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AddressKhvānsār street ,Shahid rajaei adjacent to the proposed professional and technical تلفکس : ۲۲۲۵۳۳۰ - ۰۳۷۱ mailbox : ۱۶۹ - ۸۷۹۱۵ Email : info at itico dot ir Online Contact : Onlineitico at yahoo
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  • Devices, printers, three-dimensional

    Devices, printers, three-dimensional

    Printer, the next generation, the fifth Iran Terry, This machine is of the newest products . You can view this product at the address view. PROJET 3600 Mass-production capability Print the exact Design suitable for use in the Office Ease of use and easy operation Support this and support the operation easy and automatic The high accuracy of 13 microns Take advantage boarding The possibility of production of complicated models Processing engine and print powerful The touch interface and smart Making پیشروترین company manufacturer of printers in the world Made in the USA 1 year guarantee and 5 years after sale services in Iran, Terry, FORMLAB • Print exact • The accuracy of the thickness of the layer, in as much as 25 micron • Super low prices the final product, print the (For example, in the industry of jewelry storage you can easily create a simple ring with 0.09 euro, and 50 pcs of the same ring at once, the build, and just with the price of 5.4 euros produced.) Material and resin, very versatile, includes resin, casting, teeth, medicine, etc., flexible and industrial, that the possibility of providing the services in the range, the range of application to you. • Ease of use (in only 15 minutes the printer you installed will be usable, and you can easily model designed on a computer to model three-dimensional real conversion.) • Ability to support automatic sharing • High speed • The use of advanced technology, laser Model IRAN3D/PL-108192 The device according to the size of the average, workshop, طلاسازی with the volume of daily production of 1500 grams of gold offer is. The area of the build page 205 cm square, for the production of, hollow -, with the casting direct Application of piles find. Accurately modeling the device 20 microns. In fact, the accuracy of this model with other models difference Does not only the page, making that change. The size of the build page in the length and width of 192*108 mm and a height of 80 mm cover. The physical dimensions of the device 60*70 cm, and the height of the machine is 80 cm. Projet 1200 Device پروجت 1200 construction company, 3D SYSTEMS, USA, technology, DLP uses. The device has dimensions of the hull, 22.86 X 22.86 X 35.56 cm, which is quite small and designed desktop. Plate making machine has dimensions of 43 X 27 X 150 mm. The accuracy of the device in the Z axis (layer thickness ) of 30 microns in X-axis-Y 56 micron (585 DPI). This device is absolutely noiseless and has the need to environmental conditions, certain. From the other excellence, the machine can be to the caliber of the automatic axis, and the light pointing device. In these devices, the only parameter affecting the time required to build the pieces, the height of the piece. The speed of making the parts in this device is 14 mm in hours ( approximate time of about 2 hours per plate ring). Model [IRAN3D/LP-110160] The device according to the size of the average, workshop, طلاسازی with the volume of daily production of 1200 grams of gold offer is. The area of the build page 176 cm square, for the production of, hollow, castings, direct application of the hordes find. Accurately modeling the device 20 microns. In fact, the accuracy of this model with other models the difference does not just build page that changes. The size of the build page in length and Width 160*110 mm and a height of 90 mm will cover. The physical dimensions of the device 60*70 cm, and the height of the device was 100 cm. The only input device, the electric power of 220 volt is and does not need to wind pressure and oil. IRAN3D/LP-65115 The device according to the size of the average, workshop, طلاسازی with the volume of daily production of 600 grams of gold offer is. The area of the page, making 74 cm square, for the production of, hollow, castings, direct application of find. The accuracy of modeling this device is 15 micron. In fact, the accuracy of this model with other models the difference does not just build page that changes. The size of the build page in length and width, 115*65 mm is بیلدبیس up to a height of 90 mm, the course of the axis. The physical dimensions of the device, 60*60 cm, and its HEIGHT 90 cm. The only input device, the electric power of 220 volt is and does not need to wind pressure and oil. Model IRAN3D/LP-4264 This device, due to the small size and price down, the design offices and workshops, small طلاسازی offer is. In fact, the mass production of this device due to the small dimensions, etc. is not recommended. The area of the page, making 26 cm square, for molding jewelry application. Also this device model, for schools and research centers applications. The accuracy of modeling this device is 20 micron. In fact, the accuracy of this model with other models the difference does not just build page is smaller. The size of the build page in length and width 64 x 42 mm and has a height of 90 mm will cover. The physical dimensions of the device 50*50 cm, and the height of the device, it is 65 cm. The only input device, the electric power of 220 volt is and does not need to wind pressure or oil.

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  • نرم افزارهای cam-cad-civil

    نرم افزارهای cam-cad-civil 3D GeoModeller 2015 3Shape Dental System 2014 version 3Shape OrthoAnalyzer 2013 v1.5.1.0 3Shape TRIOS v1.2.1.4 3shape.DentalDesigner v2.5 ABAQUS.6.12 ABZ.Design.Flow.Solutions.DesigNet.v4.16.rar Accelrys.Discovery.Studio.2014 Accelrys.Pipline.Pilot.v7.5 Accelrys_Materials_Studio_v7.0_Win ADStefan.V11 Advanced aircraft analysis v2.5 AeroHydro.Multisurf.v8.0 Agilent.Advanced.Design.System(ADS).v2014.01.Linux 32 & Linux64 Agilent.Electromagnetic.Professional(EMPro).2013.0 7 allpile v7.3b full-retail(working).rar AMETank 7.7 ANSYS Maxwell v15 64-bit Antenna magus 5.1.0.rar AnyCasting.v4 ArtSoft.Mach3.R3.043 Asphalt.Pavement.Thickness.Design.Software.SW1.v1. 0.5.rar x86x64.rar Atrenta GenSys.v5.1.1.1.Linux64 Atrenta SpyGlass.v5.1.1.1.Linux64 AUTON V7.2.4 AutoPol.v2010 Autoship.10 Aveva.Everything3D.v1.1-ISO Avid Liquid v7.2 AVL.WorkSpace.V2013 AWR Design Environment Analyst-MP 12.0 x64 Bentley GEOPAK Suite V8i (SELECTseries 2) Bentley GEOPAK Suite V8i (SELECTseries 3) Bentley Microstation V8i (SELECTSeries 3) Bentley Multiframe Advanced V8i SS3 Bentley Navigator V8i ss5 Bentley Power InRoads V8i (SELECTSeries 3) Bentley.gINT.Pro.Plus.SS2.v08.30.04.220.rar Bentley.MineCycle.Material.Handling.V8i.SS3.v08.11 .09.86.rar Bentley.Power.GEOPAK.V8i.SS3. Bentley.SACS.V8i.SS4.v5.7.00.01 BikeSim.v2 CADCEUS.V6.5 CAD-Doctor.EX.v5 Cadence Assura version 4.12 cadence ic 6.14 Cadence.IC.v6.16 Cadence.MMSIM.13.1 CADMeister v6.1 CADMEISTER.V6.0 CADmeister.V8.0 CADMeisterV4.1 CADMOULD 3D-F V2.0 (c) SIMCON.rar CadnaA 3.72.127(32Bit) (build 25615).rar CAE Datamine Studio 3.21.7164.rar CAMAX.V14 CAMPATH.G4 CamTek.PEPS.V7.014 CAM-TOOL V7.1.rar CAMTools.v7.1 CAMWorks Nesting_2013 with SP1.0 for SW2010-2013 x32x64.rar Carlson.SurvCE.v4.01.rar CARSIM.V8 CDEGS v14.038 Celoxica.Agility.Compiler.v1.3 CGTech.Vericut.v7.3 ChemStations.ChemCAD.v6.3.1.4168.Cracked.rar chorus gcomp CimPack 10.3.2 Cimsystem Sum3d Dental 2014-03 CLC Genomics Workbench v3.6.5 Cliosoft.SOS.6.23.P2.Linux.rar CMG Suite 2012.10 CoCreate.OneSpace.Designer.Drafting.2006.v14.00A COCREATE.ONESPACE.DESIGNER.MODELING.DRAFTING.2006. CODESOFT v6.0.rar Compusoft.Winner.v9 consept engineering 5.5.2 CrossLight Apsys v2008 CrossLight Lastip v2008 CrossLight.Pics3D v2008 CrossLight.ProCom.v2008 CrossManager CAD Conversion CSC.Tedds.2014.v16.00 CSi SAFE 2014 Version 14 CSI SAP2000 version CST STUDIO 2015 LINUX CST.Studio.Suite.2014 sp5 Cut Rite Modular v9.01.2 CZone.2.5.for.Abaqus.6.12-6.13 Deep Excavation A Practical Manual.pdf Deform.v10 Delcam DentCAD 2012.1 delcam dentmill 2014 DIGICORP.Civil.Design.v9.0.SP4.AutoCAD.2014.x64.ra r Digital Canal SolidBuilder 21.2 DNASTAR.Lasergene.v7.1.0.rar DNV Sesam 2013 DNV_PHAST_7.01 DNV_PHAST_RISK_6.7 DNVS Maros 8.1 DP.ESPRIT.MOLD.V10 DP.ESPRIT.V2013 DS.GEOVIA.Minex.v6.3.306 ECCAD V2006 ELCAD 7.7.1 EMCO.EasyCycle EMIStream 4.5 Encom ModelVision 12 Ensoft APILE v2014 Ensoft Stablpro V3 EON.Professional.v5.2.for.EON.Studio EON.Studio.v7.0_32 esi pam-rtm 2012 ESI SysWorld (SysWeld SysTus SysMagna) 2014.0 ESI.PAM-FORM.2G.2013.0 ESPRIT 2009 ESPRIT_MOLD V10(AUTON) ETAP 12.5 EUKLID.V10SP3 EXata Developer 2.2 Win exocad dentalcad 2012 EZ-Frisk V7.52 Build FabriWIN v11.01.rar FastCAM V5.9 FDBES.Heatpack.v3.2.2.x86.x64 FDBES.Ventpack.Smokepack.v3.2.2.x86.x64 FEACrack 2014_x64 FEMtools 3.8.1 X32/X64 FEPIPE 4.5 Fiery XF v6.01 Gastroplus v7.0 Gemcom.Minex.v6.2.1318 Genesis10.0 Geometric.Glovius.Pro. GeoPath.v2007 geopoint cad-cam 2011 Geoslope Geostudio 2004 v6.02+Update 6.13 Geoslope.Seep.3D.v1.15.Winall.Cracked-iNFECTED Geosoft Oasis.Montaj.v7.3 (2011) GeoStru.Paratie.SPW( GeoStru.Slope.v2014 Geosolve GWALL 2014 Geosolve SLOPE 2014 Geosolve WALLAP 2013 GeoStru Dynamic Probing v2013 GeoStru GeoUtility v2013 GeoStru Static Probing v2013 GEOSTUDIO 2012 Geovariances ISATIS 2014 Geoweb.3D.v2.04 GMG Mesa Expert V12 Gmi Stilista 2000.rar GOLDSIM.V10.11.SP2 Graitec omd 17.1 four Windows GT.Suite.v7.3 Harlequin Xitron Navigator 9 HCS 2000 v4 HFSS 15.0.3 Linux HHD Software Device Monitoring Studio Highway Capacity Software - HCS 2000 v4.1a Holter System 12.4 Honeywell UniSim Design R430 English Honeywell.Socrates.v8 Hydrus 2d v2.1 HYPACK 2011 Hyperdent 7.0 HYPERMILL.V2014.1 IAR Embedded Workbench for Atmel AVR 6.40 IAR Embedded Workbench for AVR 6.20.2.rar IAR.Embedded.Workbench.for.8051.v8.30.2 ICAM.CAMPost.v20 IDRISI.17.02.The.Selva.Edition.rar IHS.PERFORM.v7.53.rar IHS.QUESTOR.v2014 Q3 IHS.SubPUMP.v9.6.rar IkonScience.RokDoc.V6.05 Imageware Surfacer v10.6 iMold.v11 for SolidWorks IMSI.TurboCAD.Pro.Platinum.21.0.x64 IMSI.TurboCAD.Professional.Platinum.v21.1 InnovMetric PolyWorks 2014 IR12 Integrand EMX 4.3 Linux64 Integrated.FARADAY.v8 Integrated.Oersted.v9 Intel IPP v7 Intelligent Light FieldView 2015 Interactive_Petrophysics_v4.2.2013.275 Intergraph SmartPlant Review 2012 intergraph tank 2014 SP1 Intergraph.CADWorx.Plant.PID.2013.R2.rar Intergraph.PVElite.2014.v16.0 INUS.RAPIDFORM.XOR3.WIN64 IPM 8.0 iQ-VIEW.3D.v2.8.0.101 i-Sight.FD.V5.0 ITI.SimulationX.v3.5 ixRay.ixForTen.4000.v4.9.8.rar JDSU E6474A V17 JMatPro Kappa Emeraude 2.42.10.rar KBC SIM Suite 4 Keil MDK-ARM v5.0 Kingdom SMT V8.8 32&64bit Kingdom suite 2015 KissSoft.v2012 kubrix 15.05 x64 LABEL MATRIX 8.0.02.rar Landmark ProMAX R5000.8 Linux64 Lantek Expert V28 Lectra.DesignConcept.3D.v3R1 Leica.LISCAD.v11.2 Logopress3.v2012 Lotus Concept CrankTrain v4.03d Lotus Concept ValveTrain v2.06c Lotus Engine Simulation v5.07b Lotus Suspension Analysis (Shark/Raven) v5.03f Lotus Vehicle Simulation v3.12c LucidShape v1.6 Maptek Vulcan 9.1.0 Maptitude 4.6.rar Materialise 3-Matic 9.0 Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite 16.0 win64 Materialise.Mimics.17.0 materialise.simplant.planner.v16.0 Materialise.SimPlant.Pro.v16.0 Materialise.SimPlant.View.15.0 Maxsurf.v19 MAZAK.SmartCAM V5 mberger PetroMod (64bit) 2012.2 MECA.StackDes.v4.37.x86 MecaStack.v5.1.9.7 MEMRESEARCH-EM3DS-V2010 Mentor Graphics Expedition Enterprise Flow EE7.9.5 & DMS7.9.5 Mentor Graphics VeSys v2.0 2013.1 Mentor.Graphics.Calibre.2013 Mentor.Graphics.FloMCAD.Bridge.11.Win Mentor.Graphics.FloTHERM.11.0.Win. Mentor.Graphics.FloTHERM.PCB.8.0.Win Mentor.Graphics.FloVENT.11.0.Win Mentor.Graphics.FloVIZ.11.0.Win Mentor.Graphics.HyperLynx.2015 Merge.eFilm.Workstation 2014 Metrolog.XG.v13.005 MicroSurvey CAD 2014 Studio version MicroSurvey FieldGenius 2014 v7.0.0.0 MicroSurvey FieldGenius v8.0 MicroSurvey.Layout.v1.0.3.5 2013 MicroSurvey.Layout2.v1.0.6 2014 midas gts v4 Minescape v4.116a Minitab.Quality.Companion.v3.3.6 Modelithics COMPLETE Library 11.3 for AWRDE Moldex.3D.R13 Moldworks.v2012 for Solidworks Molecular.Operating.Environment.v2008.10.rar Movie.Magic.Screenwriter. Mpcci 4.2 MSC Actran 13 MSG.V11 Machining STRATEGIST MvTec Halcon 12.0 x64 NAPA 2011 NCG CAM 12.0.04 r54089 Win32_64 NCGCAM.V10 NEDGRAPHICS Fashion Studio Suite v2007 NEMO ANALYZE 5.19 Win NEWCAM.V3.0 NozzlePRO.7.0 NREC.MAX-PAC.v7.4.4 NUMECA.Fine.Open.2.11 Office_Professional_Plus_2010_W32_En.iso OLI.System.2010 OneCNC XR9 OneSpace Design v18.1 OpenMind HyperMILL 2013 (64bit) SP1 Optenni Lab 3.1 Optitex v12 Overland.Conveyor.Belt.Analyst.v12.3 PADS vx.0 PanelShop v8 Paramarine.6.1 PCI.Geomatica.2013.with.Sample.Files Petrosys 17.5 Photomodeler Scanner 2014 PLANIT_CABINET_VISION_SOLID_2012.R2_32+64_EN_.iso Plaxis 3D Foundation 2.1 Plaxis 3D tunnel v2.2 Plaxis.Professional.V8.5 win7 win8.1 PLS.CADD.POLE.SAPS.Tower.v9.20.portable Polar Instruments CGen 2013 v13.0­2 Win Polar Instruments Si9000 12.5 Polar Instruments Speedstack 2­013 v13.02 Win PowerMill.v2012R2 PowerMill.v2015.SP6 precisocad PRG paulin 2012 PrintShop Mail-7.0 PROCAD.2D.DESIGNER.v2010.0 Process.Systems.Enterprise.gPROMS.v4.00 Proficy Machine Edition V8.0 propcad_2011 Navcad_2009 Propexpert_2010 PTC Creo Elements Direct Drafting v18 PTC Creo Elements Direct Modeling 19.0 F0000 x86 & x64 PTC Creo Elements Direct Modeling v18. PTC Windchill R9.1 M050 PumpLinx.v3.4 PVSOL Premium 7 QSR Nvivo 10 Quadstone.Paramics.v6.4 QualNet.Developer 5.2.0 Win Quantumwise.Atomstix.Toolkit v2013 questasim v10.1d x32 x64.rar RADAN.V2012 Remcom WirelessInSite 2.5 Remcom XGtd 2.5 Ricardo Software Wave v7.0 ROBCAD9.0_install MKS 9 manual ROBCAD9.01_20120813 ROBCAD9.01_install MKS 9 manual Robotmaster V6 Rocscience.Slide.v6.029 Rocstar Geoscope 3.0 RokDoc v6 ROMAX.Design.v12.6 RSView32 7.6 RunGE XPAC v7.5 Sai EnRoute v5.1 Scan_&_Solve 2014 for Rhino ScanAndSolve 2013 9.20.0 Rhino5 64-bit Schlumberger ECLIPSE 2015.1 Schlumberger intersect 2014.1 Schlumberger Perforating Analysis (SPAN) v8.0 Schlumberger PetroMod (64bit) 2012.2 Schlumberger PetroMod 2015.1 SCHOUENBERG.CALCMASTER.V6.1 schrodinger suite 2013 SheetMetalworks 2013 Siemens PLM Tecnomatix Process Simulate Process designer 11.1 Build 2 Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal 12 SigmaNest.v8.0 Sigrity UPD Viewer v9.0 for winxp Sigrity.SpeedXP.Suite.V12.0.5 X64 SigView.v1.9 Simpack.v9.1 SimSci.Visual.Flow.v5.4 SolidCAST.V7 solidworks 2014 sp0 SPACE-E.v5.0 spGate SPT Group Drillbench v5.1.7z STAAD (X) Tower V8i ss3 STARNET 8.02 Starrag.NCS.v7.2 STI.SASSPro.v2.0.0.2 working Strong Pipeline Simular v9.5 SusProg3D.v4.517F.842.5.rar Synopsys_Processor Designer_G-2012.06 win sysnoise 5.6 TASS MADYMO v7.5 Terramodel Terrasolid.pack.v014.for.Bentley.Microstation.V8i. for.Windows.rar Tesseral 2D v7.0.6 ThinkDesign.v2012 Topcon Tools v8.2 tops100 v6 Tracepro7.3.4 Transoft.AeroTURN.Pro.Pro3D.v5.0.1.126 Transoft.AutoTURN.v9.0.0.198 Transvalor.Forge.v2011 Trimble.GPSBase.V2.74 trnsys 17 TruckSim.v7 TRUEGRID_V2.3.4 Trumpf.TruTOPS.v2.0 Type3 TypeEdit V10 & LaserType V7000 Type3.TypeEdit.v2009 UcamX 1.1 v11 Valentin.PVSOL.Expert.6.0.R8.Multilanguage VAMOS.V5.72 for CATIA Vantage.Plant.Design.Management.System.12.1.SP4.13 .Update.Only Vantage.Plant.Design.Management.System.v12.1.SP2-ISO Vantage.Plant.Design.Management.System.v12.1.with. SP4.14 Vectric Aspire 4.5.rar vectric photovcarve 1.102 vectric vcarve pro 6.504 VERO Machining Strategist v11(VERO MSG.V11) VERO.Smirt.v9.0.7 VERO.SURFCAM.V2014.R2 X64 VirtualGrid.VRMesh.Studio.v6.1 VISCAM.RP.V5 Volume.Graphics.VGStudioMAX.2.2.Win64 VPIphotonics Analyzer 9.3 x32 x64 wastch softrip 7.3 WellCat_2003.0.2 Wellplan 2000.0 whittle v4.4 WICAM.PN4000 WonderWare.Intouch.V10.2 WorkNCDental v3.2.2 WorkviewOffice 7.53 درخواست و تلفن خود را ایمیل بزنید سفارش تهیه نرم افزار - کتاب -.. پذیرفته می شود تهران-تقاطع خیابان جمهوری و حافظ - پاساژ علاالدین -الیت کامپیوتر -تلفن تماس:09308142080-09334184127

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  • نرم افزارهای (cad_civil_cam)

    نرم افزارهای (cad_civil_cam) HyperLynx 7.7 Hypermesh.9.0 hypermill 2014 HyperMill.v2009.2 for Inventor HyperMill.v2009.2 for ThinkDesign HyperMill.v2010SP1 hypermill.v2012.full HYPERMILL.V2014.1 HYPERMODEL.V1.2 Hypershot.v1.9150.Win32 Hypersizer.Pro.V5.3 HyperSteel.v7.0.SP1 Hypertherm.Design2Fab.v5.2.0.4891 HyperWorks.v12.0.0.85.Win8.64bit HyPneu v12.06 I.DEAS.NX.V6.3 IAR.Embedded.WorkBench for IBM Security AppScan Standard IBM.SPSS.Amos.21 IBM.SPSS.Amos.v22 /v21 IBM.SPSS.Data.Collection.v7 IBM.SPSS.Sample.Power.v3.0.1 IBM.SPSS.Statistics.V19 ICAM.CAMPost.v20 Icaros IPSv4.1 Icem.Surf.4.11.x86.+.x64 Icepak.14 ideas simulation v4.5.5 I-DEAS8.0 IdeCAD.Structural.IDS.v5.14 Identify.AppSight.v5.72 idland Valley 2DMove 4 for Windows IDRISI.Andes.v15.00 IDRISI.KILIMANJARO.V14.0.1 Idrisi.Selva.v17.02 Idrisi.Taiga.v16.05 IDS.ARIS.Design.v6.2.3 IES.PetroMod.v11.0 IES.QuickRWall.v3 IGESWORKS.V6.0 IGUIDANCE.2.1.1 IHS Harmony 2015.2 IHS Petra v3.1.8.3 IHS Subpump v9.0 IHS.GasLIFT IHS.Kingdom.Suite.8.7.1.Win IHS.OilWat/GasWat IHS.PERFORM IHS.PERFORM.v7.53 IHS.petra.v3.8.3.v2012.all.moduels.working IHS.Pipesoft IHS.PVTLIB IHS.QUESTOR.v9.4 IHS.RAPTOR IHS.SubPUMP.9.6.Win IHS.SubPUMP.v9.6.rar IHS.VolOil/VolGas IJDATA.LspCAD.v6.32 Ikon.RokDoc.v5.0.Win IkonScience.RokDoc.V5.0.52 IkonScience.RokDoc.V5.3.2 IkonScience.RokDoc.V6.05 ILight.FieldView.v12.0 illustStudio.1.25 Image.Line.Deckadance.1.50.3 Image.Pro.Plus.v4.5.127 ImageStation SSK 2015 IMAGEWARE.UNILET.PRO.6.0.9.Datecode.11162006 Imageware13.2 Imagine.AMESim.4.2.0 Imbsen.WinCSD.v2.0.0 Imbsen.WinFAD.v5.0.0 Imbsen.WinNFAD.v2.0.0 Imbsen.WinRECOL.v5.0.2 Imbsen.WinSEISAB.v5.0.7 Imbsen.XTRACT.v3.0.8 Imbsen-WinCSD-v2 Img2CAD.v1.0 iMOLD v10 IMOLD.12.SP1.0.Premium iMold.EDM.v9.For.SolidWorks.2009.2010 iMold.v11 for SolidWorks IMOLD.v12.SP1.Win iMOSS 3.3 2015 iMOSS V2.3 imoss.v2.5 impactCAD.v4.1.5 Impactxoft.IX.Suite.v2.14.0.15 IMSI.TurboCAD.Pro.Platinum.21.0.x64 IMSPOST V7.3 IMSpost.7.4r IMSPost.v7.3 IndorCAD.V6.0.0.6011 InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 SP3 Industriel_SQL.for_Intouch_v8.0.SP3 Infolytica ElecNet 7.1 INFOLYTICA MagNet v7.4 infolytica motorsolve v4.1 Infolytica.OptiNet.7.4 InnovMetric PolyWorks 2014 IR12 INPHO ApplicationsMaster 5.3 INPHO BuildingGenerator 2.2 INPHO DPMaster 5.3 INPHO inBLOCK 5.3 INPHO MATCH-T DSM 5.3 INPHO Pushbroom 5.3 Inpho UASMaster 6.1.2 x64 Inpho.Photogrammetric.System.6.1.2.x64 inpho7.02 insight Earth 3.0 InstaCode 2014 Instant.Stitch.PM.Stitch.Creator.2.0 instrucalc 8.1 INT Widget Library 3.2 for Solaris Integrand EMX 4.3 Linux64 Integrated Production Modelling Tookit(IPM) Intel IPP v7 IntelliCAD.Fine.ELEC.9.NG.v6.4.14.2 IntelliCAD.Fine.LIFT.9.NG.v6.4.14.2 IntelliCAD.Fine.SANI.9.NG.v6.4.14.2 Intelligent.Light.FieldView.v15 Interactive Petrophysics v4.0 2012 working full Interactive Petrophysics v4.3 IP 4.3 Intergraph PDS v2011 Intergraph SmartPlant 3D.V6.1 Intergraph TANK 2014 v6.0 Win Interpex.IX1D.v3.44 Interpex.IXRefrax.v1.12 Interpex.IXSeg2Segy.v3.30 Interpret 2003 v2.03.012 Intools v7 Invensys Simsci Dynsim 4.3 IPM.Petroleum.Expert.v7.50 iQ-VIEW.3D.v2.8.0.101 Irap.Roxar.RMS.v2011 isatis 2012 i-Sight.FD.V5.0 iSight-FD.v4.0 Itasca Flac3d v5.0 ITASCA PFC3D v5.0 Itasca.UDEC.4.0 ITEM iQRAS v2.5.2 ITEM QT v10.1.2 ITEM.Toolkit.v8.3.3 iThink.v9.0.2 ITI.SimulationX.v3.5 IVEX.SPICE.v3.02 IVS.3D.Fledermaus.Professional.v7.0.1b.305 jason 9.0 2015 linux Jason.Geosystem.Workbench.V8.0 Jason.v8.3.Win32 JBL.SpeakerShop.v1.0 JCAD 3 JdMetric 2013 JDPaint.v5.21 JDSU E6474A V17 JetBrains.IntelliJ.IDEA.v11.0.2 JETCAM.v16.06.00 Jetstream.FX.v1.14.for.LightWave Jewelcad 5.13 Jewelcad v5.19 JewelCAD.Pro.v2.2.3 JewelSuite v2013 JewelSuite.v2012 JKBench.v1.15 jksimblast JKSimBlast.v2.0 JKSimMet.v5.3 Jmag Designer v12 Jmag.designer.11 JMAG.Designer.12.0.64 JMatPro.v7 JMCampbell.GCAP.v8.3.0.Win32 JOA.jewelsuite.v2011 Joboshare.iPod.Rip.v3.2.4 JSCAST.v7 Jt.Catia.v5.Translator.v4.0 JUKI PM-1 v3.20 win32 JUKI PM-1 v3.20 x64/x32 JUKI.PM-1.v3.10.x32x64 JUKI.PM-1.v3.20.win32 Junctions.v8.0.2.316 Jungo.WinDriver.10.21 Jungo.WinDriver.v10.21 Jurassic Geomap 3.5 for windows JustCGM 4.2 JustCGM.v4.2.1.1 jvdnc.v2006.standard.edition JvMsd.2.0 KAJIMA.REALS.3D.V2.040426 Kaledo.Color.Developer.v1R1C3 KAPPA Diamant 1.1 for Windows KAPPA Ecrin 4.10 for Windows KAPPA Emeraude 2.5 KAPPA Saphir 3.20.04 for Windows KAPPA Topaze 1 for Windows Kappa.Ecrin V4.11.02 KAPPA.Ecrin.V4.10.02 KAPPA.Emeraude 2.50.01 Kappa.Emeraude.2.42.10 Kappaeng.Saphir.v3.2 Kaydara.MOCAP.v5.0 Kaydara.Motionbuilder.Pro.v5.0 KBC SIM Suite 4 KBC.Hysys.Refinery.V1.1 KBC.Petro-SIM.Suite.v4.0 KBC.PETRO-SIM.V4 KBC.Profimatics.petro-sim.v3.0sp2 KBC.SIM.Suite.4.0.SP1 KBC.SIM.Suite.v5.SP1 and Keil.MDK.V4.12 Keil.MDK-ARM.V4.73 Keil.MDK-ARM.V5.11 kepserverex v5 KernelCAD.For.v1.2.2214 KEYENCE.KV.STUDIO.V6.14.V5.55 keyshot.V4.1.35 KG-tower 2005 KINEMAP.DIGITAL.MAP.SOFTWARE.V5.0 Kingdom.SMT.V8.5 kirk othmer encyclopedia of chemistry 2011 KISSsoft 03/2013 sp2 KISSsoft.2013.SP5 KissSoft.v2012 Kitchen Draw 6 K-MOLD.V2008 KNITRO 9.0 KNITWARE.Basics.Design.v2.50.1 KNITWARE.Skirts.And.Shawls.Design.v2.50.1 KNITWARE.Sweaters.Design.v2.50.1 KODAK PREPS 6.2 for mac Kodak.Pandora.v2.97 Kodak.Preps.v7.0.Win32 Kolor.Autopano.Giga.3.0.2 Kolor.AutoPano.Giga.3.0.For.MAC Kolor.Neutralhazer.v1.0.2 Kolor.Panotour.For.1.8.0 Kolor.Panotour.For.v1.8.0 COMPASS-3D.V14.SP1 Korf v1.2 KORF.hydraulics.v3.2 Kristall v4.1 kubrix 15.05 x64 KUKA.Sim.For.1.10 Kvisoft.FlipBook.Maker.For.3.6.6 KwickFit v5.2 Label-Contour v1.60 Label-Edit.v5.3 Label-EZ.v5.3 Label-Web v2.0.52 A Laker.OA.vJ-2014.09-SP1-4.Linux64 A Laker.v2015.03-1.Linux64 Landmark EDM R5000 Lansys1.2 lantek v28 LARSA 4D V7.126 Larson CGM Larson CGM Import Filter 8.4.2 for windows Larson CGM LiveEdit 9.4.2 for Windows Larson CGM Studio 9.2.0 build 4 for windows Larson WebView CGM Pro 8.5.3 for windows Lattice.Isplever.v7.1 Lattix.LDM.v5.0.5 LCDMASTER V6.12 LCK.Virtua.v3D.v3.0 LD-DoubleFox2009.DF-GVision3.3 LDRA.Testbed.v7.2 LeadTools.v15.0.1.3 LeadTools.Vector.Imaging.For.v14.0 Leadwerks.Engine.SDK.v2.27 Leadwerks.SDK.v2.27 Leap.SoftWare.Axsys.v4.1.0 Leap.SoftWare.Conspan.v3.10 LECTRA.CATALOG.V2.1c5 Lectra.DesignConcept.3D.v3R1 Lectra.DesignConcept.3D.v3R1c.2CD LECTRA.DIAMINO.FASHION.V5R2 Lectra.Diamino.Footwear.V5R2 Lectra.Diamino.Furniture.V5R2 Lectra.Diamino.TechTex.V5R2 Lectra.DiaminoFashion.v6R1.SP4-ISO LECTRA.FOCUSPILOT.V2R2C1 LECTRA.FORMARIS.FURNITURE.V5R1 Lectra.Kaledo.ColorManagement.V1R1c3 LECTRA.KALEDO.STYLE.V1R1C11 Lectra.MODARIS.V5R1c2 Lectra.Optiplan.V3R3.SP3-ISO LECTRA.PROSPINVARSALIS.V2R2C1 LECTRA.U4IA.GRAPHICS.V7R1C10 LECTRA.U4IA.GRAPHICS.v7R1C15 LedaFlow.v1.7.248.921 Leica.Cyclone. Leica.GEO.Office.v8. Leica.GeoMoS.v3.0 Leica.LISCAD.v11.1 leica.photogrammetry.suite.9.2 Leica.XPro.5.0.1.Win64 Lensview USP 2001 LensView.v2003 WOODS 6 for Windows lift designer 2012 Lift.Designer.v5.2.Premium.Suite LightTools 8 LightTools 8.3.2 x64 LimitState.Ltd.Geo.v2.0.e.10879 LinearX.LEAP.v5.2.350 LinkCAD.v4.7.4..Cracked LinSig.v3.2.22.0 Lira v9.4 R5 LiraLand.LIRA-SAPR.SAPFIR.2015.R1 LispLink.2000.v16.01 LLC.INNOVATIONSUITE.V5.0 LMK EDT 2003.16 LogIC 1.85g for Windows logitrace 15 Logitrace_V14 Logopress3 v2010 for Solidworks Logopress3.v2012 LonMaker Integration 2013 loopcad 2014 LOST.MARBLE.MOHO.v5.2.1 Lotus Concept CrankTrain v4.03d Lotus Concept ValveTrain v2.06c Lotus Engine Simulation v5.07b Lotus Suspension Analysis (Shark/Raven) v5.03f Lotus Vehicle Simulation v3.12c Lotus.Base.Engine.Analysis.Tools.v 4.02c Lotus.Concept.Valve.Train.v2.05g Lotus.Engine.Simulation.v5.06b Lotus.Suspension.Analysis.v4.03c Lotus.Vehicle.Simulation.v3.11f LoudSpeaker.Lab.v3.1.2 LS-Dyna 971 R7 Lsdyna V9.71 R7.0 LSPCAD.V6.20 LSTC.LS-DYNA.v9.71.R6 LTI LumenMicro 2000 LTI PhotoPIA.v3.12 LTI Simply Suite 2002 LucidShape v1.6 Lumerical DEVICE v3.02 Lumerical FDTD Solutions v8.6 Lumerical INTERCONNECT v3 Lumerical MODE Solutions v6.5 Lumerical Suite 2015b build 527 Lumion Pro v5.0 Win64-ISO 4DVD LUXOLOGY.MODO.V1.0 LVMFlowCV.4.6 mach3 R2 R3 Machining Strategist 14 Machining STRATEGIST V13.0 win32/win64 machining strategist v16 MacKichan.Scientific.Workplace.v4.0 Macloed 8.9 madymo v7 MAESTRO 9.1 Magic.Photo.Recovery.3.1 magic.RP.7.1 MagiCAD v2008 SR1 for AutoCAD MagiCAD.2011 Magics.Bijoux.13.1 Magmasoft (X86/X64) Cluster Edition magmasoft p34 Magmasoft v4.4 X64 linux Magmasoft.V4.4 P28 MAGNA_FEMFAT_V4.6B Magneto.v6.3 MakeMusic.Finale.20012b.R3 Manctl.Skanect.1.1 Manga Studio EX v3.0 MANGA.STUDIO.DEBUT.3.0 Mange.Studio.Debut.v3.0 ManiaBarco Ucam v8.2 Mapinfo.professional.11 MapInfo.Professional.v10.0 MapInfo.Professional.v12.5.4.Build.402 Maple.17 Maple.17/16 Maplesoft.Maple.v2015.1 MapStar.v3.4 Mapsuiteplus.Mapsuite.Plus.v7.1.0.430 Maptek Vulcan 9.1.0 Maptek.Vulcan.8.0 MASS v3.0 for Windows Mastecam Master5.CNC.v3.25.ATP.Win9x MatchWare Mediator v8.0 Materialise 3-Matic 8.0 Win Materialise Mimics 15.0.1 Win64 Materialise proplan CMF v1.4 Materialise.SimPlant.O&O.3.0.Win materialise.simplant.planner.v16.0 Materialise.SimPlant.Pro.v16.0 Materialise.SimPlant.View.15.0 Materialise.Synthes.ProPlan.CMF.1.2 Mathematics.Worksheet.Factory.Deluxe.v3.0.0131 Matrix 6.0 for Rhino MAXIMIZER.ENTERPRISE.V9.5 Maxsurf 2012 Maxsurf.v19 MAZAK.SmartCAM V5 MBCAA.OBSERVATORY.ASTROMB.V2.7P MDL ISIS Client 2.4 MDL ISIS FOR EXCEL v2.0 SP3 MDSolids.v3.0 MecaSoft.Solid.Concept.v5.01.26 MecaWind v2.2 Mech-Q for Autocad 2004/2005/2006/2007 MEMRESEARCH-EM3DS-V2010 MEMS_FOR_COMSOL_FEMLAB_V3.1 MEMSCAP MEMS Pro 6 MEMSplus 4.02 Mentor.Graphic.Calibre.V2010 Linux Mentor.Graphics.ADMS.2008.1.Win Mentor.Graphics.Calibre.v2009.1.17.14 Mentor.Graphics.Expedition.Enterprise.Flow.V2 Mentor.Graphics.FloTHERM.PCB.7.1 Mentor.Graphics.Flotherm.v9.1 Mentor.Graphics.FlothermPCB.v5.3 Mentor.Graphics.FloVENT.10.1 Mentor.Graphics.FloVIZ.10.1 Mentor.Graphics.HyperLynx.2010 Mentor.Graphics.IC.Flow.V2008 MENTOR.GRAPHICS.PADS.v9.2 Merak2007.1 MERCURY.INTERACTIVE.SITESCOPE.V8.0 MERCURY.LOADRUNNER.V8.1 MERCURY.QUICKTEST.PROFESSIONAL.9 MERCURY.RESOLVERT.V4.0 Mercury.TGS.Amira.v4.1 MERCURY.WINRUNNER.V8.2 Merge.eFilm.Workstation 2014 Merge.eFilm.Workstation v3 Messiah Animate v4.0e Mestrelab.Mnova.Suite.v6.0.2 META Post v3.3.1 MetaCAM.EX.v6.1 metalix cnckad 10 METALIX cnckad v10.498 for win7 x32 x64 full Metalix.CNCKAD.v12 Metrolog.XG.v13.005 MetroWerks.CodeWarrior.HCS12.Compiler.v3.1 Mician mWave Wizard v7.8 Mician.uWave.Wizard.7.7 Microcadam HELIX Design system V5R1 MICROIMAGES.TNT.V6.8 Micromine v11.0.0.7 MicroStran Tower v5. MICROSTRATEGY.V7.1.4 MicroSurvey FieldGenius 2015 v8.1.15.2 MicroSurvey FieldGenius v8.0 Microsurvey.CAD.2013.standalone.with MicroSurvey.FieldGenius.V2012. MicroSurvey.inCAD.2013.v13.1.0.0 MicroSurvey.Point.Prep.2013.v13.0.0.37 MicroSurvey.PointCloud.CAD.2010.v10.2.0.6 MicroSurvey.STAR.NET.v8.0.2.630 midas gts v4 Midland Valley 2DMove 4 for Windows Midland Valley 3DMove 4 for Windows.Linux Midland Valley 3DStress 2 for Windows Milestones.Pro.2004 Milestones.Simplicity.04 Mill.Program.Editor.v1.2 Mimaki.FineCut.5.2.for.CorelDRAW Mimaki.FineCut.6.2.for.Adobe.Illustrator Mimics 10.01 Min3x 5.3 MindManager.9.0 MindMapper.2012 MindView.5.0 Minesight v4.0 MintNC.v5.Release.01.2005 MiraBio.DNASIS.MAX.v3.0 MiSUMi 2011 Mixman.Studio.X.5.0.98 MixZon.CORMIX.v9.0.GTR Mnermax.Planner.3.2 MOBILedit.Standard.|.linux.32/64 Modelithics COMPLETE Library 11.3 for AWRDE Moho.5.4 Mojosoft.Photo.Frame.Studio.2.4 Moldex.3D.R13 Moldex3D R9.0 Moldflow.2013 درخواست ونیز شماره تلفن خود را ایمیل بزنید سفارش تهیه نرم افزار و مقاله و..وکتاب الکترونیکی پذیرفته می شود تهران-نازی آباد-خ غدیری- پ144 -اینتل سیستم - tel: 09374543971-09306143374

    software Tehran
  • Service center Card, pvc

    Service center Card, pvc

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    Printers and Scanners Tehran
  • نرم افزارهای (cad_cae_cam)

    نرم افزارهای (cad_cae_cam) Moldflow.insight.2013 Moldworks.v2012 for Solidworks Molecular.Biology.Insights.Oligo.v7.51 Molecular.Operating.Environment.v2008.10 Molegro.Virtual.Docker.2010.4.2.0 MORPHMAGIC / SHOEMAGIC 5.0 Mosek.ApS.Mosek.v7.1.0.36 MOSEK.Optimization.Tools.v5.0.105 Moses V7 Motor FLOW Motor-CAD 9.1.3 Motor-CAD.V6.1.3 Mpcci 4.2 MPLAB.C18.V3.0 MSG 9.0 Machining STRATEGIST MSG.V11 Machining STRATEGIST MTC Pronest 2013 Multi.DNC.v7 MultiAd.Creator.Professional.v8.5 MULTIGEN.PARADIGM.CREATOR.V3.2 MULTILIZER.MultiplatFORM.V5.1.4 MvTec Halcon 12.0 x64 MVTec.HALCON.V11.0 x32 x64 MYOB.PREMIERE.V7.5 Mypac Designer V 4.5 NAPA 2011 NAPA 2013 NASSDA.CRITIC.v5.0.01.2005 WINDOWS+LINUX NASSDA.HANEX.v5.0.01.2005 WINDOWS+LINUX NASSDA.HSIM.v5.0.01.2005 WINDOWS+LINUX Navcad 2009.7 NCBrain.v7.9.9.5.rar NCG CAM v11.0.06 32&64bit NCG CAM v12.0.01 32bit NCGCAM.V10 NCPlot.V2.32 NCSIMUL 8.7.2 NCSS.with.GESS.2007.v7.1.5 NDSLog 2005 for windows NE_NASTRAN_V8.3 Nemetschek Vectorworks 2012 Nemetschek.Scia.Engineer.v14 Nemo Analyze 5.19 NEMO ANALYZE 5.19 Win Nemo Outdoor 5.6 NEON2005.v3.6 Neotec PIPEFLO 9.5 Neotec Wellflo 8.3 Neotec.Pipeflo.v8.416 NEOTECH FORGA 10.0.12 NEOTECH WELLFLO 7.3 neplan 5.3.51 Netex-G.V1.52 NETool 5000.0.0.0 Neuralog Products 2015 5CD NeuraLog.v2008.05 NeuraMap.v2008.12 NeuraSection.v2008.05 NeuraView.v2009.3 NeuroDimension.TradingSolutions.v3.0.040916 NEWCAM.V3.0 Newtek LightWave3D v9.5 Win32 & Win64 Next Limit Maxwell Render v1.0 RC2 Next.Limit.Maxwell.Render.v3.1.0 NextLimit Maxwell Studio Ver 2.1 x32Bit.rar NextLimit Maxwell Studio Ver 2.1 x64Bit.ra NI Circuit Design Suite 14.0 Nihon.Unisys.Dynavista.v9.2 for CATIA Nlogit 3 novacast Foundry Technology III NovaFlow & Solid CV V4.4 Novas Debussy 2009 Novas Laker 2009 Novas Siloti 2009 Novas Verdi v2009 Novas.nLint v2009 Nozzlepro 7 NozzlePRO.7.0 NPV Scheduler+MFO v3.2 NREC.CAD.CAM.V7.0 NREC.MAX-PAC.v7.4.4 NTI.FENSAP-ICE.R1.0.Windows NUMECA.Fine.Open.2.11 NUMECA_FINE_MARINE_31 Nupas Cadmatic 5.2 O.Matrix.v6.0 Oasis.Montaj.7.5 Odwis 2 for Windows Offpipe.v2 Offshore v5 OFM 2014.1.3 OKINO.POLYTRANS.V4.2.1 Okino.Products.Suite.v4.12 OLGA.2014 Omega 1.8.2 for Linux.Solaris omega 2014 Omini7 omni 2014 Omni Workshop 4 for Windows One.DNC.v2.0.5.0 OneCNC XR2 OneCNC XR9 OneCNC.One2000.Nesting.v4.22 OneCNC.XR6 OneSpace Design v18.1 Onyx PosterShop 11 Onyx ProductionHouse 11 OnyxTREE.PROFESSIONAL.Suite.v6 OPEL.EPC.v10.03.2CD OPEN.MIND.HYPERMILL v2009 OpendTect v3.2.2b for Windows openflow v2013 OpenMind.HyperCAD.v2006 OpenSpirit 3.15 OPENT.Modeler.v11.5 opera vector fields v12 OPNET MODELER 15 OPNET.Modeler.17.1.A.PL2.Linux Optenni Lab 3.1 Optimal Solutions Sculptor v2.1 OPTIMUS.v5.0.SP1 OPTIS OptisWorks v2011 optis speos caa v8 OPTIS Spoes v2012 Optitex v12 Optiwave OptiBPM 11 Win Optiwave OptiFDTD v10 Optiwave OptiFiber 2.1 Win Optiwave OptiGrating 4.2.2 Win Optiwave OptiSystem v10 Orca3D.v1.2.3 OriginLab.OriginPro.9.0.32 ORTHOCRAT.TRAUMACAD.V2.0 OSLO.Premium.v6.5 Overland Conveyor Belt Analyst 15.0 Overland.Conveyor.Belt.Analyst.v12.3.2 PADS vx.0 PADS.2012 PAFEC-FE.V8.8 PaintCOST.Estimator.for.Excel.v6.01 Paladin DesignBase 5.0 PaleoScan 1.5 PAM-DieMaker.v2011 for CATIA Pamstamp 2G V2008 PAM-TFA.V2011 for CATIA PanelShop v8 Paradigm Echos (FOCUS) 14 Paradigm Epos 4.1 Paradigm Explorer 7.2 for Linux.Solaris Paradigm Focus 5.4 for Linux.Solaris Paradigm GeoDepth 8.2 for Linux.Solaris Paradigm Geolog 2011.3 v7.1 Paradigm Geolog v6.7.1 for Windows Paradigm GeoSec 3D 3.2 for Linux.Solaris Paradigm Gocad 2.52 for Windows Paradigm GOCAD.V2009 for Windows Paradigm iMap 1.2 for Linux.Solaris Paradigm Probe 5.2 for Linux.Solaris Paradigm Reservoir Navigator 2.2 for Paradigm SeisEarth 1.2 for Linux.Solaris Paradigm SKUA.V2009 Paradigm SolidGeo 3.2 for Linux.Solaris Paradigm StratiMagic 3.2 for Linux.Solaris Paradigm Sysdrill IDEAS 2.4 for Windows Paradigm Sysdrill v2009 Paradigm Vanguard 4.2 for Linux.Solaris Paradigm VoxelGeo 3.1 for Windows Paradigm.SKUA.GOCAD.2009.2 Paramarine.6.1 ParaSoft Insure++ 7.5 ParCAM 8.11 ParCAM 8.72 PASW MODLER 13 (Spss clementine 13) PC.CRASH.8.0 PC.DMIS.V3.5 PC.DNC.SUITE.v3.0 PC.MACLAN.v8.1.2.for.Win2KXP PCA.SLAB.V1.51 pcaColumn.v3.00c PCAD.2012 pcaFrame.v1.10b pcaWall.v2.00c PCBM LP Provisional v2009.16 PCBM.LP.Provisional.V2009.PCB PCBNavigator v5.0 PCI.GEOMATICA.V10.0 PCI9.0 PC-Pump 2.65 for Windows pcschematic.V14 pcselcad.13.02 PCStitch.10.0 pdms 2013 PDMS Implant-I v1.5.1 win7x64 PDMS.12.0.SP5 PeakFPGA.Design.Suite.V5.20c Penguin.2.0.SR1.For.Rhino.4.0 PEOffice 5.1 for Windows PerfectCUT.V5.0 PERI.PeriCAD.FormWork.v3.0 Permedia Mpath v4.16 Petra 1.18 GeoPlus for Windows Petrasim v4.1 Petrel 2013 petrel 2014.2 petrel 2015.1 PetrisWinds Recall Petroleum Experts IPM 9.0 Petroleum.Experts.IPM.v7.5 Petrolog 10.4.2 for Windows PetroMod 2014 petro-sim Petrosim.v3.0SP2 Petro ...

    software Tehran
  • Repair shop specialized facility west of Tehran

    Repair shop specialized facility west of Tehran

    Offering specialized services, hardware and mash bundle, iPhone\r\niPhone3G, iPhone 3GS\r\niPhone 4G, iPhone 4GS and\r\niphone 5,iphone 5C,iphone 5S\r\niPhone 6 and iphone 6 plus,iphone 6s,iphone 7\r\niPad 1,2,3,4,ipad min,iPad Air-ipod touch-ipod classic \r\nهمه Apple products, all kind of Services...telephone counseling بامهندس mehrani\r\nمایفون representative وشعبه.\r\n*replacement parts درحضورشماوتعمیردرصورت the possibility of person do outside.\r\nچنانچه need advice, you, if درموردمشکل system Apple خودسؤالاتی داریدومایلیدبدون intermediary باتعمیرکاردرمیان this. just a phone call is enough.\r\nحدالامکان attendance to hand out the device, " therefore exit repairmen bagel.\r\nتجربه. the fate of the Apple device you رااولین تعمیرکاری that you visit figure خواهدزد.\r\nفهرست all services to the building ازحوصله an obituary. the most important activities we have:\r\nتعمیرهمه models, phone, pad, wow, iPod,\r\nخدمات characteristics of the MacBook...\r\nتعمیرقطعات faulty if possible, or replacement of defective parts with parts metal.... \r\nتعمیر LCD Apple products that دراثرنفوذهرمایعی کدرومات.....\r\nرفع bug antenna, phone, pad, wow, iPod,\r\nرفع bug disables wifi in all systems, Apple\r\nتعویض touch screen, iPhone -, iPod -, iPhone, iPad\r\nچنانچه LCD وتاچ screen visible تعمیرباشد, etc. حتماتعمیرخواهدشد.\r\nنگران don't, so of repairs or replacement of parts of the main body, there is no change رادرسیستم خودحس نخواهیدنکرد ودستگاه حدالامکان to the early days\r\nخودبازخواهدگشت.\r\nجیل jailbroken devices, iPad if possible, and a variety of programs in a variety of ways.\r\nنصب new apps without jailbreaking the device.\r\nدانگریدوآپگریدآیفون وآیپاد, etc. جیلبرک Apple devices if possible.\r\nتعمیرات specialized برداصلی device Mainboard\r\nرفع forms of feeding part, وباتری device.\r\nرفع bug blue screen on iPhone iphone 5s blue screen\r\nرفع forms of عملکردسنسور optical phone iPhone all models,\r\nرفع forms of weakness of the antenna main WiFi, phone and iPad wifi & 3G\r\nو4G., the swap یاتعمیر LCD and fix all the bugs the software hard platform part touch screen.Bug fixes تصویرولایت, etc. تعمیریا swap the Home key. HOME BUTTON, etc. تعمیریاتعویض the key to sleep.\r\nتعمیرات وتعویض camera in all groups ومدلها..\r\nتعمیرات part SIM CARD SLOTدرآیفون وآیپد, etc. \r\nرفع bug blue screen iPhone and..., glass replacement, broken iPhone\r\nرفع bug سنسورسیم and NO SIM\r\nتعمیرات jack handsfree - موتورویبراتور and key on and off and volume and ...\r\nرفع forms of Send Receive sound in all models of the iPhone.\r\nرفع forms of weakness voice of the speaker(بازر)main\r\nرفع bug weakness اسپیکرگوشی.Battery replacement all Apple products\r\nرفع forms of recharge, lack of recharge, the high heat when charging, the lack of identification of the device by the computer.شارژمعکوس, etc. واشکالات دیگربخش nutrition...\r\nسرویسکاری all parts included clearing the main speaker وگوشی – microphone or LCD or the underside of the TOUCH کانکتورها ودیگربخشهایی that need clearing. Fix bugs related to the body of the وپوسته device repair LCD Apple products that دراثرنفوذآب یاهرنوع liquid کدروکم نورشده.\r\nرفع forms of loss light LCD iPhone.\r\nتعمیرایفون water eaten وخاموش, etc. troubleshooting hardware ایفونهایی that دراثرضربه شدیدآسیب seen.\r\nتحصیلات academic more than twenty years of experience in various IT and seven years providing specialized service, products, iPhone, iPad, backing, وضامن quality services مااست.\r\n ...

    Mobile and Tablet Tehran
  • نرم افزارهای (cad_civil_cam)

    نرم افزارهای (cad_civil_cam) Serif.DrawPlus.X5. Serif.ImpactPlus.v5.0.2CD Serif.Page.Plus.X5 SES CDEGS 15 SESAM.2011.Win SESAM.2013.Win SFTC.DEFORM.V11.REPACK S-GeMS 1.2 for Windows SGI.OpenGL.Performer.v3.2.2 SGI.OpenGL.Volumizer.v2.9 Shade Maple v9.5 Hybrid-ISO Shade Professional v8.5.1 Shade.v7.1.3.Standard ShaftDesigner SHARC.HARPOON.V3.1 Sheet.Layout.v8.02.. SheetMetalworks 2013 Sheetworks.v11 ShenProfessional.v3.0 ShipConstructor 2012 shoemaster 11 Shop.Talk.CAD.CAM.v8.0 SIA.SmaartLive.v5.4.0.0 SIDRA.Intersection.5.1 Sigma.Design.ARRIS.v9.2 Sigma.Design.BuildersCAD.v9.1 sigmanest 9 sigmanest v10.0 SigmaNest.v8.0 SigmaStat.3.5 Signcut v1.96 Sigrity SpeedXP Suite v11.0 Win64 Sigrity.Suite.12.1.2.(ASI.16.61) SigView.v1.9 Silvaco AMS 2008 Silvaco Char 2008 Silvaco TCAD 2012 Silvaco UTMOST III/IV 2008 Silvaco.TCAD.2012 SimaPro v7.3 SIMCOM.SimViews.v1.1.0.3 SIMCOM.WorldClock.v2.2.0.5 Simetrx Simpis v4.2 Simpack V9.2 Simpie Feedback Trainer v2.1 Simpleware 5.1 SimplyCam.v1.25.03 SimSCI.Pro/II.V8.3 Simulia.Abaqus.6.9.1 SimVector.v4.50 SimWalk.v1.6 Sisulizer.2012 Skyline Photomesh 6.6.1 Smart.Budget.v2.0.88 Smart3DCapture 4.0 Smart3DCapture v3.2 SmartDraw.2012.Enterprise SmartDraw.2013.Enterprise.7.5 SMARTPLANT INSTRUMENTATION INTOOLS 7 Softarchive.Net.SoftPlan.v13.4.0 SofTech.ToolDesigner.v7.5 SoftPlan 13.4 SOKKIA.MAPSUITE.PLUS.V3.0.0.BUILD.304 SolidCAST v8.2 SolidCAST.V7 SolidView.Pro.RP.v2002.2 SolutionWare GeoPath v2007 SolutionWare.GeoPath.v4.1 Sonnet Suite Pro v14.5 Sono.Scope.v2.8 Space-E v4.2 SPACE-E.v5.0 Spatial.Analyzer.v2004.05.23 SpecMAN v5.2.3 SpectraLAB v4.32.17 SpectralWorks.AnalyzerPro.v2.2.0.1 SpectraRTA 132.15 SPEED MILL / WIN 8 SPEED motor design.v2012 SpeedCAD.V2008 for Motor Design Speedikon.Visualisierung.v6.02 SPEOS 2009 Sp2 SPEOS CAA V5 V18.1.1 x64 SPEOS CAA V7.0 SPI SheetMetalWorks v2009 for SolidWorks SPI.SheetMetal.2008.for.Autocad Spicer.Imagenation.v7.6 Split-Desktop v3.1 Win32_64 SPS_QC 6 for Windows Spss clementine 13 STAB_WELL v4.4 Starrag.NCS.v7.2 Statistica.v6 Statistics SPSS 17 StatPlus v4.9 steelcon 2014 Steinberg.WaveLab.v5.01b STEINBICHLER.COMET.T.SCAN.V4.2 STEINBICHLER.COMETINSPECT.V2.0 STI.SASSPro.v2 STIMPRO 13.02 for Windows stitchware 2011 Stoll M1 v3 Stoner Pipeline Simular V9.7 Streamline 3DSL 2.2 for Windows Strong Pipeline Simular v9.5 subpump v9 Sum3d Dental 2014 v6.0 Sum3d Dental 2015.10 Cimsystem Sum3d Dental v2015.10 SUN WorkShop 6 for Solaris SUPCON JX-300X v3.12a supernec 2012 SuperSpice.v2.2.154 supervisioncam.v3.03 Sure 5.3 for Windows Surfcam v6.0 SurfCAM.Velocity.v5.1 Surveillance System Suspension.By.Design.SusProg3D.v4.517E SVI V2 Sybase.PowerDesigner.v15 Symmetrica.3D.v3.0 Symphony.EDA.VHDL.Simili.v2.3 Synchro.Studio.v8 Synopsys Cadabra vB-2008.09 Linux Synopsys CRITIC 2008 Synopsys Customdesigner vC-2009.06 Linux Synopsys DC-FPGA 2008 Synopsys Design Compiler 2011 Synopsys ESP vC-2009.06 Linux Synopsys IC Compiler v2010 Synopsys IC Workbench EV Plus 2008 Synopsys NanoChar 2008 Synopsys NanoTime 2008 Synopsys NS vC-2009.06 Linux Synopsys Odyssey 2008 Synopsys PathMill 2008 Synopsys Physical Compiler 2008 Synopsys PrimePower 2008 Synopsys PrimeRail 2008 Synopsys PrimeTime 2012 Synopsys Proteus 2008 Synopsys PWA 2008 Synopsys Raphael 2008 Synopsys Saber 2008 Synopsys Seismos LX 2008 Synopsys Simif vC-2009.09 SP1 Linux Synopsys Spiceexplorer vC-2009.03 SP1 Win32 Synopsys Starrc vD-2009.12 Linux Synopsys Star-RCXT 2008 Synopsys syn vB-2008.09-SP5-2 Linux Synopsys syn vB-2008.09-SP5-2 LinuxAMD Synopsys syn vC-2009.06 SP1 Linux Synopsys syn vC-2009.06 SP1 LinuxAMD64 Synopsys Synthesis(DC) 2008 Synopsys System Studio 2008 Synopsys Taurus Medici 2008 Synopsys Taurus TSUPREM-4 2008 Synopsys TCAD Sentaurus 2008 Synopsys Tcad Taurus MD vC-2009.06 Linux Synopsys Tcad Taurus TS4 vC-2009.06 Linux Synopsys tcad_taurus_Medici_vD-2010 Synopsys tcad_taurus_Tsuprem4_vD-2010.03 Synopsys TetraMAX ATPG 2008 Synopsys VCS 2008 Synopsys VCS MX 2008 Synopsys Vera 2008 Synopsys Vera vZ-2006.12 Linux Synopsys Verdi3 vI-2014.03 Synopsys.NanoSim.vC-2009.06. Synopsys.PrimeTime v2012 Synopsys.ssd_vZ-2007.06 Synopsys.syn_vZ-2007.03-SP1 Synopsys.VCS.MX-2009.06.Linux Synopsys.Virtio.innovator-s_v2007.06 synopsys_ise_tcad.v10.0_linux Synplicity.Certify.v9.0.1 Synplicity.Synplify.Premier.v9.0.2.with.Identify. Synplify FPGA vC-2009.06 SP1 Linux Synplify FPGA vC-2009.06 SP1 Win32 Synplify FPGA vD-2009.12 Win32 Synplify Premier with Design Planner Synplify vC-2009.06 sysnoise 5.6 SYSTAT.SigmaStat.v3.5 TADPRO.v3.2.1 Tahoe.Design.HYDROFLO.v3.0.0.4 Tajima.DGML.XI Tally 9.1 TANK 2.5 Tanner Tools v16.00 Tanner Tools v16.11 Tanner T-Spice 6.02 Tarcan Dynamite Pro v1.1 for LightWave TASS MADYMO v7.5 TDM.Solutions.Clayoo.v1.0.5.0 TDM.Solutions.RhinoEmboss.v2.0.1.5 TDM.Solutions.RhinoNest.v4.0.0.0 TDV.RM.2004.V9.15.03 TDV_RM_2006 TeamCenter Visualization V5.1 TEBIS V3.5R4 Techlog.v2008.2.1 TechnoSoft.AMETank.v7.6 Tecplot.RS.2009.R2.v12.0.0.3316.LINUX.x64.2.4 Tecplot.RS.v2010.1.1.7630.Win32.Win64.Linux6 Tekla Structures v20.0 SR5 Teklynx.CodeSoft.Enterprise.v7.0 Tekton.2012.12.Linux Tekton.v2. Telelogic.TAU.Generation2.V2.4.SP1 Templagenics.Digital.Pipe.Fitter.v1.72b TEMS CELLPLAN UNIVERSAL TEMS Investigation Route Analysis v10.0(TEMS) TEMS Light Gsm 4.0 Terra.Vista.3.0 Terragen.2.0.0 Terramodel TESIS FlowVision v2.05.04 Tesseral 2d 4.5 for Windows tesseral 2D v7.2.7 tesseral pro v4.15 TestifiLand for Windows 201b for Windows TFCalc v3.8 The Material Property Database (MPDB) for The.Enigma.Protector.3.8 The.Foundry.Modo.v801.SP3.Win64 Theorem Solutions CADverter 17.3 Thermo.Calc.2003 Thermoanalytics.RadTherm.v11.2.0.Win64 Thermo-Calc 2003p for WiNDOWS/ Linux/ Thermoflow 19 THETA RODDIAG V3.15 THETA RODSTAR-V V3.1 think3.ThinkDesign.2011 ThinkDesign.v2012 Thopos 7 v7.1 Thunderhead.Engineering.PetraSim.v4.2.1118 Thunderhead.Engineering.PyroSim.v2010.1.100 Thunderhead.Pathfinder.v2009.2 TI_CCS.V4.1.3 TigerCad.v2.00 Tilcon Embedded Engine for VxWorks Tilcon IDS 5.5 Tilcon PowerPC Embedded Engine for VxWorks TILCON PowerPC603 Embedded Engine for Tilcon x86 Embedded Engine for VxWorks TIMING.DESIGNER.PROFESSIONAL.V5.303 Tina 7 PRO TMS320C6000.CCS2.2 tNavigator 3.3.3 TNO.Diana.9.4.3 TNO.Effects.v9.0.16.8022 TNO.Madymo.v7.4 TNO.Riskcurves.v9.0.18.8069 ToModel 1 for Windows.Linux.Solaris ToModel 6.5 TOMODELs TomoPlus 5.4 TomoxPro 3.1 for Windows Tomxpro3.0 Toon.Boom.Harmony.10 Toon.Boom.Storyboard.Pro.3D.9.6.0 Toon.Boom.Storyboard.Pro.8.6.1 Toon.Boom.Studio.6.0 Toonz.Harlequin.6.3 Top.Systems.TFLEX.CAD.v12.0.57 x64 Topaz.Adjust.5.0 Topaz.InFocus.1.0 Topcon Tools v8.2 TopoLT.v10.3 tops100 v6 TOPS300W_V04.12 TopSolid.2013 TOPSolid.v2009 TOSCA.Structure.v7.0 TOTALCAD.2D.3D TotalVIEW.v6.5.0.0.linux TracePro.v5.07/v6.03 Tracepro7.3.4 TransCAD.v4.5 transform 1DVD TransMagic Expert R11 Transoft.AeroTURN.Pro.Pro3D.v5.0.1.126 Transoft.AutoTURN.v9.0.0.198 Transvalor.Forge.v2011 TreeAge.Pro.Suite.2011. TreeStar.FlowJo.v7.6 TRIANGLE 1 for Windows.Linux.Solaris Tribon M3 sp1 Tribon M3 SP3 TriDraw v4.5 Triflex v30 Piping Analysis Trimble.Terramodel.V10.52 Tripos.Benchware.Muse.v2.1 trnsys 17 TruckSim.v7 True.Audio.TrueRTA.Level.4.v3.2 Trueart EasySplit v2.0 for LightWave TRUEGRID_V2.3.4 TRUMPF TOPS100 5 TRUMPF TOPS300 V3.20.342 TRUMPF TOPS400 TRUMPF TOPS600 TRUMPF TruTOPS.V1.0.1 Trumpf.Trutops.Laser.v6.1.Win Trumpf.TruTOPS.v2.0 TSIS CORSIM v5.1 TwinCAT 2.11 Tyco.SprinkCAD.N1.v16 full working version TYPE3 2008 Type3.TypeEdit.v2009 TypeEdit 2008 UC Gui v3.26 UC WIN-ROAD 3.4 ucamco UcamX v2015.03 UcamX 1.1 v11 UGS.TEAMCENTER.VISUALIZATION.V2005 ullmann encyclopedia industrial (2013) UNICAM V6.2(UNICAM?UNIDOC?U/TEST? Unisim.Design.R390 Unisoft Uniplot v2.1 Unisoft Unisuite Unity.Pro 3 Univers VSP 6.2 for Linux.Solaris Utimaco.SafeGuard.Easy.v4.50.4.3.SUB100 Valor Genesis2000 V9.1D VAMOS.V5.72 for CATIA Vanderlaats Genesis 2000 vanderlaats Genesis v6.0 VANTAGE_PLANT_DESIGN_MANAGEMENT_SYSTE VAPS.Suite.v6.3 VAPS_CCGLITE_V6.3 VAPS_DESIGNDOC_V6.3 VAPS_SIMULINK_V6.3 VariCAD.2010.v2.0 Vcpk 1 for Windows VectorWorks.v13.2008 Vectric Aspire v4.5 vensim v2012 ventsim v3.9 VeriLook SDK Veristar stability VERO Machining Strategist v11(VERO MSG.V11) Vero ViSi 20.0 Q2 MULTiLANGUAGE Vero.Edgecam.2015.R1.Win VERO.MSG.V11(VERO Machining Strategist.v11) VERO.Smirt.v9.0.7 Vero.VISI.21.1.Win VGStudio Max 2.2 VGStudio.Max.1.2.1 Vicon.Boujou.5.0.2 Vijeo Citect 7.2 vijeo.citect.SCADA.v7.2 VIJEO.Historian.v4.2 Virtool.Dev.5.0 Virtual Engines 7.1 Virtual.DJ.Pro.for.Mac.7.3 VirtualGrid.VRMesh.Studio.6.1 Virtuozo Visage.Imaging.Amira.5.4.3 VISCAM.RP.V5 VISCAM_RP.V5.0 Visionics.EDWinXP.v1.70 vissim 7 vista 2014 Vista 8.0 for Windows Visual.MODFlow v4.3 VisualARQ.1.7.For.Rhino.5.0.32+64 Viz.Artist.3.0 VizEXGeoTech.v9.4.4 Vizimag.v3.17 VIZRT.ARTIST.V3.0 VLEFlash.v4.01 V-MECA.v1.1 VMGSIM.V6.0 VMGSim.v7.0.46.2012 VMGSim.v7.0.Build46 VMGSim.v8.0.Build.42 VMGThermo 4.3 VMGThermo.V6.0 VMWare.ESX.2.5 VMware.VirtualCenter.v2.0 VMware.Workstation.v5.5.3.Build34685 VNI.PV.WAVE.Product.Family.v8.5.1 Volume.Graphics.VGStudio.v2.1 Volume.Graphics.VGStudioMAX.v2.2.Win64 VoluMill. VoluMill.NEXION.v6.0.0.2125.Win32.64 VoluMill.Universal.v4.1 vpi transmission maker 9.5 VPIphotonics Analyzer 9.3 x32 x64 VPstudio.11.02.C8.VPHybridCAD VPstudio.11.02.VPHybridCAD.11 Vulcan v8.2 VxWorks.5.5.1 VXWorks/VXWorkBench 2.6 Wasatch.SoftRIP 6.5 wasp 11.1 WaSP.Climate.Analyst.v1.1.0.105 WaSP.Engineering.v2.0.0.121 WASP-NET 6.7 wastch softrip 7.3 Wavemetrics.IGOR.Pro.v6.0.3 WaveMetrics.IGOR.Pro.v6.1.2 WaveStar.v2.6 WAYPOINT.GPS.GRAFNAV.V7.00 Waypoint.GPS.Grafnav/Grafnet.v7.0 Weatherford.Field.Office.2011 Wellcad.v4.3 Wellflo 3.8 WellFlow v4.0 WellSight v6.2a WellWhiz V2 WGeoSoft WinSism v10.8 White.Industrial.Seismology.Compu- Whittle Four-X Analyser v2.2 WICAM.PN4000 Wilcom E2.0T Portable WinCC 7 WindPRO 2.7 Windpro 3.0 WindRiver Linux v5.01 WindRiver VxWorks 6.7 WindRiver WindML 5 WindRiver Workbench 2.6 WinELSO v8 WinGLink.v2.03 WinGslib v1.5 WinLog v4.45 winnonlin 6.1 Wolfram SystemModeler 4.0.1 WonderWare.Intouch.V10.1 WONDERWARE.SuiteVoyager 2.6 WORKNC.G3.V21 WorkNC.G3.V22 WorkNCDental v3.2.2 Worley Labs FPrime v2.0 for LightWave Worley Labs G2 v1.7 for LightWave XFlow.2012 XHDL 4.2 Xilinx Vivado Design Suite 2013 Xilinx.ISE.Design.Suite.v14.4 Xmind.3.2.1 XP Solutions xpsite3D v1.381 X-Plane v7.50 xplorer.Pro.V6.1 XRCAD 6.0 Xtract.3.08 XYZ TrueGrid v2.3.4 XYZ TrueGrid v2013 Z_soil2D V6.13 Z_Soil3D v6.13 Zeataline Projects PipeSupport-PRO v4.2 Zeh PlotExpress for Zeland.IE3D.15 zemax 2013 Zemax OpticStudio 14.2 zenon.v6.21 ZineMaker.2006 zirkonzahn exocad 2014 Zuken.E3.series.2015 Zygote.Human.Factors.7.0.Win32_64 درخواست ونیز شماره تلفن خود را ایمیل بزنید سفارش تهیه نرم افزار و مقاله و..وکتاب الکترونیکی پذیرفته می شود تهران-نازی آباد-خ غدیری- پ144 -اینتل سیستم - tel: 09374543971-09306143374

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  • Software Management, animal husbandry managers

    Software Management, animal husbandry managers

    Management software, cattle managers have two main parts are:\\r\\n\\r\\nعملیات\\r\\nمدیریت\\r\\n \\r\\n\\r\\nعملیات\\r\\nقسمت operation, parts of the following:\\r\\n\\r\\n1. Profile of livestock and the operation\\r\\n\\r\\n2. Relocation of cattle,\\r\\n\\r\\n3. The latest status of the following article\\r\\n\\r\\n4. Browse flock\\r\\n\\r\\n5. Milk production, daily\\r\\n\\r\\n6. Composition of the herd\\r\\n\\r\\n7. Reports data entry\\r\\n\\r\\n8. Data entry batch\\r\\n\\r\\n9. Assessment center, eugenics\\r\\n\\r\\n10. The Bank and the stock,\\r\\n\\r\\n11. Stock drug\\r\\n\\r\\n stock medication\\r\\n\\r\\n1. Profile of livestock and the operation\\r\\nامکان show cattle, to the breakdown:\\r\\n\\r\\no matter\\r\\n\\r\\no male\\r\\n\\r\\no ferry Martin article\\r\\n\\r\\no ferry Martin, male\\r\\n\\r\\no available\\r\\n\\r\\no ready to delete\\r\\n\\r\\no deleted\\r\\n\\r\\no wasted\\r\\n\\r\\no virtual\\r\\n\\r\\no all cattle\\r\\n\\r\\n \\r\\n\\r\\nاز capabilities this section of the Software Management, animal husbandry managers are:\\r\\n\\r\\n - view case full\\r\\n\\r\\n - the operation of the mass\\r\\n\\r\\n - summary records\\r\\n\\r\\n - Use the page helper\\r\\n\\r\\n - the search(category, simple – category, advanced)And search based on the number of body, registration number, etc. ear metal ear plastic\\r\\n\\r\\n - graphs\\r\\n\\r\\n profile cattle operations\\r\\n\\r\\nهمچنین this section, The following sections can also be\\r\\n\\r\\n - profile trap\\r\\n\\r\\n - pedigree\\r\\n\\r\\n - medicine and reproduction\\r\\n\\r\\n - other operations\\r\\n\\r\\n - Lion\\r\\n\\r\\n that each of these sections includes the following sections are:\\r\\n\\r\\nمشخصات trap\\r\\n - new trap ( creates a trap based on the specifications of the original trap, such as date of birth, hour of birth, father, mother, ton, sex, نژادو...or create a trap on the basis of codes of the trap, such as ear, plastic, number, body, ear, metal ear international, name flower, history, insurance,...)\\r\\n\\r\\n - edit trap edit trap based on the specifications of the original trap, such as date of birth, hour of birth, father, mother, ton, sex, نژادو...or create a trap on the basis of codes of the trap, such as ear, plastic, number, body, ear, metal ear international, name flower, history, insurance, etc.)\\r\\n\\r\\n - prepared removal ( with the possibility of determining the date, reason for removal and the decision of the receiver and..)\\r\\n\\r\\n - remove the trap ( with the possibility of determining the status of animal, type of Removal, name of buyer, date, the reason for the removal)\\r\\n\\r\\n - status following substance ( with the ability to search, view, records, etc. summary of the status of animal, Reconstruction and reporting, viewing specific events, viewing cattle, for ready removal. wasted. ... milk, etc. continue ...)\\r\\n\\r\\n - ID cards printed trap\\r\\n\\r\\n \\r\\n\\r\\nشناسنامه printed trap\\r\\n\\r\\nشجره\\r\\n- ,\\r\\n\\r\\n - children\\r\\n\\r\\n - father\r\\n\\r\\n - stepmother\\r\\n\\r\\n - create parent virtual (based on the specifications of the original trap, etc. codes trap )\\r\\n\\r\\n - modifying the parent virtual\\r\\n\\r\\n - the purity of the blood\\r\\n\\r\\n - calculate inbreeding (with the possibility of choice, and save the results table)\\r\\n\\r\\n - display the pedigree tree\\r\\n\\r\\n - back\\r\\n\\r\\n\\r\\nمحاسبه inbreeding\\r\\n\\r\\n \\r\\n\\r\\nاسپرم\\r\\n\\r\\nشجره trap\\r\\n\\r\\nپزشکی and reproduction\\r\\n - treat the captive like(treatment the end of treatment, reproductive, etc. other treatments, edit, latest, business, delete, latest, business, etc. breakdown of the type, drug)\\r\\n\\r\\n - medication without the vCard (., correction, delete, repeat prescribed medication. taking the medication)\\r\\n\\r\\n - estrus insemination, not(new, modification, delete)\\r\\n\\r\\n - insemination (new, amendment, etc. amend the last inoculation, delete the last inoculation., the correction of insemination leading to pregnancy)\\r\\n\\r\\n - drought (new, delete, edit, etc. the end of the skin, remove dryness)\\ ...

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  • نرم افزارهای |Ricardo.SABR.V6 | RO.Software.Perfect.Cut.v5 ..

    نرم افزارهای |Ricardo.SABR.V6 | RO.Software.Perfect.Cut.v5 .. \r\nAnatomage.InVivo.Dental.5.4\r\nAnsys.CivilFEM.12.0\r\nANSYS.EMIT.5.1.x64\r\nANSYS.SAVANT.5.1.x64\r\nAntenna.Magus.Professional.2016.1\r\nAVEVA.Bocad.2.3\r\nAVEVA.Everything3D.2.10\r\nAWR Design Environment With Analyst 13.0\r\nBentley.AutoPIPE.Vessel.CONNECT.Edition.\r\nBentley.GeoStructural.Analysis.\r\nBentley.LEAP.Bridge.Steel.CONNECT.Edition.\r\nBentley.Maxsurf.CONNECT.Edition.\r\nBentley.MOSES.CONNECT.Edition.\r\nBentley.RAM.Concept.CONNECT.Edition.\r\nBentley.RM.Bridge.Advanced.CONNECT.Edition.\r\nBentley.RM.Bridge.CONNECT.Edition.\r\nBentley.SACS.CONNECT.Edition.\r\nBentley.Structural.Synchronizer.CONNECT.Edition.\r\nBIOVIA.Discovery.Studio.2016.v16.1\r\nBureau.Veritas.Ariane.8.0\r\nBureau.Veritas.HydroStar.7.3.x64\r\nBV HydroStar 7.30\r\nCadence.IC.6.16.Linux\r\nCAE.Aegis.0.9\r\nCAE.Downhole.Explorer.3.24\r\nCAE.Enhanced.Production.Scheduler(EPS).2.24.11\r\nCAE.Ore.Controller.3.23.53\r\nCAE.RM.Scheduler.4.24.67.x64\r\nCAE.Strat3D.2.1.75.x64\r\nCAE.Studio.3.24.73\r\nCAE.Studio.5D.Planner.14.24.49\r\nCAE.Studio.OP.1.2\r\nDATAKIT.CrossManager.2016.2\r\nDatamine.NPV.Scheduler.\r\nDatamine.Studio.RM.1.0.73\r\nDAVID.Laserscanner.5.0.5.x64\r\nDesignBuilder.4.5\r\nDlubal.RFEM.5.06.x64\r\nDlubal.RSTAB.8.06.x64\r\nDNV Maros 8.1\r\nDNV Phast&Safeti 7.2\r\nDNV Sesam 2014/2015\r\nDNV.Phast.Safeti.7.2\r\nDNV.PipelineTools.01\r\nDNV.PipelineTools.01.Win\r\nDNV.Sesam.2015\r\nDNV.Sesam.Pipeline.Tools.2015\r\nDNV.SIMA.3.2.1.x64\r\nElite.Software.Chvac.8.02.32.With.Drawing.Board.6.01\r\nPresto.PageManager.v8.0\r\nPresto.PrintMagic.v7\r\nPRG.FE.107.1.1\r\nPRG.Paulin.2015.v15.0.1.Win\r\nPRGSOFT.FEPIPE.4.5\r\nPrimavera.Developement.Kit.v3.0\r\nPrimavera.Expedition.v10.1\r\nPrimavera.Group.Server.v6.0\r\nPrimavera.P3e.c.for.Construction.5.0\r\nPrimavera.P6.v6.2\r\nPrimavera.Project.Management.P6.Release.8.2\r\nPrimavera.Project.Planner.6\r\nPrimavera.TeamPlay.Client.v2.9.44\r\nPrimCAM.V3.0.12\r\n \r\nPrinceton.Tech.MStudio.Scene.Professional.v2.0\r\nPrinect.color.toolbox.v2011\r\nPrinect.Signa.Station.4.5\r\nPrint.Manager.Plus.v2010\r\nPrint2CAD.2016.v14.51.0.0\r\nPrintShop.Mail.7.0\r\nPro.Contractor.Studio.5.0\r\nPro.face.GP.Pro.EX.v4.03\r\nPro.Lambda.P.EF.v3.1.for.femap\r\nPro.Lambda.Pro.EMFATIC.P.EF.v3.1.Win32.64\r\nProach.v1.05\r\nProArt.&.ProLace.v2.0\r\nProCAD.PowerStation32.v6.0\r\nPROCAM.DIMENSIONS.V.\r\nProCAST.2013.0.Win32\r\nProcedural.Cityengine.2010.3.SR2.Win64\r\nProcess.AID.Wizard.for.UG.NX.2.0\r\nProcess.IVE.DIE.Wizard.for.UG.NX.v2.0\r\nProcess.Systems.Enterprise.gPROMS.v4.00\r\nProcessModel.v5.0.WiN32\r\nPROCLARITY.ANALYTIC.PLATFORM.V4.0\r\nProcon.v2.5.11.SP1\r\nProDelphi.Professional.v17.5\r\nProDrill.V3.MR2.Mastercam.X4.Mu1.Win32\r\nProe5.0.M060\r\nProektsoft.Design.Expert.v2.7.3\r\nProektsoft.PSCAD.v1.1\r\nProel.Millennium.III.v3.4.1\r\nProFab.Elite.With.Laser.v3.7\r\nproface.GP.Pro.PB.v7.25\r\nProfiCAD.v8.1.1\r\nProficy.Machine.Edition.V8.0\r\nProfil.Tec.\r\nPROFILE.MASTER.2000.CAM.DUCT.v2.26\r\nProfileMaker.v5.0.10\r\nProfili.v2.30c\r\nProFirst.Group.LogiTRACE.V14.2.2\r\nProflt.v10.4\r\nProgeCAD.2016.Professional.v16.0.19.23\r\nProgeSOFT.IntelliCAD.Pro.2006.v6.0.13a\r\nProgman.Oy.MagiCAD.v2011.11.X64.for.autocad2008.2012\r\nProgress.OpenEdge.v10.2A\r\nProgress.Sonic.ESB.v8.0\r\nProgressive.Die.Wizard.for.UG.NX.v5.0\r\nPROII.v8.2.1\r\nProINTRALINK.v3.4.M062\r\nProject.Engine.Server.And.Client.Enterprise.Edition.v2007.7\r\nProject.Messiah.Studio.Pro.v6.0.Win32.64\r\nProject.Studio.CS.R5.1.008\r\nProjectWise.Navigator.v.8i.\r\nProkon.CalcPad.v2.1.09\r\nprokon.structures.2.5\r\nPROKON.V3.0.07\r\npromax.5000.8\r\nProMiles.Fuletax.For.Promiles.XF.v10.4\r\npromise.series.5.v08.11.10.66\r\nPromodel.v4.22.Full\r\nProNest.2015.v11.05.5518\r\nPronosco.X.posure.2.1.3\r\npropcad.2011.Navcad.2009.Propexpert.2010\r\nPropertyLinks.2012.0.0.3.for.Solidworks.2012\r\nProPlan.v3.6\r\nProSafe.RS.R2.03\r\nProScan.v5.1\r\nProSim.Plus.v1.9.20.0\r\nProSim.ProPhyPlus.2.v1.14.11.0\r\nProsoft.Flow.Pro.v2.1\r\nProSteel.v3D.R18.0\r\nProteus.Design.Suite.v8.4.SP0\r\nProteus.Engineering.FastShip.v6.1.30.1\r\nProteus.Engineering.Maestro.v9.1.0\r\nProteus.Engineering.RhinoMarine.4.01\r\nProteus.VSM.7.4.Professional\r\nProton.Development.Suite.v3.5.2.7\r\nPROWARE.METSIM.V2015.04\r\nPS.FluidFlow.v3.22.5\r\nPS2000.V5\r\nPSASP.V7.0\r\nPsat.v5.1\r\nPSCAD.EMTDC.V3.0.8\r\nPSCAD.v4.6\r\nPSE.gPROMS.3.1.5\r\nPSIM.Professional.Version.9.2\r\nPSoC.Designer.Incl.C.Compiler.v4.0\r\nPspice.v9.2\r\nPSPNT4.01\r\nPSS.ADEPT.v5.0\r\nPSS.E.v33.40\r\nPSS.Viper.v3.0.4.0\r\nPsychroCalc.v1.0.5\r\nPTC.3DPaint.2001\r\nPTC.Arbortext.IsoDraw.CADprocess.7.3.M020\r\nPTGui.Pro.v9.1\r\nPTV.VISUM.v11.52\r\nPubwin.v4.3.07\r\nPulse.Signature.14\r\nPulse.Tajima.DG.ML.v11.0.5.2633\r\nPulsonix.Advanced.Electronics.Design.System.v2.0\r\nPulsonix.v8.0\r\nPUMP.FLO.v10.0\r\nPumpal.\r\nPumpBase.2.0c\r\nPumpcalc.v7.00\r\nPumpLinx.v3.4.2\r\nPunch.7.1.1\r\nPunch ...

    software Tehran
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