعدم on the size of the margins and excitements market\r\nمعاملات quite\"good luck on time 1دقیقه, monthly\r\nآموزش easy video + package a special gift \r\nتضمین definite profitably using this strategy professional \r\n\r\n*** Very important (guarantee of return of means in case of lack of consent) :\r\NIF نـتـوانستید profit the مـبلغ of the پــس بگـیریـد!\r\nضمانت this system, all warranties were unique and marks the efficiency of the trading system Arian. We Guarantee if exactly matching the training that is given to you is practice. in the process, when long-term trading account, you positive will. \r\NIF-based training provided practice and you can not benefit the total payment amount you and cassette to \r\nحساب you returned .\r\n\r\nکانال تلگرامی us :\r\nhttps://T. me/ArianTrader\r\n ID تلگرامی admin :\r\nhttps://T. me/Arman9511\r\nسایت us :\r\nWww.ArianTrader.Com\r\n email us :\r\nArianTrader@Yahoo.Com\r\nتماس direct :\r\n09153215002\r\n_______________________________\r\n \r\nروش order and buy the trading system آرین2 :\r\nto get the trading strategy آرین2 must then determine the type of subscirption, quickly,\" your request has stated, than to send the trading system + training files action .\r\nمبلغ ultimate to buy, trading system Arian :\r\nآرین1 + all files training video : free!!! \r\nآرین2 + all files training video : a monthly subscirption (call)

    software Khorasan Razavi
  • Fiber optic equipment

    Fiber optic equipment

    Now scanning equip industry pasargad Industry-leading fiber-optic country - Equipment, passive networking, fiber optics The production of the box OTB , FAT mature OCDB Produce all kinds of box / outlet Double chorus OTO hardcore ATB Produce a variety of box CD , ODC - Production OCDF wall mount/Rack mount Patch panel rack mount 12/24/48 chorus Patch panel, wall 12/24 chorus Fusion box - Produce a variety of پیگتیل and patch cords فیبرنوی - Types of adapter fiber optic Conventional and hybrid SC/SC FC/FC LC/LC ST/ST E2000/E2000 Din/Din MTRJ SC/FC SC/LC FC/LC SC/Din - A variety of اتنیتور Attenature jqudt attenuator 2/5/10/15 db female / female male / female - کریمپ thermal 4, and 6 cm - Supply all kinds of Fusion fiber optic: Fujikura فوجیکورا - Supply of equipment, accessories fusion : Cutter (Cleaver ) Electrode Blade cutter Battery Charging Cable Test equipment, fiber optic EXFO اکسفو OTDR : FTB-1, FTB-2 , FTB-500 Power meter FPM-302 The laser source FLS-300 Fiber scope, FIP-400 Visual fault locator FLS-241 - Test device power meter, power meter Light source light source Fiber scope VFL pen, optical Identifire - Specialized tools fiber optic : stripper, etc. pods. Luz tube on and ... Box ابزرار detailed categories - The detailed optical fiber and air: 3M 2178 Network model FOC-SS big FOC-S, FOC-M Samjin - A variety of cassette fiber optic - Supply all kinds of Converter : Converter fiber to Ethernet 10/100 10/100/1000 port SFP /RJ45 /RS485/RS232 Converter E1 to Ethernet Device multiplexers( FXS /FXO (SDH amateur PDH 15/20/30/60/90/120/200 channel and port, fiber port E1 Signal transmission, digital and analog through the fiber - Optical fiber cable, earthy, tubules, etc., air - Cable and پچکورد tactical Supplier of all kinds of equipment do you need in a fiber optic network ( Now scanning equip other branch does) yahoo ID: irpuyesh Contact number: 88500162-4 Fax 88508307 Unit of sale : tehrani

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  • Switch and مدیاکانورتور industrial

    Switch and مدیاکانورتور industrial

    Supply all kinds of industrial switches, O-RING Usable in temperature (85+ - 40-) Ring support Supplies all kinds of media converters 10/100 10/100/1000 port SFP /RJ45 /RS485/RS232 Converter fiber to Ethernet Converter E1 to Ethernet Devices, multiplexers, FXS /FXO 15/20/30/60/90/120/200 channel and port, fiber port E1 SDH PDH Converter digital signal Now scanning equip industry pasargad Contact : 88500162-4 88507562 88507307 Fax: 88508307 ( Now scanning equip other branch does) Email :

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  • Strengthen antenna, mobile

    Strengthen antenna, mobile

    Increase antenna this MCI and irancell and solve the problem of antenna Japanese mobile and Internet mobile , boost antenna, mobile

    Mobile and Tablet Tehran
  • Windows installation, computer and laptop, karaj, Ryan

    Windows installation, computer and laptop, karaj, Ryan

    Windows PC and laptop, karaj, Ryan Software notebook in karaj Install Windows in karaj Laptop drivers karaj All software services in karaj Network services in karaj Cost of free shuttle. Maple, Ryan, with the lowest cost in your location, all services offers the following: -Installation, control, troubleshooting, and update a variety of operating systems, the original with the ability to update from the official site of the Microsoft Corporation such as Windows XP and ... Windows 7 and Windows 10 -Install antivirus software and update it and cleans the system from all kinds of viruses -Installation of software, and specialized -Installation of high speed Internet -Fix the imperfections of the hardware system -A free consultation in the field of purchase and sale computer and laptop -Sales, parts, and accessories -Sale of computers and laptops -Buy original antivirus one year Best Price Cost of free shuttle. In case of installation of Windows, virus, wiring, and installation of the software side for free is done Contact numbers 09120712872 02634335732

    software Alborz
  • Amplifier, antenna, Mobile, mobile first

    Amplifier, antenna, Mobile, mobile first

    Device booster, mobile signal single band with the ability to support the 3G frequency of 2100 This device in addition to the antenna, this phone your mobile in the bands 900 can strengthen the signal, 3G internet is also in place increases .

    Mobile and Tablet Tehran
  • Prices, software, our - software sales لویالتی - immediate delivery etc. software customer Club

    Prices, software, our - software sales لویالتی - immediate delivery etc. software customer Club

    Sales software customer Club card processor with a programming team of highly qualified \r\nفروش software customer Club\r\nفروش software, customer loyalty\r\nفروش software لویالتی\r\nفروش system software club مشتریان\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nنرم software customer Club\r\n\r\site configuration://\r\n\r\n\r\nنرم software increase the sale \r\nامکانات software customer Club\r\nقابلیت software customer Club : \r\nامکان categories of customers in the form of the group \r\nقابلیت upgrade groups based on the amount of purchase and the presence of the customer\r\nارائه points and discounts to customers based on the purchase of goods and services \r\nقابلیت the introduction of the customer by the customer, and receive points and commission from the client has been introduced,\r\nقابلیت define the services and the goods and issuing the invoice \r\nقابلیت the value of this concession the days of the week \r\nقابلیت the introduction of peer in the system and offer a percentage partner in the sale \r\nارسال SMS thanks for the purchase, inventory, etc. Congratulations on the birth, marriage, and ... for automatic \r\nسیستم Installment Sales\r\nسیستم sale credit pre-purchased \r\nایجاد profile for clients and provide a report of purchase rating of each customer\r\nایجاد survey and rate the opinions of customers \r\nامکان insert news and events for the customers \r\nگزارش camera online sales, inventory, stock, buyers, and customers for daily, week, monthly, in any point of the World \r\nقابلیت define the gift card \r\nقابلیت charging occasion, the members of the group\r\nبک, hourly, and moment of the system\r\nآپدیت public free \r\nپشتیبانی on-line ticketing system \r\nقابلیت add requested items to the system, customers Club\r\nقابلیت insert card missing, and the issuance of new credit card for customers, \r\NAND ...\r\nتحویل instant club software customers\r\nنرم software for web. \r\nشخصی storage software customer Club \r\nto earn a consultation with our 02166969893 call.

    software Tehran
  • Software edit professional photo and plug-in professional Photoshop and لایتروم

    Software edit professional photo and plug-in professional Photoshop and لایتروم

    Sell software, professional editing, photo, and plug-ins professional Photoshop and لایتروم\r\n\r\nلیست software edit professional photo and plug-in professional Photoshop and لایتروم:\r\n1 - Photo Recovery Software \r\n2 - a software to reconstruct the shake photo\r\n3 - types-fashioned software لایتروم \r\n4 - a software application, Maker Studios (phone, digital)\r\n5 - a software simulator studio lighting\r\n6 - software effects magic (photos and videos) \r\n7 - a software to beautify portrait photos ( Barber) \r\n8 - software separator the subject of green curtains (کروماکی) \r\n9 - software, create effects and ... effects and filters (photo & movie)\r\n10 - design software, photo and digital photo albums (plugin Photoshop)\r\n11 - software photo smart (artificial intelligence) (plugin Photoshop)\r\n12 - software retouch-professional skin plugin Photoshop+لایتروم) \r\n13 - software retouch, Smart Face (Beautify) (plugin Photoshop)\r\n14 - set effects illuminated (drawing, photo album Digital) \r\n15 - photo editing software company, Athens, single (plug-Photoshop+لایتروم)\r\n16 - software, photo editing company, Nick (plugin, Photoshop+لایتروم) \r\n17 - software, photo editing company, it the tub (plug-Photoshop+لایتروم)\r\n18 - the software professional slideshow of photos (album, digital, video)\r\n+ with professional photography training and Portrait Lighting\r\n\r\nرویای-the-art, the first supplier of software and tutorials for professional photography in Iran with 14 years experience\r\nPlease report the direction of advice and buy with the following number of Contact Here:\r\nتلفن: 09100028205 - 09352500490\r\ the page address Instagram, the dream of art:\r\n address channel-Telegram dream art:

    software Tehran
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